Privacy Policy

Last Updated: March 23, 2020


This Privacy Policy explains the information that Bridge collects when you use its products and services, how that information is used, with whom it may be shared and your privacy choices. When we refer to “you” in this policy we do not just mean your firm; rather, the “you” refers to your firm and each of your employees and other personnel who are authorized to access and use our Platform (as defined below) on behalf of or in performing work for your firm.


  1. Introduction

Who we are and what we do

This Privacy Policy covers Bridge Inc. Through our online platform and mobile application (collectively, the “Platform”) we provide, among other things, a suite of services to hire remote  (outside of the United States) teams, lease remote offices and run remote operations. The Platform includes our proprietary software used to provide those services and all updates and associated documentation.


This Privacy Policy relates to our treatment of personally identifiable information that we may gather when you are accessing or using our Platform. We gather various types of personal information from our users, as explained in more detail below, and we use this personal information in connection with our Platform and the Services, including to contact you, to fulfill your requests for certain Services and to provide and improve the Services.


Mobile Applications

This Privacy Policy will also apply to any Bridge mobile application and other forms of our online activity that reference this Privacy Policy. In such instances, the terms “Platform” and “Services” shall include the applicable mobile application or other Bridge online activity whenever those terms are used below. In connection with your use of any of our mobile applications, your personal information may also be collected and used by your mobile device manufacturer, the mobile application store from which you obtained the Bridge mobile application, your telecommunication provider, or other third parties involved in the delivery of the application or data to your mobile device, and such collection and use shall be subject to the privacy policy of the applicable third party. We are not responsible for any third party’s privacy practices.


Acceptance and Changes

By registering for, downloading, or using our Services, you accept this Privacy Policy, which is part of our Terms of Service (available at We may modify this Privacy Policy from time to time. We will post any modified version of our Privacy Policy at If we change this Privacy Policy in a way that materially lessens our commitments to you, we will provide notice to registered users by email or other methods.


  1. Children’s Privacy

We do not knowingly collect information of persons who are under the minimum required ages specified herein. Residents of the European Union must be at least 16. Persons outside of the EU must be at least 13. Persons who are under 18 must obtain parental consent to use our services.


  1. Data We Collect About You

We collect information about you when you use our Services. In addition, third parties may collect information about you when you use our Services. Collected information may include or reflect personal information that could identify you, as well as non-personal information. We refer to your information as “your data” for short.


Account Information

To create an account with us, you must provide certain basic information such as a valid email address and password, office address, name, phone number, job title and time zone.


Financial Information

To use our Platform and/or order Services (e.g., by engaging a vendor through our Services Marketplace to perform work at your office) you may need to provide a valid payment method (e.g., credit card or ACH data) along with applicable credit or debit card account numbers and related account details. Your payment information will be collected and processed by our authorized payment vendors (we currently use Stripe). We do not store credit or debit card or account numbers ourselves.


Business Information

Depending on how you use our Platform there’s a wide variety of information regarding your business that you may provide to us so that we may effectively deliver the Services. Examples include without limitation the following:


  • Service request details, including relevant documents and answers to questions regarding your office space and the Services you are requesting and the vendors you have used in the past (and your opinions of them);
  • The applicable office address and the specific requestor’s name and other identifying details such as his or her email address;
  • Certificates of Insurance and/or sample Certificates of Insurance;
  • Back-and-forth messaging and documentation (including document metadata) between us regarding the status and/or progress of the Services and related notes;
  • Invoices;
  • Reviews of vendors and private notes regarding vendors;
  • Your point of contact;
  • Your website;
  • Contracts relating to the Services;
  • Information about job requisitions for remote resources with descriptions of projects and duties;
  • Test assignments and interview process descriptions;
  • Calendar availability.

Other Information You May Submit

You may submit data to us for limited purposes such as requesting customer support; answering a questionnaire; participating in a study; or signing up to receive communications from us or another user.


