Hire Software Architects Globally

The decisions made by a software architect will impact the critical aspects of your product, such as functionality, structure, and performance. That’s why hiring the right specialist is a big deal. As your hiring partner, Bridge can help you hire software architects with the needed expertise from foreign tech markets.

Make global tech hiring an easy ride with Bridge

In contrast with traditional outsourcing vendors, Bridge doesn’t offer ready-made tech teams for your project. Instead, we assist you in hiring remote full-time top specialists from the global tech talent pool.

Dedicated developers

Hire top-tier specialists from abroad to cover full-time positions on your project.

Local hiring managers

Our local recruiters reach out to candidates using personalized and culturally tailored messages.

Data-driven sourcing

Our 80% automated sourcing lets you get a list of candidates 5 times faster compared to manual sourcing.

Crystal-clear expenses

Our partners pay a fee for our tech recruitment and sourcing services, and a daily rate for the engineers if it’s IT staffing.

Effortless campaign management

Using the web platform we’ve developed for our clients, you can manage hiring campaigns from the comfort of your office.


With access to global talent pools, you can find needed specialists faster and save your expenses.

Our client-only platform makes hiring campaign management easy and transparent

Hire qualified software architects with required expertise for your project

We can help you find and recruit remote software architects for your project based on your selection criteria. We can also ramp up your developers team with any specialists you need.

Team leadership

Acquire software architects with strong interpersonal skills to oversee your product development and coordinate development teams. We verify each candidate’s hard and soft skills before suggesting them for an interview.

Cloud technology

Hire specialists with proven knowledge of cloud technologies. If you want to find employees specialized in AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure, Bridge can help you find the needed experts across three continents with no hassle.


Recruit top-tier software architects who have a deep knowledge of one or more programming languages. Just tell us about your needs, and we will start searching the global tech market for the most fitting candidates.

Product development

Get qualified software architects who are familiar with product development methodologies such as Lean and Agile, and proficient in DevOps. If you also need to hire DevOps engineers, we can help you bring them to your team as well.

How Bridge helps acquire tech talent

hire dedicated kotlin developers

Partnering with Bridge vs software architect outsourcing. Which is more advantageous?

Another popular way to get software architects to your project is by partnering with outsourcing vendors, but will it be as beneficial in the end? Let’s compare some benefits of hiring with Bridge vs hiring with outsourcing vendors.




Global talent pool, you choose where to hire.

Custom-recruited developers based on your needs and culture.

You know your developers' actual pay.

Complete decision-making power on developer seniority.

Developers loyal to you, tightly integrated into your team and culture.