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in United States 

Navigate the murky waters of global hiring with Bridge. We are a tech-enabled recruitment company to help you source and hire exceptional tech talent hassle-free. 

Struggling to close the skills gap?

You’re an established company crushing it in your business OR a startup with tens of thousands in MRR. Everything is going well, except for one thing – hiring great engineers. We know the pain.

Good engineers are hard to find

No matter how successful you are, good engineers are hard to come by. You can’t always compete with the likes of Google and Facebook for the best talent. Time to think of new locations.

Distance doesn't matter

A massive pool of qualified talent, workplace diversity, cost savings – if you can get all these benefits from global hiring, do distance and time differences really matter?

Get all the benefits of hiring globally.
Without the risks that might come along

Bridge gives you everything you like about global hiring (qualified teams, cost efficiency, faster growth), but without all the downsides that make remote talent a risky bet.

Hire top talent across 3 continents

We recruit top engineers in 15 countries across 3 continents: Europe, North America, and South America.

Up to 30 pre-vetted candidates per month

With our proprietary sourcing engine that automates tech talent sourcing by up to 80%, you can close your positions within days.

Local recruiters - better results

Our recruitment specialists live in the country where you want to hire developers, increasing your chances to close the needed positions.

Loyal developers, tightly integrated into your team

Developers we hire are loyal to you and deeply integrated into your team and culture. They are fully committed to your goals.

Streamlined and transparent collaboration

Bridge lets you manage your talent acquisition pipeline more effectively with our web-based platform.

Transparent pricing, subscription model

All of your expenses are 100% transparent. You always know how much your developers get paid. We also offer a predictable subscription model for talent sourcing.

Latest case study: Jasper.ai Hired 5 Senior AI/ML Engineers​ at $1500/Hire with Bridge

Create your own team in one of the global tech hubs

GitLab, InVision, Buffer, and Zapier all have employees scattered across the globe — and did so long before remote work became popular. Now it’s your time to seize the opportunities offered by the global talent market.


Top of the list for US companies. Argentina has similar time zones, a low cost of living, and a talented workforce – it is a leading technology hub in Latin America.


US and Canadian companies choose Mexico because of its abundant talent pool as well as geographical proximity and cultural similarities. There are 500,000 IT professionals in Mexico.


A total literacy rate of 95%, as well as heavy investments in technology make Colombia one of the best countries in Latin America to hire skilled and tech-savvy remote workers.