Automatically-Collected Information

We automatically collect certain types of data when you use our Services. This data includes your IP address, technical information about your device (e.g., browser type, operating system, basic device information), the web page you visited or search query you entered before reaching us, and your navigation around our Site. We may track your activities using cookies and similar technologies. By using our Platform, you agree to our use of these methods.


Your Social Media Interactions

We receive personal information about you when you interact with us using our social media pages and channels, or on other channels and content. The personal information includes profile name, profile identifier, and the content of your submissions. Please review the privacy policies and settings of any websites, mobile applications, or social networks should you have any questions about their privacy practices.


Information Collected by Third Parties

Some third parties may collect data about you when you use our Services. This may include data you submit (such as payment information) or automatically-collected information (in the case of third-party analytics providers (e.g., Google Analytics) and advertisers).


We may obtain data from third parties about you. We may combine that data with information that we have collected. For example, some advertisers or advertising platforms may allow us to determine what other online services you might use so that we may place relevant ads on those services.


Other Sources of Information

We collect information through various other means, including participation at conferences and events, individual introductions, from employers that enroll their employees in our Services, and from selected third-party business partners, including third party vendors you may engage from time to time through our Services Marketplace. From time to time, we may also acquire from third parties certain lists containing the names and contact information of individuals who may be interested in our products and services.


  1. How We Use Your Data

We may use your data for the following purposes:


  • Identification and authentication. We use your data to verify you when you access your account;
  • Operating our Services. We use your data to provide our Services, process and fulfill orders (including by sharing your data, but only to the extent necessary, with third party vendors whom you engage through our Platform to perform Services for your business), provide customer support, and to otherwise comply with our contractual obligations to you. We (and/or our third-party vendors) use your payment information to process purchases made by you;
  • Communicating with you. We use your data when we communicate with you (e.g., when we respond to a customer support or other inquiry);
  • Improving our services. We use your data to understand how our Services are being used and how we can improve them. In general, we analyze aggregated data, rather than specific user data. We may, however, need to analyze a specific case to address a specific problem (e.g., a bug that affects only a few accounts);
  • Customizing your experience. We use your data to personalize the Platform to you. This may include, for example, remembering orders for third party Services previously placed by you through the Platform;
  • Marketing and advertising. We use your data to display ads and send you offers. We may also use your data in delivering third-party advertisements to you. This may include “targeted ads” based upon your individual interests and/or activities;
  • Administrative Communications. We may use your personal information to send to you important information regarding the Platform and Services, your account status, changes to the Terms of Service, this Privacy Policy, or any other policies, agreements or transactions relevant to your use of the Platform and/or Services. We may also engage in this activity to manage our contractual relationship with you and/or to comply with a legal obligation;
  • Exercising our rights. Where reasonably necessary, we use your data to exercise our legal rights and prevent abuse of our service. For example, we may use your data to detect and prevent fraud, spam, or content that violates our Terms of Service;
  • Legal compliance. We use your data where we are legally required to do so. For example, we may need to gather your data to respond to a subpoena or court order; and
  • Protecting your information. Where appropriate, we may anonymize, backup, and delete certain data.

We may use algorithms and other automated means to implement any of the above.


  1. With Whom We Share Your Data

We do not use or share your personal information with others except as indicated in this Privacy Policy. We do not rent or sell your personal information. We share data with third parties only as follows:


