Hire Backend Developers to Ramp Up Your Team

When you hire dedicated backend developers from IT outsourcing vendors, you can face unpredictable delays, unclear expenses, and IP rights violations. With Bridge, you can access a vast talent pool of backend programmers, so covering full-time positions on your project quickly and efficiently won’t be a problem.

Make your remote hiring a breeze with Bridge

Bridge gets rid of the uncertainties when hiring software developers and gives you full control of every aspect of your hiring campaign. You fine-tune selection criteria, interview pre-screened candidates, provide feedback on them, and decide who to hire – all using our web platform built specifically for engineer recruitment.

Committed developers

You get full-time remote developers fully dedicated to your project.

On-site recruiters

Our local HR specialists understand the candidates’ cultural backgrounds.

Secured IP rights

You won’t be sharing data with a third party, and remain the exclusive IP rights owner.

Financial transparency

Our clients pay transparent monthly recruitment fees for our services.

Effortless management

You can manage talent, schedule interviews and give feedback via our platform.

Pay less

Hiring talented devs globally can save you up to 60% compared with local hiring.

Make remote tech hiring a no-brainer with our powerful web-platform

Backend developers with the right expertise – get what your project needs

If you need to hire backend developers specialized in a certain technology or are looking for full-stack programmers, Bridge will be glad to be your recruitment partner overseas.

Hire developers with expertise in backend technologies

With Bridge, you can build up a team of backend developers with the required competencies. Based on your project requirements we can find candidates specialized in any language and framework needed.

Hire developers with the knowledge of both front- and backend development

You can rely on Bridge to find the right talent when you’re looking to hire full-stack developers who can work with both front- and backend technologies. Just tell us what candidates you’re looking for, and we will immediately start researching the market.

What partnering with Bridge looks like

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Bridge vs backend developer outsourcing. What's the difference?

Another popular practice to hire backend developers is to outsource them. But is it better for your business in the long run? Here are some benefits to compare Bridge with outsourcing vendors.




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