Hire Scala Developers

Looking into Scala development services? Unlike outsourcing companies, Bridge doesn’t offer ready-made development teams, but we have a better solution. We can assist you with finding and engaging top Scala developers overseas based on your requirements.

Why collaborate with Bridge?

Hiring remote talent can turn into a long and tiresome process. You don’t have to go through this. With our data-driven sourcing and unique platform for engineering recruitment, your hiring campaign can turn into a pleasant journey.

Full-time employment

We source, screen, and vet candidates for you to interview and hire them on full-time basis.

Careful screening

We offer only candidates that match your project requirements and fit your in-house team culturally. 

100% IP rights ownership

Bridge keeps you the exclusive IP rights owner. You can always count on our legal team for any law-related matters.

Crystal-clear expenses

Just like you, we want everything to be clear. You will only pay a fixed fee for our services, which is less than for in-house recruiter.

Hassle-free management

Create job requisitions, review candidate profiles, schedule interviews – manage your hiring campaign within our web platform.

Budget savings up to 60%

Bridge allows you to hire candidates from foreign markets quickly and cost-effectively. You get top talent for a lower cost.

Hiring campaign management is a breeze with our web platform

Get a team of developers with Scala development expertise

Whether you require Scala developers to increase your software’s productivity, develop mobile apps, data science projects, or build your own cloud-based platforms, Bridge can find you the talent you need quickly.

Scala developer

Companies like LinkedIn, Coursera, and Amazon choose Scala because it’s one of the best functional programming languages, interoperable with other JVM-based languages, and highly scalable. Developers familiar with functional language concepts and experience with Scala are rare gems, but with Bridge, you can find the right people for building your web applications or data science projects using Scala.

Java developer

Both Scala and Java use a Java Virtual Machine as a common ground. If your company has lots of software running on Java, we can search for programmers with a large experience writing Java code and building enterprise software. Scala seamlessly interoperates with Java, but having skilled Java developers on the team in addition to Scala experts will only benefit your project.

  • Scala, Python, R, JavaScript, SQL, Go
  • Angular, Hadoop, Spark, Flutter, React Native, Redux
  • Node.js, Socket.IO, TensorFlow, Akka Streams, RxJS, React
  • Redis, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, KairosDB, Neo4j, Firebird, Couchbase
  • Web, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS Lambda, MacOS, New Relic, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure

Scala developer skills required for a project

On the left, you can find a list of skills that a Scala developer must have in order to build a scalable project.

Tech hiring made easy with Bridge

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Bridge or outsourcing Scala developers?

You might have considered outsourcing as an alternative to opening an office abroad. Below you can find some characteristics to compare Bridge with outsourcing vendors.




Global talent pool, you choose where to hire.

Custom-recruited developers based on your needs and culture.