Hire Software Developers in Argentina

Set up your own remote team in Argentina, one of the best countries in Latin America for software development. We’ll hire the right people and help you succeed through easier payroll and HR.

Why build a remote team in Argentina?

Argentina is a perfect destination for building your remote team. It has a large talent pool, a thriving tech scene, a suitable time zone, and software developers with high proficiency in English and a fitting culture.

Suitable time zone

Argentina is only 4 hours ahead of the center of the US. You’ll have plenty of overlapping hours with your team.

High English proficiency

Argentina has the highest score among all the Latin American countries in English proficiency.

130K tech talent pool

More than 130,000 software developers live in Argentina. This number is growing year over year.

Cultural compatibility

Argentinians and Americans have common ethnic backgrounds and similar work cultures.

Why your remote software development team should be in Argentina

Attractive hub for American companies

Strong support from the government, low cost of living, and high level of education make Argentina a sweet spot for engineering talents. No wonder many international companies have offices here.

Focus on building your product. We take care of the rest

As an employer of record, Bridge makes the process of establishing a team in Argentina effortless for you. We don’t only help you find the best talent. We also handle all your back-office needs in a cost-effective and compliant way.

Argentinian developers rank 16th by TopCoder and 39th by HackerRank in the global ranking of top programmers.

IT Recruitment

With our local recruiters, you can close up to 40 software engineering positions in only 3 months.

Payroll & Accounting

We keep all the financial information transparent to you and take care of monthly paycheck distribution and payroll tax depositing.

The average salary of a software engineer in Argentina is only 25K per year. This is 5-6 times lower than in the USA.
A new tax incentive enacted in 2019 allows you to reduce your payroll income tax rate to only 15% (rather than 25% or 30%).

Legal & Compliance

We help you make your employment contracts in line with labor legislation requirements.

Office Management

Once we’ve hired your team, we’ll take care of housing them wherever works best for you: private office, coworking space, fully remote. We can arrange any workspace that suits you best.

The best places to hire software engineers in Argentina include Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza, and Rosario.
Argentinian developers have high retention rates and tend to stay at one company for years.

HR & Retention

We provide HR services to keep your developers happy at their jobs and motivated to do it even better.

Calculate how much it costs to build a team in Argentina

Start building your team in Argentina with Bridge

  • Expert knowledge of the local market
  • Financial transparency
  • Legal security‚Äč
  • Online platform to manage remote operations

Explore more destinations

Bridge establishes remote teams in Argentina, Ukraine, and Mexico. And we’re planning to cover more countries soon.

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