Hire Golang Developers

Golang is one of the most widely used programming languages today, but finding qualified engineers is hard. With Bridge, you can hire the best Golang developers with ease, accessing top talent globally.

Why choose Bridge to hire Golang developers?

Unlike traditional outsourcing vendors, we don’t offer you to hire Golang engineers from us. Instead, we assist you in finding and hiring the best specialists for your project from around the globe.

Global recruitment

Bridge operates in multiple countries on three continents, which makes recruitment faster and easier.

Personalized approach

We know the cultural backgrounds of candidates and our outreach is highly personalized.

Faster outreach

With our 80% automated sourcing, you can contact fitting candidates much faster than if you sourced them manually.


Hiring software developers globally will let you reduce the budget spent on your project development.

Streamlined hiring

You can effortlessly manage all the aspects of your remote tech hiring campaigns using our client-only platform.

Local HR managers

We work with local hiring experts who live in the same country and speak the candidates’ language.

Bridge is a tech-enabled talent acquisition company

Hire expert Golang developers who fit your project requirements

Whether you need to build a web or mobile app, or a cloud-native platform, we can help you find the right Golang developer for your project. 

Backend development with Golang

Market giants like Uber and SoundCloud use Go for backend development. With us, you can find the best global Golang engineers skilled at backend development for mobile apps.

Golang web development

Acquire Golang web developers with the expertise in the needed frameworks (Gin, Beego, Kit, Echo and such). Just tell us about your needs and we will start looking for the best matching engineers.

Concurrent programming

Find Go developers who can build apps that deal with concurrent tasks. Develop music streaming services, chats, email systems, flight booking apps with top talent from the foreign tech markets.

Golang for cloud-native

Hire Go developers to build apps that use a cloud-native approach. Create microservice architectures using AWS, Azure, and GCP infrastructures or migrate apps from monolith to microservices.

  • Golang
  • Echo, Beego, Gin, Revel, Chi
  • Go Kit, GORM, Gen, CLI, REST APIs
  • MongoDB, MySQL, SQL
  • Git, SVN, Mercurial

Golang developer skills for project development

Explore the skill set we evaluate when looking for Golang developers for our clients’ projects. Below, you can also check out popular interview questions for software developers.

What we do

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Why choose working with Bridge over outsourcing Golang developers?

Another way to acquire tech talent for your project fast and on demand is traditional outsourcing. Below we compare some of the advantages of working with Bridge vs outsourcing vendors.




Global talent pool, you choose where to hire.

Custom-recruited developers based on your needs and culture.