Hire Full-Stack Developers

Looking for hire dedicated full-stack developers? What if you could hire the best software engineers around the world with minimum time and cost? As your hiring partner, Bridge can handle tedious recruitment processes and bring the best candidates to your project.

Looking to hire the best full stack developers?

Having difficulties filling your tech talent gap? We understand your struggles. With our local recruiters and a proprietary sourcing engine, you can solve the most pressing hiring challenges.

Global talent pool

Bridge operates in 11 countries, so you get access to a vast pool of top-tier tech talent.

Local hiring

We work with local recruiters so you could add a personal touch to your hiring campaigns.

Intellectual property rights

You remain the single owner of your IP rights and your unique expertise.

Transparent expenses

Our recruitment services are cheaper than hiring an in-house recruiter.

Effortless management

Using our platform, you can manage your applicants with just a few clicks.


By hiring top talent globally, you save up to 40% on employee salaries.

Manage candidates via our web platform quickly and easily

Hire full-stack programmer with the right expertise, in both web and mobile

Bridge hires talent in 11 countries (Ukraine, Mexico, Argentina, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Portugal, Czech Republic, Chile, Columbia, and Brazil). With such a huge talent pool you can seamlessly hire skilled engineers for software development .

Web stack

Hire software engineers with the knowledge of front-end languages, backend technology, databases, API, server, and whatnot for web development. Java, Python, Ruby, .Net – what is your technology stack? We will find experts who can keep every part of your system running smoothly.

Mobile stack

Looking for mobile app development experts? We will find developers who know every step of the process. iOS, Android, Backend, APIs, responsive web versions – let us know what skills you need, and we will search the market for specialists in native, React Native, and other mobile technologies.

  • Scala, PHP, Python, JavaScript, C#
  • Laravel, Django, .NET, React Native, Serverless Framework
  • Node.js, Socket.IO, AMQP, Entity Framework, REST API, Web API, Ramda, AutoMapper, ZeroMQ
  • AWS S3, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Elasticsearch, Paradox, Azure Cloud Services, SQL Server Management Studio, MySQL
  • AWS Lambda, Docker, Azure, Visual Studio Code, Windows Server, Heroku, Linux

Skills that full-stack developers require

The skillsets of full-stack developers can be very diverse – as diverse as existing programming languages. If this is your first full-stack developer hiring experience, on the left, you can see a list of possible skills these specialists might have to help you get started. Or, you can check out our guide on hiring full-stack developers below.

How Bridge can help

hire dedicated kotlin developers

How is Bridge different from outsourcing vendors?

At this point, you might have considered outsourcing full-stack developers to an offshore software development company. But what is better for your project in the long-term? Here is a list of the benefits of teaming up with Bridge.




Global talent pool, you choose where to hire.

Custom-recruited developers based on your needs and culture.

You know your developers' actual pay.