Hire Android Developers

Hire Android app developers to work on your project remotely. Bridge helps companies build R&D teams abroad. We hire people with the required expertise and the right workplace cultural fit while providing support for legal matters, accounting, and payroll.

Build a strong team abroad

In comparison with outsourcing vendors, Bridge allows you to establish your own R&D center and hire a team of developers on a full-time basis. We also take care of your back-office – from legal to accounting. You can keep tabs on every business operation using our web platform.

Committed developers

Recruit top talents from foreign markets – they will work with you as your full-time employees.

Your own branded office

We will find the best place for you to establish an offshore office and equip it with everything necessary for productive work.

Protection of IP rights

You won’t be sharing any data with other parties and will remain the only IP rights owner.

Transparent expenses

Each month you will get a report on your expenses that contains all of your expenditure details with attached receipts.

Straightforward management

With the help of a web platform we’ve built for our clients, you can control all your operations easily in one place.

Save your budget

With access to global talent, you can find developers faster and save more than 40% of your project expenses.

Our intuitive platform allows you to hire the best Android

developers and manage your business operations with only a few clicks

Android developers with the expertise you need – scale when you want

With Bridge in charge of hiring, you can set up a team of dedicated Android developers for projects of any type and complexity. We can extend your team with any specialists when needed.

Android app development

Bridge can help you hire Laravel developers to create web applications, which are easily maintainable and feature-rich. Hire a team of dedicated Laravel developers to create web applications tailored to your company’s needs.

Android game development

If you need to hire Android game developers specialized in Unity, Unreal Engine, or Marmalade to create games for the Android platform, you can count on Bridge to find people with the right expertise.

  • Kotlin, Java, JavaScript
  • Android SDK, ServiceStack, .NET, Redux, Angular
  • Firebase Android SDK, REST APIs, Volley Android Library, Android API, Android Support Library
  • SQLite, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server
Software development methodologies
  • NPM, Gulp.js, GitHub, Git, Photoshop CC, Canvas, Microsoft Visual Studio, Android Studio, Facebook Android SDK, Jira

Android developer skills you need to build a project

Take a look at some of the skills we evaluate when recruiting Android developers for our clients’ projects. Also, check out our guide on hiring app developers to find out some useful tips.

Benefits of working with Bridge

Apart from hiring dedicated Android app developers, there are some other services we provide to our partners:

Superfast hiring

Looking for a developer to hire can take up to two months! With Bridge, you’ll get to see the first fitting candidate in the first week of your hiring campaign.

Choose a city for your office

We help open remote R&D centers in three countries (Argentina, Ukraine, Mexico), so you have more opportunities to choose the most fitting location.

Have all legal matters handled

In collaboration with a law firm in the US, we will make sure that your operations overseas, as well as your office, are 100% legit.

Accounting services covered

Apart from hiring, you can rely on Bridge to handle your accounting and bookkeeping. You can always monitor all of your operations online via our platform.

Bridge or Android developer outsourcing – which is better for you?

Another popular practice for hiring Android developers is outsourcing, but is it truly better? Here are some characteristics to compare Bridge with outsourcing vendors.




Global reach

Pricing without hidden fees

Tame-saving recruitment

Full IP rights ownership

Your branding

Scale your team on request

Budget savings of up to ⅓ the cost of working in the US or EU

Fully committed developers

How much does it cost to build an Android team?

Use our budget calculator to learn the salaries of software engineers in our remote locations.

Looking to hire other engineers?

Check out who else we can help you hire.

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Frequently asked questions

We’ve collected some commonly asked questions about hiring Android developers. If you couldn’t find the answer to your question, please send us an email, and we’ll reply to you within a business day.

Bridge helps companies build remote teams, and that’s why we start from at least five developers for your team. If you require more developers in the future, you can let us know any time, and we’ll launch a new hiring campaign for you.

Remote teams usually adapt to the schedule of their employers, so don't even worry about it. Also, you can choose from three countries with different time zones (Ukraine, Mexico, and Argentina) to have the smallest time difference.

Of course. If you’re looking to establish remote offices in multiple countries, we will provide you with a list of cities where you can open an R&D center to gain the maximum benefits from hiring.

If you are not satisfied with the work delivered, you can always ask us to step in and solve the problem. If we can’t find a solution, we will provide you with another candidate to hire. But, we will do our best to avoid this situation.

Send us a request by email. We will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements and arrange our next steps.

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