Hire React Native Developers Globally

React Native framework is used by 38% of cross-platform mobile app developers, which makes it second only to Flutter. Regardless of the framework’s popularity, hiring remote React Native developers in one location can be daunting for recruiters. With Bridge, you can broaden your search to multiple locations and manage global hiring campaigns seamlessly within our platform.

Why should you hire a React Native developers with Bridge?

Unlike traditional outsourcing vendors, Bridge doesn’t offer ready-to-hire teams for your project. We assist you in finding the needed React Native developers from foreign tech markets. You can speed up your outreach with tech-driven sourcing and make your global recruitment more personalized by working with local tech-savvy hiring managers.

Global outreach

Bridge currently operates on three continents, so you can acquire the needed tech specialist faster and easier.

80% automated sourcing

Thanks to our 80% automated sourcing process, you can reach out to applicants 5X faster compared to manual sourcing.

Pre-vetted developers

We test the candidate’s hard and soft skills  before suggesting them for an interview with a client.


Finding and hiring tech talent from foreign markets is more cost-efficient than hiring tech specialists locally.

Stress-free management

You can control all the aspects of your hiring campaign via Bridge platform built specifically for tech hiring.

Local hiring managers

Most of our recruiters live in your candidate’s country, speak the same language and share the same cultural background.

Hire remote React Native developers and manage your campaigns via Bridge web platform

Hire React Native engineers with the expertise you need

Many world-class companies like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, and Shopify use React Native in their products. If you are planning a React Native project, Bridge can help you find the right talent for your software development team.

React Native app development

Find and hire React Native developers with expertise in building cross-platform mobile apps. Just tell us about your needs and we will start looking for the right talent in the global tech markets.

React web development

Acquire React web developers for your project. As your hiring partner, Bridge can help you find the most fitting candidates specialized in React or other web development frameworks.

  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • React, React Native, Expo
  • REST APIs, Node.js, React, Redux, JSX, Jest, React Native Testing Library
  • PostgreSQL, SQLite, Realm, Firebase, PouchDB
Software development methodologies
  • Agile, Scrum, Waterfall

React Native engineer skills to look for

Check out some common skills of React Native engineers. Besides, see our software developer hiring guide for more details.

What we offer

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Hiring React Native developers with Bridge vs outsourcing. Which is better?

Traditional outsourcing is another popular option to hire tech specialists fast and on demand. But will it be better than partnering with Bridge? Below are some features, which allow you to see the advantages of partnering with Bridge vs outsourcing.




Global talent pool, you choose where to hire.

Custom-recruited developers based on your needs and culture.

You know your developers' actual pay.