We founded Bridge to help software companies bridge the talent gap

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Effortlessly hire top developers for full-time remote work

Extend your team with specialized experts on a short or long-term project basis

Get a list of qualified pre-screened candidates for potential hires

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Our story

The idea of Bridge – hiring world-class global talent – came from a combined 20 years of experience servicing clients in need of engineering resources. Both founders of the company have been at the helm of a software development consultancy for the past 10 years. We realized that there is great talent everywhere around the world, but companies end up passing on amazing engineers because the logistics of hiring abroad seem daunting. The opportunities available to engineers are also limited for this same reason.

We set out to build a firm that would bring together talented engineers from around the world—and help them find awesome jobs at great companies.

Bridge is meant to provide the predictable high standard of recruitment service, same process and systems regardless of the geography, all done with the local culture in mind.

We believe in a world without boundaries

Geographic boundaries don’t exist, even if we tend to think of them as if they were real. If you want to build a strong team, it doesn’t really matter where your employees live, as long as you have the best talent. We believe in a world without boundaries – a place where you can effortlessly get the best people on board to get amazing work done.

Leadership team

The co-founder of Bridge, Viktor has always been drawn to merging technologies into innovative business models. He has been involved in large-scale technology projects for over 8 years. With a background in project management, financial analysis, and process automation, Viktor has a unique experience to strengthen Bridge at both technology and business levels.

Oleg has been at the forefront of the software development industry over the past two decades leading large engineering teams and helping businesses build new products. His experience falls within IT consulting, software engineering, delivery management, and business administration. As a co-founder of Bridge, Oleg oversees the tech side of the business.

Lindsey started her career in Big 4 Public Accounting where she discovered a passion for recruiting and finding top talent to bring on board. After a successful stint, she moved fully into external recruiting and built her personal brand over the last decade working with some of the biggest names in tech. She has a knack for employment branding, talent acquisition, candidate experience, and understands that being meticulous will result in a positive outcome.

Our presence

Bridge is currently hiring remote teams in 11 countries across 3 continents including Europe, North America, and South America. We’re planning to expand to more countries soon.

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