Hire Web Developers With the Needed Expertise

Recruiting qualified developers can often turn into a stressful journey for your HR department. If you want to find web developers fast, you can entrust it to Bridge. By teaming up with us, you get to work with local tech-savvy recruiters, and manage hiring campaigns via our web platform.

Streamline tech recruitment with Bridge

Leverage the benefits of global, tech-enabled hiring with Bridge. Our local recruiters will help you hire top-tier web developers from abroad, and make your recruitment culturally tailored. Our one-of-a-kind sourcing engine lets you make your outreach 5X faster compared to manual sourcing.

Dedicated developers

With Bridge, you get full-time employees and have full control over your hiring process. 

International hiring

With Bridge operating globally, you can get access to a vast talent pool and hire developers faster.

IP rights ownership

Your expertise won’t be shared with any third party. You remain the only IP rights owner.

Save up to 60%

Hiring remote engineers worldwide is more cost-effective when compared to hiring only local talent.

Convenient management

Manage your hiring campaign and talk to our hiring managers easily with the help of our Bridge platform.

Personalized recruitment

Bridge recruiters share the same cultural background and language with candidates, so there won’t be any communication gaps.

Manage your talent pipeline remotely with our robust online platform

Find web developers with the expertise you need. Extend your web development team easily

With access to thousands of skilled developers in countries on three continents, Bridge can hire web developers for projects of any type and difficulty.

Hire back-end developers

With Bridge, you can recruit backend developers specialized in any web development language and framework. We select the candidates based on your precise project requirements.

Hire front-end developers

Bridge can help you find the most sought-out front-end developers. Angular, React, full-stack JavaScript – let us know who you’re looking for, what skills these candidates must have, and what technologies they should know. 

What we do

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Bridge vs web developer outsourcing. What’s best?

As an alternative, you can outsource web developers for your project. But, will you benefit from it in the long term? Here are some benefits to compare Bridge with outsourcing vendors:




Global reach