Hire Rust Developers

Looking to hire remote Rust developers? As your hiring partner, Bridge can source, vet, and match the best engineers to join your development project.

Why should you choose Bridge?

Being one of the most in-demand languages, the talent pool of vacant Rust developers is extremely limited. Is there a way to find and attract Rust developers fast? We say yes, if you trust the matter to Bridge.

International headhunting

With us operating in 11 different countries, you don’t have to limit your hiring campaign to just one location.

Personalized reach

Understanding the cultural background, Bridge HR experts can easily find a common ground with foreign candidates.

Metilicious vetting

Our specialists handpick candidates and test their hard and soft skills before recommending them for the final interview.

Transparent costs

We don’t hide anything from our clients. Via our web platform you get transparent reports with all your expenses.

Seamless management

You can track all the activities related to your hiring campaign within the one-of-a-kind web platform.

Local hiring specialists

Our HRs live in the same country as your applicants and speak the language. There will be no communication barrier.

We developed a web platform for our partners to manage their remote candidates

Hire dedicated Rust developers with the expertise you need

From game to app to system development, if you want to hire developers with expertise in Rust programming, we will find people with the relevant experience quickly.

Rust game development

Rust simplifies the process of creating mid-sized game engines. If you want to make 2D games using existing game engines such as Piston, Amethyst, GGEZ or are looking to write your own game on Rust, Bridge can assist you in hiring Rust developers for your project.

Rust software development

Because of the efficiency and safety it provides, Rust is a smart solution for backend web services and embedded systems. Whether you need software for security cameras, smart hubs or special equipment, Bridge will hire Rust developers for you.

Rust system programming

Recently, Microsoft started rewriting low-level components of Windows (originally written in C and C++) using Rust. If you need Rust for systems-level programming, hire a dedicated team of developers abroad with Bridge and build low-level components for your high performance systems.

Rust app development

You can use Rust to develop a desktop application. If Rust isn’t the only programming language you’re using, we can help you find specialists in any other technology including  C/C++, C#, Java, Python and Go. You can scale your team at any time and extend your operations globally.

  • Rust, Python, SQL, Java, R, Scala, Go, C, Haskell
  • Spark, Hadoop, .NET, AngularJS
  • Node.js, Vue.js, Socket.IO, jQuery, AWS EC2 API
  • Google Cloud, Cassandra, Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, Apache Kafka, Linux, Heroku, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rackspace

Rust developer skills required to build a project

Every project has specific criteria for candidate selection. We understand that. But here are some top-of-mind skills that we primarily look at when choosing a Rust developer for our clients’ projects. Or you can check out our guide on hiring Rust developers below.

Services we offer

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How Bridge is different from Rust developer outsourcing?

As an alternative, one can consider outsourcing software development to hiring remote developers. Below we’ve made a list of characteristics to compare these two approaches so you can see for yourself which option works better.




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