Hire DevOps Engineers

The demand for skilled DevOps engineers is increasing along with their average salary. Want to find tech talent with the needed expertise and save your budget? With Bridge, you can hire DevOps engineers to manage cloud infrastructures and automate deployment pipelines.

Benefits of hire DevOps engineers with Bridge

Bridge helps hire A-class DevOps engineers from global tech markets fast and hassle-free. We combine automation with local recruitment expertise to source talent faster and more effectively. With our platform for remote tech recruitment, you can manage your hiring campaigns from wherever you want.

Fitting time zone

We help hire tech talent on three continents, so you can find specialists in locations with minimum time zone differences.

Automated sourcing process

Get a list of vacant candidates 5X faster compared to your in-house sourcer thanks to our 80% automated sourcing process.

Local hiring specialists

Our local talent acquisition specialists reach out to candidates with personalized and culturally tailored messages.


By hiring DevOps engineers in foreign markets, you can find the needed expertise and save up to 40-60% of costs.

Pre-vetted candidates

We thoroughly test the candidates’ hard and soft skills before suggesting them for an interview with clients.

Seamless campaign management

From creating job requisitions to scheduling interviews – you can manage your hiring campaigns via our web platform.

 Run your global tech recruitment campaign as seamlessly as a local one

Hire skilled DevOps engineers for different roles within your team

We can help you find DevOps specialists with a concrete skill set to cover different roles in your in-house DevOps team.

Release manager

Hire DevOps release managers with the expertise in CI/CD pipelines and ARA tools. Via our web platform, you can fine-tune the selection criteria to reach out to the most fitting candidates.

Automation expert

Engage qualified automation specialists proficient in the needed automation tools (Gradle, Git, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, and such). With access to a global talent pool, we can cover multiple positions fast.

Software developer

Find and engage software engineers with the needed technical stack. Whether you need mobile app developers, full-stack engineers or web developers for your project, we can help with that.

Quality assurance engineer

Get a team of QA engineers with the needed automation expertise for your project. If you want to scale up your QA team, just tell us your requirements and we will start looking for the right talent.

Security & compliance engineer

Recruit top-tier security and compliance specialists with experience building bank-grade security systems and knowledge of compliance monitoring frameworks and tools.

Our tech talent acquisition services

hire dedicated kotlin developers

Hiring DevOps engineers with Bridge vs outsourcing. Which to choose?

Partnering with a third-party vendor is also a popular option to hire DevOps engineers for remote projects. But will it be just as beneficial for your business? Let’s compare some criteria of hiring with Bridge vs outsourcing vendors.




Global talent pool, you choose where to hire.

Custom-recruited developers based on your needs and culture.

You know your developers' actual pay.

Complete decision-making power on developer seniority.