Hire React Developers

Want to hire React.js app developers? With Bridge, you can get assistance in hiring a React development team with the needed expertise for your software development project.

Get more than just a React software engineer

 Get a team of React developers for your project from a global tech talent pool and manage your recruitment campaigns online. With Bridge, you can hire top-tier React developers fast and stress-free.

Global hiring

With Bridge, you can hire dedicated React.js developers with the required expertise from the international tech talent market.

Thorough candidate vetting

We carefully assess each candidate’s hard and soft skills before recommending them for the final interview.

Global time zone coverage

We hire software engineers on three continents, so you can choose countries with a minimum time zone difference.

Transparent expenses

We keep all your expenses transparent. Every month, you only pay us a fixed fee for our hiring services.

Manage your recruitment online

With our web platform, you can manage all the aspects of your hiring campaign – from job requisitions to scheduling interviews.

Save up to 40%

Hiring developers from foreign markets is not only fast but also wallet-friendly. Hire people with the right expertise and pay less.

Hire expert React.js developers and run your recruitment campaign with a few clicks

Dedicated React developers with a proven track record and the right expertise

Let us know what you are looking for in your developers, and we’ll set up an interview with the right candidate as soon as possible.

React web development

The growing popularity of React is driving the demand for React developers. We will search the markets for candidates with expertise in your industry to become part of your remote team. We can also find backend programmers for your project if necessary.

React Native app development

Cross-platform applications developed with React Native are compatible with both iOS and Android. With Bridge as your remote hiring partner, you can bring the right talent to build robust mobile applications with truly native UI and high performance.

  • JavaScript, SQL, Java, PHP, GraphQL
  • React, React Native, Redux,.NET, Laravel, Graphcool, YARN, Express.js
  • REST APIs, Node.js, React, TensorFlow, Redux-saga, Sinon.JS
  • PostgreSQL, Cloud Firestore, MongoDB
  • WebStorm, PostCSS, Webpack, Grunt.js, RabbitMQ, Git

React developer skills you need to build a project

When we’re looking for React developers to hire, we take into account your individual requirements. But you can look at some general skills of React developers on the left to get an idea of what we are searching for. Also, check out our hiring guide for more details below.

What Bridge offers for your business

hire dedicated kotlin developers

Bridge vs React development outsourcing. Which brings you more value?

Instead of hiring React developers from the global market, you can also outsource developers from a software development company. But will it be the better option in the long run? Here is a list of benefits to compare us with outsourcing vendors.




Global talent pool, you choose where to hire.

Custom-recruited developers based on your needs and culture.

You know your developers' actual pay.