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Hire the best talent globally in the shortest time possible.

  • Hire fast
  • Minimize risks
  • Save costs

Get access to the world's largest engineering talent pools

We help companies hire qualified developers and build strong teams in Ukraine, Mexico, and Argentina.

IT Professionals


Talented developers, proximity to Europe, and friendly payroll tax rates make Ukraine one of the best locations for setting up a remote team.

IT Professionals


With such a large talent pool and convenient time zone, Mexico is one of the most popular countries for American companies to hire remote teams.

Software developers


One of the main tech hubs in South America, Argentina is a great location for hiring people with cutting-edge skills in software engineering and excellent English.

Close multiple positions quickly and efficiently

With operations in three different countries, we can ensure rapid and effective hiring. With us, you can close up to 40 positions in 3 months.

Hire software developers

Hire software developers with experience building all kinds of software. We can find software engineers with expertise in wide array of technology, type of product, or industry.

Hire web developers

Building a web app? We can hire experts in any backend (Elixir, Node.JS, Scala, .NET, etc.) and frontend (Angular, React, JavaScript, etc) technology to develop your web-based product.

Hire mobile app developers

Find app developers to create an app for the platform you need. Whether it’s a business application for iOS and Android or a cross-platform game, we can find people proficient in your tech stack.

Hire full-stack developers

Full-stack engineers are in high demand due to their knowledge of both client-side and server-side programming. You can add these high-caliber developers to your team in no time with Bridge.

Fill the most impossible positions

Software architects, data scientists, machine learning engineers, cybersecurity experts – we spend one week to close positions that normally take up to 6 months to close.

Software architects

The leading technical experts who can design complex software systems.

Machine learning experts

Engineers who code and deploy complex machine learning algorithms.

Engineering managers

Team leaders who oversee overall software operations and control the delivery.

Data scientists

Experts in big data use scientific methods to extract insights from data.

Cybersecurity professionals

Cybersecurity pros who find weaknesses in computer systems and prevent attacks.

DevOps engineers

Experts who automate deployment and streamline code releases.

Build a team, then manage – all in one platform

You can manage your recruitment workflow, review candidates, and schedule interviews – all using our platform. And, after your team has been hired, their salaries, organizational structure, and growth plans are at your fingertips.

What our collaboration looks like

Here is a quick overview of how we hire remote employees at Bridge:


Business owner
BO activities
  • Create a job requisition on our platform


Bridge activities
  • Search for candidates in the desired location
  • Manage talent pipeline
  • Assess candidates based on their work history, experience, technical skills, and interpersonal attributes
  • Send weekly progress reports with the number of processed CVs and conducted interviews
  • Schedule interviews with chosen candidates


Business owner
BO activities
  • Interview candidates directly
Bridge activities
  • Hire approved candidates
  • Onboard new hires

Hiring with Bridge is
cost-effective and safe

As an Employer of Record, Bridge ensures compliance with local labor and tax legislation when hiring people remotely. We take care of payroll administration, employee benefits, and tax documentation letting you save the cost of hiring financial, HR, and legal consultants.

Why work with Bridge

Local IT recruiters, large talent pool, full transparency – those are some of the biggest benefits of working with Bridge. But most importantly, we hire the best people.

Local IT recruiters

Our recruiters live and work in the same city where you’re hiring. They know the local market and will quickly match you with the right candidates.

Large talent pool

We have access to a talent pool of almost 1 million software professionals and hire in countries with the best software developers in the world.

The best people

Our sourcing is strictly based on your requirements. We hire people who will fit into your culture, have relevant expertise, and strong interpersonal skills.

Full transparency

When you work with Bridge, you have complete control over your recruitment process and your team management. We are 100% transparent.

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