Remote Scala Developers

Looking into Scala development services? Unlike outsourcing companies, Bridge doesn’t offer development teams, but we have a better solution. We can assist you with finding top Scala developers overseas and help you set up and run your own remote R&D office.

Why collaborate with Bridge?

Increase your hiring campaign’s speed, get a brand new office in Ukraine, Mexico or Argentina, run your Scala web development project the way you see it, and manage your business more easily than ever.

Full-time employment

We do the sourcing, candidate selection, and employee onboarding. You can track the process via our web-based platform.

Your own branded office

Your team will work in class A real estate. We supply them with all the equipment they need for productive work.  

100% IP rights ownership

Bridge keeps you the exclusive IP rights owner. You can always count on our legal team for any law-related matters.

Crystal-clear expenses

Just like you, we want everything to be clear. You get complete transparency into your team’s salaries, purchases, and expenses.

Hassle-free management

Set up interviews, manage your office space, and control your team’s salaries and growth plans – all within our online platform. 

Budget savings up to 40%

Bridge allows you to hire candidates from foreign markets quickly and cost-effectively. You get top talent for a lower cost.

Manage your remote office with ease via our user-friendly web platform 

Get a team of developers with Scala development expertise

Whether you require Scala developers to increase your software’s productivity, develop mobile apps, data science projects, or build your own cloud-based platforms, Bridge can find you the talent you need quickly.

Scala developer

Companies like LinkedIn, Coursera, and Amazon choose Scala because it’s one of the best functional programming languages, interoperable with other JVM-based languages, and highly scalable. Developers familiar with functional language concepts and experience with Scala are rare gems, but with Bridge, you can find the right people for building your web applications or data science projects using Scala.

Java developer

Both Scala and Java use a Java Virtual Machine as a common ground. If your company has lots of software running on Java, we can search for programmers with a large experience writing Java code and building enterprise software. Scala seamlessly interoperates with Java, but having skilled Java developers on the team in addition to Scala experts will only benefit your project.

  • Scala, Python, R, JavaScript, SQL, Go
  • Angular, Hadoop, Spark, Flutter, React Native, Redux
  • Node.js, Socket.IO, TensorFlow, Akka Streams, RxJS, React
  • Redis, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, KairosDB, Neo4j, Firebird, Couchbase
  • Web, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS Lambda, MacOS, New Relic, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure

Scala developer skills required for a project

On the left, you can find a list of skills that a Scala developer must have in order to build a scalable project.

Why partner with Bridge to hire Scala developers?

We want to help our clients build a successful, easy-to-maintain project. Here are some of the benefits we can offer you.

Top engineers in 1 week

Finding the right candidate is hard. But we can manage your hiring campaigns abroad, letting you track the hiring process via our platform.

Office in the city of your choice

Bridge currently opens remote offices in Ukraine, Mexico, and Argentina. You can choose the country and city that you want to open your office in.

Legal and compliance needs covered

You get a full package of legal services. We handle all the legal nuances of our partners in collaboration with a trusted law office in the US.

Payroll and accounting handled

You don’t need to worry about monthly paychecks, invoices, taxes, and accounting. We cover all of that, letting you concentrate on your business.

Bridge or outsourcing Scala developers?

You might have considered outsourcing as an alternative to opening an office abroad. Below you can find some characteristics to compare Bridge with outsourcing vendors.




Global reach

Pricing without hidden fees

Tame-saving recruitment

Full IP rights ownership

Your branding

Scale your team on request

Budget savings of up to ⅓ the cost of working in the US or EU

Fully committed developers

How much does it cost to build a Scala team?

Use our budget calculator to learn the salaries of software engineers in our remote locations.

Need other engineers?

Check out who else we can help you hire.

Hire .NET developers

Hire Rust developers

Hire Elixir developers

Hire data scientists

Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about hiring Scala developers. If you can’t find your question – just send us an email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

You most likely won't be physically present in your remote location, but you can manage your remote team with the help of the web platform we’ve developed. It can help you track team salaries, manage office space, and purchase office equipment. The only thing you need to manage your remote team is access to the Internet.
Currently, we help open offices in three different locations: Ukraine, Mexico, and Argentina. We can locate your software development team in any city in one of those three countries.
We can step in to help you resolve the issues with that Scala developer. But if you prefer not to work with them, we will arrange the off-boarding process and help you find new people if needed.

Send us a request by email. We will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements and arrange our next steps.

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