Hire Python Developers

Hire a team of high-level Python programmers who will work remotely as an extension of your in-house teams. With BridgeTeams you don’t hire outsourced developers from a third-party vendor. You work with them directly, instead of working with an agency.

Control people, processes, and pricing

When you “rent” developers from an outsourcing vendor, there are a lot of uncertainties. Will they really be dedicated to your project? Will they deliver on your timelines? Can you trust them? With BridgeTeams, you are in complete control of people, processes, and pricing. It’s your team. It’s your office. You can stay focused on your product while we take care of everything else.

Full-time employees

With us, you get full-time employees and stay in control of the whole process.

Your own branded office

We will help you establish your own physical office in a remote location.

Intellectual property rights

Your intellectual property and expertise stay in your company.

Crystal clear expenses

You get monthly spending reports where we account for every dime spent.

Easy management

With the BridgeTeams platform, you can manage everything in just a few clicks.

30-40% cheaper

BridgeTeams is cheaper than an IT outsourcing provider in the long run.

Our intuitive platform allows you to hire the best Python developers and manage your business operations with only a few clicks

Find Python programmers with the expertise you need for software development

We have access to thousands of talented Python specialists in Ukraine, Mexico, and Argentina – with a network this extensive, we will find the right people for any Python project.

Python web development

Hire a team of developers for building large scale web applications with the knowledge of Python and Django/ Flask frameworks. We have a thorough screening process to ensure you get candidates with the right expertise for your technology stack.

Data science and AI

Attract top data science talents globally and close your AI skills gap. We hire Python engineers with expertise in building machine learning algorithms for image recognition, fraud detection, predictive analytics, NLP, and other use cases.

Python mobile app development

Get a team of Python engineers to create robust backends for your mobile apps. If you also need talented iOS and Android developers or are looking for expertise in cross-platform frameworks, you can rely on us to make the right hires.

Python software development

Recruit a Python team for enterprise software development projects. We support large enterprises’ goals by establishing dedicated facilities abroad with the speed and efficiency they require to grow quickly and remain competitive.

  • R, Python, Python 3, SQL, Java 8
  • Flask, Django
  • SQLAlchemy, NumPy, Google APIs, Pandas, MatPlotib, TensorFlow, Google Maps API, Facebook API, Google API, Facebook Open Graph API, React, ZeroMQ, Scikit-learn
  • AWS S3, Redis, PostgreSQL, RethinkDB, MongoDB, Azure Cloud Services
Software development methodologies
  • Agile, Scrum, Waterfall

Python developer required skills for building a successful project

To help you better define your hiring requirements for application development, on the left you can see the most needed skills of a Python developer. Or, you can check out our guide on hiring Python developers below.

Your own remote facility is just a click away

We provide an intuitive platform that allows you to hire the best Python developers working remotely and manage your business operations with only a few clicks.

Quick recruitment

The average time-to-hire for Python developers in the USA is 6-8 weeks. With us, you can find the resources you need in one week. From specifying job requirements to recruiting the best candidates – we make hiring a breeze.

Office in any city

You are free to choose where you want to set up your physical office. We will recommend the best cities for Python developers, provide office spaces you can choose from, negotiate favorable lease terms, and buy all the needed furniture and equipment.

Fully legit IT business

You don’t need to worry about legal and compliance issues. We work with the best law firms in the US who focus on technology companies. You will get a dedicated account manager to address all your concerns related to running a fully-legit IT business.

Payroll & accounting covered

On-time employee payments, tax liabilities, bookkeeping – we handle all of our accounting work and provide fully transparent financial reporting. If you need a consultation regarding taxes in a foreign country, let us know. We’d be happy to provide it.

How is Bridge different from outsourcing Python developers?

Outsourcing software development is popular. The price looks tempting, and you don’t need to waste time on recruitment. But once you do the calculations, it might turn out that your outsourcing vendor makes you pay more than it’s worth. You don’t know what exactly is included in their service fee, and what the local salaries are. Bridge makes your finances fully transparent and significantly saves your budget in the long run.




Global reach

Pricing without hidden fees

Tame-saving recruitment

Full IP rights ownership

Your branding

Scale your team on request

Budget savings of up to ⅓ the cost of working in the US or EU

Fully committed developers

How much does it cost to build a Python team?

Use our budget calculator to learn the salaries of software engineers in our remote locations.

Need other engineers?

Check out who else we can help you hire.

Hire machine learning experts

Hire data scientists

Hire React developers

Hire mobile app developers

Frequently asked questions

We address some of the most common questions related to hiring Python developers below. If your question is not listed here, please send us an email. We’re always happy to help you.

Unfortunately, no. Our minimum requirement is at least five programmers, specialized in Python and/or other technologies.

Sure. You can hire as many programmers as you need. We can help you extend your operations to more locations and hire more IT professionals on your request.

We don't charge an hourly rate. We help you hire software engineers for your own office and take 20% of an engineer’s monthly salary. This fee covers our recruitment, real estate, accounting, and legal services.

The salary of expert Python developers depends on their skills, experience, and location. For example, in Ukraine, a senior Python developer can make $34,800 a year while in the US, their salary can reach $197,470. Read more: Average software developer salaries worldwide. Or check out our budget calculator.

Sure, you can hire all types of Python developers, as well as experts, specialized in any programming language, framework, or technology. You can also hire full-stack Python developers.

You can give your Python developer a notice period and choose to fire them after that. We will arrange the off-boarding process and help you find new resources if you need them.

Team management is very easy with BridgeTeams. Your team will use your communication tools and adhere to your work processes. If you need a project manager to streamline your day-to-day work, let us know. We will find the best candidates to help you cover this role. We handle recruitment, payroll, accounting, taxes, office, and legal, letting you focus on building software.

Send us a request by email. We will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements and arrange our next steps.

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