Hire Android Developers

Hire Android app developers to work on your project remotely. Bridge helps companies find and engage tech talent from abroad. We hire remote specialists with the required expertise and the right cultural fit, while our platform helps you run recruitment campaigns with no hassle

Why hire Android development teams with Bridge?

In comparison with outsourcing vendors, Bridge allows you to hire Android app developers from other countries to work on your software development project. What’s more, with the web platform we’ve developed for our partners, you can manage everything related to your hiring campaigns – from candidate screening to interview scheduling.

Committed developers

Recruit top talents from foreign markets – they will work with you as your full-time employees.

On-site hiring managers

Our local recruiters contact applicants with a personalized approach using culturally tailored messages.

Tech-enabled sourcing

You can get a list of candidates 5 times faster compared to manual sourcing with our 80% automated sourcing process.

Transparent expenses

Your hiring expenses are 100% clear as you only have to pay a monthly fee for our recruitment services.

Easy campaign management

With the help of a web platform we’ve built for our clients, you can control your hiring campaigns easily in one place.

Save your budget

With access to global talent, you can find developers faster and save more than 40% of your project expenses.

Make remote talent recruitment effortless

Android developers with the expertise you need – scale when you want

With Bridge in charge of hiring, you find and engage dedicated Android developers for projects of any type and complexity. We can extend your team with any specialists when needed.

Android app development

Bridge can help you hire Laravel developers to create web applications, which are easily maintainable and feature-rich. Hire a team of dedicated Laravel developers to create web applications tailored to your company’s needs.

Android game development

If you need to hire Android game developers specialized in Unity, Unreal Engine, or Marmalade to create games for the Android platform, you can count on Bridge to find people with the right expertise.

  • Kotlin, Java, JavaScript
  • Android SDK, ServiceStack, .NET, Redux, Angular
  • Firebase Android SDK, REST APIs, Volley Android Library, Android API, Android Support Library
  • SQLite, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server
Software development methodologies
  • NPM, Gulp.js, GitHub, Git, Photoshop CC, Canvas, Microsoft Visual Studio, Android Studio, Facebook Android SDK, Jira

Android developer skills you need to build a project

Take a look at some of the skills we evaluate when recruiting Android developers for our clients’ projects. Also, check out our guide on hiring app developers to find out some useful tips.

What Bridge offers

hire dedicated kotlin developers

Bridge or Android developer outsourcing – which is better for you?

Another popular practice for hiring Android developers is outsourcing, but is it truly better? Here are some characteristics to compare Bridge with outsourcing vendors.




Global talent pool, you choose where to hire.

Custom-recruited developers based on your needs and culture.

You know your developers' actual pay.