Hire Software Developers in Chile

Bridge can help you fill the skill gap with the best software developers in Chile – a go-to Latin American destination for US-based companies.

Why build a software development team in Chile?

As a promising IT outsourcing destination, Chile offers competitive developer salaries, stable business environment, and minimum time difference with the US.

Close time zone with the US

Santiago has the same time zone as NYC. There is a 3-hour difference with Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Cost efficiency

On average, the salary of a software engineer in Chile is $2,097, which is 3 times lower than in the US.

Multilingual developers

With Spanish as the first language, Chile also has the third highest level of English proficiency in Latin America.


With growing GDP and market-oriented  policies, Chile offers a favorable environment for foreign investments.

Go-to Latin American destination for world-class companies

Attracted by high-quality tech education, cultural similarity and competitive rates, many companies choose Chile as their tech outsourcing destination. These world-leading corporations have already set up their remote offices in Chile.

Find and hire the best talent with Bridge

With Bridge you can close tech talent gap faster and more efficiently, and save your budget.

Chile offers a talent pool of over 61,000 software developers.

IT Recruitment

Find and hire full-time remote tech talent in over 11 countries with Bridge recruiters in your hiring team. We screen and vet candidates using our proprietary sourcing engine so you could hire the best candidates faster.

IT Staffing

Whether you want to add 1 or 10 specialists to your  team, our Bridge experts will find candidates with the right expertise. We hire external developers and handle team setup, payroll, and operations so you could focus on your product.

Average rate of a Chilean software engineer per hour is $25-50.
Chilean programmers are skilled at data analysis, statistical programming, Java, C++, and Python.


5X your outreach speed with our one-of-a-kind sourcing engine. With 80% of our sourcing processes being fully automated, you can get a list of qualified and pre-screened candidates much faster than if you did it manually.

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Start building your team in Chile with Bridge

  • Expert knowledge of the local market
  • Financial transparency
  • Legal security​
  • Online platform to manage hiring campaigns

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Bridge helps hire remote engineering talents globally. And we’re planning to cover more countries soon. 

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