Hire Node.JS Developers

Looking to hire dedicated Node.js developers? With Bridge, you can easily fill the talent gap for your software development project. We specialize in finding, screening, and vetting the most suitable candidates, so you can say goodbye to hiring headaches. 

Have Bridge handle your recruitment needs

Unlike outsourcing vendors, we don’t offer Node.JS development services. Instead, our dedicated HRs can help you recruit  the best remote Node.JS programmers for your development team.

Top developers

Bridge recruiters source and reach out to the best candidates from 11 countries worldwide.

Tech-savvy HRs

Our recruiters understand the technology, so we can ensure a perfect candidate-position match.

Intellectual property rights

With Bridge you remain the one and only IP rights owner. You won’t need to share your data with any third-parties.

Clear expenses

We keep all the costs transparent. Our clients pay a monthly fee, which is cheaper compared to hiring a full-time recruiter.

Hire with ease

Candidate management, communication, interview scheduling – all of this can be done within our web platform.

Keep costs down

With us, you can minimize the time to hire and save up to 60% of costs compared to hiring in the US or EU.

Meet the best applicants for your Node.JS development team in just a few clicks.

Experts in Node.JS according to your project requirements

Whether you need to develop web applications or a video streaming platform, we select the best candidates based on your project’s needs.

Node.JS web development

Node.JS is a perfect technology for building real-time web applications such as video broadcasting. It’s light, scalable and fast. Companies like Netflix and PayPal use Node.JS in their products. With Bridge, you can hire remote Node.JS developers with expertise in your niche.

Node.JS app development

Need a backend for your mobile app? Node.JS can pair it with React Native, Java (for Android), Swift, Flutter, and Ionic. If you need an entire mobile app development team, with programmers specialized in other technologies, we can hire them all quickly.

Node.JS full-stack developer

With Node.JS you can build your entire web app in JavaScript, front to back. With Bridge, you can find the best full-stack JavaScript web developers overseas who know how to develop both client and server software. 

  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Go, SQL, HTML5
  • Express.js, AngularJS, Hibernate, Bootstrap, Angular Material, Angular
  • Node.js, Lodash, React, Socket.IO, jQuery
  • MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis Cache, AWS S3, CouchDB, Redshift
  • Blockchain, Linux, MacOS, Heroku, Docker, Ethereum, AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Node.JS developer skills you need to build a project

Take a look at some of the skills we primarily look at when selecting Node.JS candidates for our clients’ projects. Below, you can also check out our developer hiring guide.

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Bridge vs outsourcing Node.JS developers. Which one is better?

As an alternative way to hire software developers, you can collaborate with outsourcing companies. But will it be better for your project? Take a look at some of the characteristics below to see for yourself:




Global talent pool, you choose where to hire.

Custom-recruited developers based on your needs and culture.