Sourcing as a Service

Sourcing managed services powered by Bridge data engine

  • Find the right people
  • Reach wider audience faster
  • Interview shortlisted candidates

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Solve your recruiting bottleneck

In today’s market candidates get contacted by multiple recruiters every day. The amount of noise in the market leaves candidates overwhelmed and unwilling to reply. Identifying the exact pool of talent based on the most nuanced requirements and contacting them with a personalized approach is the only way to win their hearts. However this is the most tedious, unrewarding and time consuming process in every company’s recruiting process. We can take this burden off your shoulders.

Powerful sourcing engine

Our services are powered by a one-of-a-kind sourcing engine built specifically for engineer recruitment.

  • Remove unnecessary manual work from initial candidate selection
  • Validate candidates using semantic search and enriched data
  • 5X the outreach speed

Reach candidates globally with local touch

Speaking the local language and understanding the cultural background is critical in establishing connections with potential candidates. We got this covered

  • Localized sourcing teams
  • Culturally tailored messages
  • Global time zone coverage

Search on your terms

Bridge researchers are the extension of your team. We run sourcing campaigns based on client’s requirements and with overall talent acquisition strategy in mind

  • Fine tune the selection criteria
  • Tailor and approve outreach messages
  • Embed technical vetting into the process

Empower your recruitment team

Let your recruitment team do what they do best: close the requisitions. Let our team and our platform handle the part that your recruiters hate the most. Just get the qualified pre-screened candidates into your que within Bridge platform and take it from there.

Why work with Bridge

Bridge helps you foster a thriving remote culture built around values that unite your team and focused on retaining your best talent.

Local market expertise

Our research specialists live in the same country where your team lives and have a similar cultural background.

Tech and process

Fine tuned process and powerful technology that takes sourcing to the next level. Start getting candidates within 3 days

The best people

 We hire and train the best people. We don’t compromise on the quality of resources we submit to you either

Cost efficient

Monthly fee that is a fraction of what a full time sourcer or recruiter would cost

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