Hire iOS App Developers

Looking to hire iOS developers for your project? Bridge can boost the speed of your hiring campaign thanks to our 80% automated sourcing and find remote iOS programmers from foreign job markets. What’s more, you can manage your campaigns with our platform designed specifically for tech recruitment.

Hire iOS app developers abroad with Bridge

When you hire iOS application developer from software outsourcing companies, some concerns may arise. Will these developers have the right level of expertise? Can they meet tight deadlines? What if they fail to deliver your project? With Bridge, you can leave these concerns behind because you decide who to hire and how they should work.

Full-time employees

Hire fully committed engineers for your project and remain the only decision-maker.

Hiring with local touch

We work with local recruiters who share cultural backgrounds with candidates.

Faster outreach

Our tech-enabled sourcing makes the outreach 5X faster than manual sourcing.

No hidden costs

Every month, our clients pay only a fixed fee for our remote tech hiring services.

Easy management

Using our web platform, you can manage your hiring campaigns with ease.

Save up to 40%

Compared to hiring in the US, you can get devs with the same expertise and pay less.

From job requisitions to interviews  — manage your global tech recruitment with our web platform

Hire iOS developers with the required expertise. Scale up your team when you want to.

Based on your requirements, Bridge can recruit talented iPhone developers from foreign talent pools, to work on projects of any difficulty.

iPhone app development

If you need to develop an iOS application for your business that is compatible with every iPhone model, Bridge can recruit professionals to work on your solution.

iPad app development

If you are looking for iPad developers, we can bring you the right talent. We can also help you hire Android developers, web developers, and other software professionals.

  • Objective-C, Swift, Java, SQL
  • ASP.NET MVC, Unity, TestNG, Appium
  • Selenium API, React, Node.js, Facebook iOS SDK
  • MySQL, Redis, JSON
  • Xcode, REST Assured, Ninject, Git, Bamboo, TortoiseSVN, Jenkins

iOS app development skills needed to build a project

On the left, there are some skills we believe every iOS developer should have to develop a mobile solution. Also, check out our guide on hiring iOS developers below:

Speed up remote tech hiring with Bridge

hire dedicated kotlin developers

Bridge vs iOS developer outsourcing. What works better?

Instead of hiring developers in the global tech market, you can simply outsource iOS developers. But is it really something that will bring you the result you’re looking for? Here are some benefits to compare Bridge with outsourcing companies.




Global talent pool, you choose where to hire.

Custom-recruited developers based on your needs and culture.