Hire Software Developers and Ramp Up Your Team

Hire software developers with relevant expertise for your project within minimum time possible. Using tech-enabled recruitment, Bridge helps companies close talent gaps by engaging remote software engineers.

Leverage a global talent pool to accelerate product development

Currently, Bridge helps companies recruit A-class developers in 11 countries. Enjoy the benefits of global hiring and get the best talents to your project in no time with us.

Streamline tech recruitment with Bridge

When you choose to hire with Bridge, we take the recruitment, staffing, and sourcing burden off your shoulders. You can manage recruitment campaigns remotely using our proprietary web platform.

Full-time employees

Choose us and get developers who work as your full-time employees, keeping you in control of everything.

Global talent pool

Hire in 11 countries to get suitable and time zone-matched engineers for your in-house software development team.

Intellectual property rights

We secure your IP rights, which means you remain the only rights owner and don’t need to share your data with any third party.


The fee you pay for our tech recruiting services is less than hiring your own full-time HR manager.

Hassle-free management

Manage your hiring process using our one-of-a-kind platform developed specifically for engineer recruitment.

Tech-savvy recruiters

Our recruiters understand technologies and software development processes, so finding the right candidates for your project is a cakewalk for them.

Hire remote software developers with the Bridge platform

Get software development teams with the technical skills you need, when you need it

With operations in 11 different countries, Bridge can select candidates for web development, app development, and other technology projects from a network of over a million technology talents. We will find the right candidates very quickly.

Web developers

Hire a team of web developers to build your project from scratch or support your existing software. With careful sourcing and candidate selection, we guarantee to find web developers with the right level of expertise and good workplace culture fit.

Mobile app developers

Need developers to build an Android or iOS app? We can help you find the best engineers to design a robust mobile solution. If you’re looking for engineers experienced in cross-platform app development, you can rely on Bridge to hire qualified developers for you.

Fullstack developers

Professionals who can work with both front- and backend technologies are a rare species. But Bridge can recruit them for you with ease. You can engage remote full-stack developers with the right expertise 5 times faster thanks to our data-driven sourcing.

Data scientists

As businesses are getting interested in big data, data scientists are in high demand. With us, you can accelerate your hiring campaigns by finding data scientists abroad to build a product or solve your business problems using data-driven methods.

Machine learning experts

Hire machine learning engineers to deploy intelligent AI-based solutions. We can take your hiring campaigns to a new level by leveraging global tech skills to grow your business. Use Bridge to find the talents you need to build the future.

You can hire the most sought-after tech talent

With Bridge, you can attract top data science talent to bring innovative solutions to your business and close the skill gap. Take a look at the experts you can acquire with us.

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How can you hire developers with Bridge?

How much does hiring remote software developers cost?

Check out our software developer salary calculator to learn the salaries of software engineers in our remote locations.