  • As you instruct. We may make your data available to others as you instruct in using our Services. We may share your data with persons to whom you have granted account-level access;
  • With your consent. We may share your data with third parties where we have obtained your express consent to do so. You may revoke these consents;
  • Enabling Services on the Platform. We may share your data with third-party vendors that: perform Services for your business based on the orders (if any) you place through our Services Marketplace; or, otherwise help us provide our Services, process orders, and comply with your instructions and our contractual obligations. The foregoing includes payment processors, content delivery networks (CDNs), cloud-based hosting services, monitoring services, email service providers, quality assurance and testing vendors, fraud and abuse prevention vendors, customer relations management (CRM) vendors, and shipment vendors; each of the foregoing represents a trusted third party engaged to help us provide, improve, protect, and promote our Services (but, we do not ultimately control such third parties);
  • Strategic Partners and Co-Branded Sites. From time to time, we may enter into a special relationship with another company that is not owned by or affiliated with us to provide or promote joint products, services, applications, or features (together, “Jointly Offered Items”). These special relationships may include co-branded web sites (“co-branded pages”). Any information, including personal information, that you provide in connection with one of these Jointly Offered Items, and/or on one of these co-branded pages, will be shared with our third-party partners. You should check these third parties’ web sites for information regarding their privacy practices. If you do not want personal information about you shared with such third parties, please do not provide personal information in connection with the Jointly Offered Items and/or co-branded pages;
  • Advertising. We may share your data with advertising companies to display relevant ads to you. Unless you expressly agree, we will not share or sell your name, email address, or physical address with such persons;
  • Analytics. We may share your data with persons who provide analytics showing how customers are using our Services;
  • Affiliates and advisors. We may share your data with our affiliates and our auditors and advisors for planning, financial reporting, accounting, auditing, tax filings, and legal compliance. Unless you expressly agree, we will not share your data with any affiliate for other purposes, such as direct marketing;
  • Certain legal situations. We may share your data where we believe disclosure is necessary to comply with a legal obligation or in connection with a corporate transaction as discussed in Section 6; and
  • Aggregated or anonymized information. We may publicly disclose non-personal aggregated or anonymized information such as our number of visitors and registered users.

We use reasonable efforts to vet vendors for their privacy and data security practices. We require that such vendors agree to protect the data we share. Generally, when we share data with third parties pursuant to this Section 5 we make diligent efforts to not divulge your information to unauthorized individuals, and to limit access to your information to authorized persons.


  1. Legal and Safety-Related Disclosures

We may disclose your data in response to official requests (e.g., court orders, subpoenas, search warrants, national security requests, etc.) (“requests”) that we receive from government authorities or parties to legal proceedings. In the event of our bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization, receivership or assignment for the benefit of creditors, or the application of laws or equitable principles affecting creditors’ rights generally, we may not be able to control how personal information is treated.


We handle U.S. requests in accordance with U.S. law. If the request originates from a foreign jurisdiction, we will typically disclose information where we in good faith believe that disclosure is permitted by both U.S. law and local law. In all cases, we may raise or waive any legal objection or right available to us, in our sole discretion.


We may disclose user data where we reasonably believe that someone’s life is at risk. For example, if we become aware of a person threatening to commit suicide, we may share that person’s data with appropriate entities that may have the ability to help.


We may disclose user data to report suspected crimes. We report content suspected of exploiting minors to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) along with the data identifying the uploading user.


We may disclose user data in situations involving legal claims against us or one of our users. If you submit a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) or other takedown notice, we may share that notice with the affected user. If you challenge such a notice, we may share your response with the complainant.


We may share your data with potential transaction partners, advisors, and others in the event our company is, in whole or part, acquired by a third party. In such case, we will use reasonable efforts to require the acquiring entity to comply with this Privacy Policy.


  1. Integrations

You may use the Google Calendar integrations and allow Bridge access to your Google Calendar user data. The Service will have access to both your Google Calendar and any other calendar you access via Google in order to power our Scheduling tool and allow you to associate events with candidates and requisitions in the Recruiting module. The Service will have the ability to: create or change your calendars, and update individual calendar events.


  1. Data Retention

We retain your data for as long as you have an account. We may retain logs of automatically collected information (for internal analytics); your email address; your tax information; communications with you; and your transactional information (for auditing, tax, and financial purposes). If we receive legal process pertaining to your account, we will retain your data for as long as we in good faith believe is necessary to comply with the legal process. Similarly, if we believe that your account has been involved in wrongdoing, we may preserve your data to defend or assert our rights.


