Hire QA Engineers Team With Bridge

Hiring a top QA team is never easy. By partnering with Bridge, you can get access to first-rate remote talent and hire the needed QA engineers quickly and effortlessly. What’s more, your hiring campaign can be seamlessly managed using our client-tailored web platform.

Why hire software QA team with Bridge

We don’t offer ready-made testing teams for your project. Instead, we assist you with finding the best QA specialists around the globe. We work with local talent acquisition specialists and use tech-enabled candidate sourcing to speed up outreach.

Global recruitment

Bridge operates in multiple locations on three continents, which makes finding the needed talent faster and easier.

Faster outreach

Our 80% automated sourcing process helps our clients get in touch with applicants 5X faster in comparison to manual sourcing.

Pre-screened candidates

All our candidates are thoroughly tested before we suggest them for an interview with a client.


Paying us a fixed fee for hiring specialists from foreign tech markets is more cost-effective than hiring an in-house recruiter.

Simple management

You can seamlessly manage your hiring campaign via our Bridge platform built specifically for tech hiring.

Local hiring managers

Our hiring experts work in your candidate’s country and speak the same language. They are more efficient than foreign recruiters.

With Bridge, your remote hiring campaign is smooth and transparent

Hire a software testing team with the expertise you need

Whether you are building a web product, mobile app, or enterprise-grade software, we will help you find a team of QA engineers with the right skill set for your project. We operate globally, so finding specialists even with rare expertise won’t be a problem.

Test automation engineers

Find and hire test automation specialists to perform different types of automated tests (web, mobile, regression, functionality, cross-browser). Just tell us what expertise you need, and we will start sourcing talent.

TestOps engineers

Hire qualified TestOps engineers to build automated testing pipelines and processes. If you also need to hire DevOps engineers from the global tech market, we can help you with that, too.

API test engineers

Find QA experts to perform API testing (validation, functional, security, runtime and error detection). As your hiring partner, Bridge can bring qualified testers to ensure your APIs are reliable and secure.

Penetration testing engineers

Get a team of penetration testing specialists who can hack your system and detect security vulnerabilities in it. Find engineers to perform different forms of tests (white-box, black-box, or gray-box).

Performance testing experts


Engage a team of qualified QA engineers to test the performance and speed of your system under different workload using stress, load, scalability and other performance testing types.

Manual QA engineers

Hire manual testing specialists to perform exploratory, usability, or mobile testing for your project. With us, you can close multiple positions in your testing team with minimum time and effort.

What Bridge offers for remote hiring

hire dedicated kotlin developers

Hiring a QA team with Bridge vs outsourcing. Which is better?

Apart from hiring a team of QA engineers with Bridge, you can also partner with outsourcing vendors. But is this a good deal in the long run? Here are some advantages of working with Bridge vs outsourcing companies.




Global talent pool, you choose where to hire.

Custom-recruited developers based on your needs and culture.

You know your developers' actual pay.

Complete decision-making power on developer seniority.