Hire Software Developers in Ukraine

Looking to hire remote engineers? From ambitious college graduates to battle-tested IT veterans, Bridge can help you recruit the brightest talent in Ukraine – one of the biggest tech talent pools in Europe.

Why hire full-time developers in Ukraine?

Talented people, competitive wages, unrivaled technology expertise – Ukraine takes a strong stand in the global software development market. If you want to hire top engineers for your remote team, Ukraine is one of the best places to find them.

200,000 IT specialists

Ukraine has no shortage of technical talent. And by 2024, the number of IT specialists is projected to double.

World's top software developers

Ukraine ranks 11th on HackerRank’s list of countries with the world’s best software developers.

English proficiency

The majority of Ukrainian developers (80%) have an intermediate or higher level of English.

Competitive wages

Hiring software developers in Ukraine is cheaper than in other European countries.

4 reasons to set up a Ukrainian dedicated software development team

Home to 110 international companies

Ukraine is home to software development offices of more than 100 global tech companies including giants like Google, Oracle, and Microsoft, and hot startups like Grammarly, Wix, and People.ai.

Tech hiring is effortless with Bridge

Bridge takes care of every little detail when it comes to hiring IT specialists in Ukraine. We find, source, and vet potential candidates for your project, taking the talent acquisition burden off your shoulders.

Over 60% of Ukrainian programmers are working in IT outsourcing companies. This is the best place to look for talent with expertise in any technology and industry.

IT Recruitment

Fintech, healthcare, ecommerce, security, IoT, big data, artificial intelligence – using our one-of-a-kind hiring platform, Bridge recruiters will find and attract candidates that match your requirements and project needs the most.

IT Staffing

Scale your internal team with tech specialists for short-term or long-term engagement. We hire developers and run operations letting you cut the costs of making full-time hires.

The average salary of a Ukrainian developer is about $30K a year. It's 2 times lower than in Western Europe and 4 times lower than in the US.
In Ukraine, you can compliantly hire private entrepreneurs as your full-time employees. Their tax makes only 5% of income. In the EU and the US, this tax makes up 20-40% of the salary.


Get a list of verified pre-screened applicants within a few hours. Our sourcing teams embed technical vetting into the process and validate candidates using semantic search.

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Let's resolve your concerns

On February 24th 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine. Bombardments, missile strikes, air raid sirens – for many Ukrainians, the war has sadly become a new normal. But despite all that, most Ukrainian programmers continue to work. Nearly 80 percent of Ukrainian tech specialists have either relocated to western regions of the country or to neighboring European states. From safer places, they fight on the “economic frontier,” supporting the country and promoting the excellence of Ukrainian IT.

Start building your team in Ukraine with Bridge

  • Expert knowledge of the local market
  • Financial transparency
  • Legal security​
  • Online platform to manage hiring campaigns

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Bridge establishes remote teams in 11 countries all over the world . And we’re planning to cover more countries soon.

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