Hire Software Developers to Your R&D Office

Hire a software development team fully committed to your project. Bridge helps companies build strong R&D teams with people who fit their company culture and have the right expertise. We help you manage your foreign R&D unit in compliance with laws and regulations.

Ukraine, Argentina, Mexico – leverage a global talent pool to accelerate innovation

Currently, Bridge helps companies open their remote offices in three countries – Ukraine, Argentina, and Mexico. Make the most of global hiring and choose where you want to open your remote R&D center.


Being only one-hour ahead of European countries and a vast talent pool of engineers make Ukraine an optimal choice for opening an R&D office. By moving your software development to Ukraine, you get access to a competitive job market with almost 200K software engineers.


Ranked the top country for technology skills, Argentina is a smart and cost-effective choice for software development. A great quality/cost balance, a large pool of IT experts, bilingual software engineers, and only one hour difference between Buenos Aires and New York – what else do you need for great work?


Mexico’s strong labor force, affordable software development costs, and time zones that overlap perfectly with the US attract many brands to hire IT teams there. Mexico is a good choice for American companies looking to open a nearshore R&D lab.

Team. Office. Operations – We do more than recruitment

When you open a remote office with Bridge, you don’t only get a team of developers dedicated to your project. We also help you manage all the aspects related to running your remote office – from payroll and taxes to legal and accounting. You can manage everything remotely with the help of our intuitive web platform.

Full-time employees

Choose us and get developers who work as your full-time employees, keeping you in control of everything.

Remote branded office

As your partners overseas, we can help you set up a remote physical office operated under your brand name.

Intellectual property rights

We secure your IP rights, which means you remain the only rights owner and don’t need to share your data with any third party.

Transparent expenses

We provide you with detailed spending reports which demonstrate transparently where your money goes.

Easy management

You can manage your business operations remotely using our intuitive web-platform developed for our partners.


Hire top talent globally and save up to 40% in comparison with hiring teams in the US.

Our intuitive platform allows you to hire the best software developers and manage your business operations with only a few clicks

Get software development teams with the technical skills you need, when you need it

With operations in three different countries, Bridge can select candidates for web development, app development, and other technology projects from a network of over a million technology talents. We will find the right candidates very quickly.

Web developers

Hire a team of web developers to build your project from scratch or support your existing software. With careful sourcing and candidate selection, we guarantee to find web developers with the right level of expertise and good workplace culture fit.

Mobile app developers

Need developers to build an Android or iOS app? We can help you set up a remote app development team to design a robust mobile solution. If you’re looking for engineers experienced in cross-platform app development, you can rely on Bridge to hire qualified developers for you.

Fullstack developers

Professionals who can work with both front- and backend technologies are a rare species. But Bridge can recruit them for you with ease. You can establish a remote team of full-stack developers and have your project run smoothly and confidently.

Data scientists

As businesses are getting interested in big data, data scientists are in high demand. With us, you can accelerate your hiring campaigns by finding data scientists abroad to build a product or solve your business problems using data-driven methods.

Machine learning experts

Hire machine learning engineers to deploy intelligent AI-based solutions. We can take your hiring campaigns to a new level by leveraging global tech skills to grow your business. Use Bridge to find the talents you need to build the future.

You can hire the most sought-after tech talent

With Bridge, you can attract top data science talent to bring innovative solutions to your business and close the skill gap. Take a look at the experts you can acquire with us.

Want to know the details of our hiring process? Check out our software developer hiring guide.

How do we build software development teams
at Bridge?

If you want to get the most from your remote office and run a hassle-free project, Bridge offers you a simple solution.

Hire top candidates in 1 week

Hiring campaigns can become exhausting because of their length. We won’t let that happen. With Bridge managing your hiring campaigns, your first interview will be scheduled within 5 business days.

Open an office in the city you want

Don’t limit your choice to just one location. With Bridge, you can choose the best city to rent an office space. We will buy all the needed furniture and equipment to ensure a productive working environment.

Get legal and compliance needs covered

Legal concerns? They won’t bother you. You run a fully-legit IT business and have our legal team by your side. We collaborate with US-based law firms to help you deal with the legal aspects of working overseas.

Have your payroll & accounting handled

Everything, from invoices to monthly payroll to tax calculation is handled by our professionals, and you can check your financial statements and accounting records via our web platform at any time.

How much does a remote software development team cost?

Check out our software developer salary calculator to learn the salaries of software engineers in our remote locations.

Frequently asked questions

Below you will find some questions related to hiring software engineers. If you don’t find your question, you can send us an email, and we’ll get back to you within one business day.

Here at Bridge, we don’t hire just one engineer but recruit a team of dedicated software developers with expertise in any programming language for our partners' physical offices. You can hire a team of five developers at a minimum if you want to work with Bridge.

Of course. You can hire as many engineers as you need. Whether you want to extend your team or open another office in a different city – we can help with that.

You can reach out to us to try sort things out. If a compromise can’t be found, we can hire another developer for you and replace the one you’re not satisfied with, free of charge.

With our intuitive web platform, you can manage your team online without leaving your HQ. Hiring campaigns, office expansion, team salaries – all your data is stored and handled in one secure place.

With us, you can hire software developers in Ukraine, Mexico, or Argentina. The choice of the country is totally up to you. We can find talented software engineers anywhere. If you need a consultation regarding the location for your remote office, reach out to us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Send us a request via email. We will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements and arrange our next steps.

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