Hire Remote R Developers With the Needed Expertise

The popularity of R language is growing and recruiters often have to deal with hiring R developers. Bridge helps acquire the best tech talent globally and handle tedious recruitment processes.

Why partner with Bridge?

Compared to hiring software engineers from outsourcing vendors, Bridge lets you choose the future team members. By partnering with us, you can manage your hiring campaigns easily and acquire top-level software developers fast.

Hiring around the world

Bridge operates in different countries on three continents and offers access to a vast tech talent pool.

Local hiring managers

Working with local recruiters makes our remote hiring campaigns more effective.

Data-driven sourcing

With our proprietary sourcing engine, you get a list of verified candidates to choose from and close the requisitions.


By acquiring tech talent globally, you can save up to 60% on employee salaries.

Thorough vetting

We test each candidate’s hard and soft skills before suggesting them for an interview.

No-hassle management

Using Bridge web platform, you can manage your global tech hiring campaigns in a few clicks.

Ramp up your tech team using our solutions

Engage top-tier R developers with the required expertise

We have access to a vast remote tech talent pool across three continents. With such a wide network, Bridge will find the right tech specialists for your project as quickly as possible.

R for data science

Hire qualified R engineers to develop software products that handle huge amounts of data. Just tell us your requirements and we will start looking for the most suitable candidates.

Data visualization

Extend your in-house software development team with R engineers who have expertise in data visualization libraries (Plotly, Esquise, Lattice, ggplot2, RGL and such).

Machine-learning algorithms

Top companies like Google and Uber use R for building applications with machine learning. Recruit R software engineers who can implement ML algorithms for various use cases.

R software development

Want to acquire skilled R engineers for your project? We can help you find remote talent with the suitable tech and domain expertise. If you need engineers specialized in other languages, we will find them for you.

  • R, Python, C++, Java
  • beakr, plumber, ambiorix, Spring, Django
  • Dplyr, Ggplot2, Esquisse, Shiny, Knitr
  • MS SQL, GPFS, Isilon, S3
Software development methodologies
  • Agile, Scrum, Waterfall

R developer skills needed to build a project

Here are important skills to look for while hiring R developers. To help you better define your requirements, check out our guide for hiring software developers.

How Bridge can help

hire dedicated kotlin developers

Partner with Bridge or outsource R development?

To hire remote R developers, you can outsource them from a third-party vendor. Let’s compare how hiring with Bridge compares to hiring with an outsourcing vendor.




Global talent pool, you choose where to hire.