  1. Your Privacy Choices

We enable you to make numerous choices about your data:


  • You may choose not to provide us with certain information. For example, you may choose not to create an account or not to provide optional account information.
  • You may change or correct information voluntarily submitted to us. We encourage you to keep your data current by viewing your settings page.
  • You may opt out of receiving commercial emails from us. See Section 10 for more details.
  • Users from certain countries may have additional rights.


  1. Communications from Us


By creating an account, you consent to receive commercial emails from us. This includes newsletters and offers. All users may decline to receive commercial messages using the links at the bottom of commercial emails. Please note that you will continue to receive transactional emails from us (e.g., emails confirming transactions and/or providing information about your account).


Mobile Device Communications

We may, with your consent, send push notifications in our apps. You may disable these by declining them or changing the app’s settings.


  1. Protecting Your Information

We use physical, technical, and organizational security measures to safeguard your data from unauthorized or accidental disclosure. Additionally, we take reasonable steps to ensure that our third-party business partners – including the third party vendors whom you may engage from time to time pursuant to our Services Marketplace – provide sufficient protection for personal information. Despite these efforts, no information system can be 100% secure, so we cannot guarantee the absolute security of your information. Users also have a role to play in keeping their data safe. We encourage you to use a unique and hard-to-guess password for your account and to not share it with others. You should only grant access rights to people who you know and trust, and, even then, you should be careful in granting all access rights. You should monitor your account regularly. If you believe that someone has gained access to your account without your permission, please contact us immediately so that we can investigate.


  1. Your Responsibilities

You may receive other people’s data in using our service. If you receive information from other users, you must comply with all laws, including those concerning privacy, data security, and online marketing.


  1. Third-Party Services

We may provide links to online services that we do not own or operate. These services fall outside of this Privacy Policy and we have no control over the data they collect. For example, if you click on a website owned by one of the third party vendors that performs services through our Platform, you may be taken to the advertiser’s or that third party vendor’s website. Once on a third-party’s site, your data may be collected by others. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of such services before using them.


  1. Where Personal Information is Used and Stored

We operate the Platform and the Services in the United States. Therefore, if you provide us with personal information during your use of the Services, we collect, process, and store that information in the United States. We may also transfer that information to our affiliates and subsidiaries or to other third-parties, across borders to other countries or jurisdictions around the world. If you are accessing our Platform from the European Economic Area or other regions with laws governing data collection and use that may differ from U.S. law, please note that you may be transferring your personal information to the United States, which does not have the same data protection laws as the European Union (“EU”) or other countries.


We maintain appropriate safeguards to properly protect personal information concerning you when it is transferred to the United States.


  1. California Privacy Rights

California residents have the right to opt out of disclosing information to third parties for the purpose of allowing such third parties to directly market their products and services. At this time, we do not engage in this type of disclosure. If you have questions, please contact us.


  1. Accuracy of Personal Data and your Individual Rights

While we take various steps to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your personal information, we rely upon you to provide accurate and complete personal information when interacting with us. You may also have the legal right, for example, if you are using the Platform and/or Services from the EU, to request:


  • Confirmation as to whether or not we process personal information from you and, where that is the case, access to your personal information;
  • Rectification of inaccurate personal information;
  • Erasure of personal information;
  • Objection to the processing of personal information;
  • Restriction of processing of personal information; and
  • Portability of personal information – i.e., to receive the personal information you have provided to us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable form and transmit that data to another entity.

Also, where our processing of your personal information is based on your consent, you may withdraw consent at any time for the future. Please note that withdrawing your consent will not affect the lawfulness of the processing before the withdrawal.


Any such requests should be submitted by email to


If you are using the Services from the EU, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with an EU supervisory authority if you do not think we are handling your personal information in compliance with applicable law. However, if you have a complaint regarding the processing of your personal information we kindly request that you first contact us directly by sending us an email at, and we will reply promptly.


  1. How to Contact Us

For any questions, inquiries, or complaints relating to your privacy, please contact us at

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