Frequently Asked Questions

Bridge is a technology-first company and not a consulting agency. We created a perfect onboarding process and wrapped it in a beautiful and functional product that allows our clients open and manage remote offices in as little as several clicks. The automation of our accounting and payroll processes allows Bridge to execute significant savings for our clients. It’s that simple: our experience is better than anything you have seen before.

We have 10 years of experience in Ukraine’s IT market. Logically we have started our operations there. We have just launched operations in Argentina and Mexico. Canada and Poland coming soon.

The main idea behind our service is to help our clients establish and run their operations in foreign countries. We will assist a client in hiring the right team and retaining them with the right office, benefits and HR management. We do not manage clients' teams for them and that is why initial interviews are very important. We will assist our clients in replacing a candidate that didn't work out as quickly as possible. We are there for our clients throughout their journey with the remote office.

We believe that a truly good candidate is hard to find, therefore we can never rely on a database of prevetted engineers to quickly present to our clients. We do proper recruiting and headhunting within the target market. We make sure that a candidate passes language interview and engineering interviews within their domain before they are presented to a client. In some cases the search can take longer than average, but our process ensures that we hire the right candidate in a wide pool of talent.

Absolutely. We encourage you to fully embrace the management of the team and give them your personal feedback and direction. Our HR specialists can get candidate’s feedback on our end, but ultimately this is your team to lead.

Yes. You have a dedicated account manager that knows your business and your team. You can reach out to them via the Intercom box in your account. There you can also schedule a call with your account manager if needed.

Absolutely. Here at Bridge we are all about transparency. You can use the Budget Calculator to get a very accurate estimate of all costs related to hiring or expanding the team. Also, before you confirm a hire in our app, you can see a full breakdown of all associated costs.

The costs you see for a new hire are locked for one year. After that the office and overhead costs can change subject to our partners’ pricing changes. If the underlying prices increase, we will have to pass those on. However if we negotiate a lower price, you will see 100% of those benefits as well.

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