Why hire tech talents in Mexico?

Proximity to America, mature infrastructure, and a great number of STEM graduates make Mexico a perfect place to hire tech talents.

The same time zone, or close

Being located in the same or close enough time zone, you can communicate with your remote team in real-time. Visiting them in person takes less than 6 hours from most mainland US airports.

Great STEM education

Mexico’s STEM education is outperforming the USA. In Mexico, 25% of all graduates come from STEM disciplines. The country is investing heavily in education and talent development.

Mature infrastructure

Compared to other countries in Latin America, Mexico has seen major progress in digitizing its infrastructure. There is also a great number of technology parks built for tech companies around the country.

Cost advantages

The average annual salary of a Mexican software developer is around $18,000. In the US, software developers get $111,620 on average. Building your team in Mexico allows you to save up to 70% of team costs.

Why your software engineering team should be in Mexico

Excellent nearshore development option for the US business

Over one million tech jobs go unfilled in the US every year. This talent scarcity prompts businesses to invest in engineering resources abroad. Mexico is one of the best nearshore options for American companies. And many of them already have their engineering teams here.

We got your recruitment needs covered

Want to start headhunting for tech talents in Mexico but worry about recruitment bottlenecks? Don’t. We take care of all that boring stuff, letting you build your product with Mexico’s top tech talent.

Mexico graduates 130,000 engineers and technicians annually and they have a thriving startup ecosystem.

IT Recruitment

Our local recruiters will find, screen, and vet the best candidates for your team. Our  80% automated sourcing, lets our HRs reach out to suitable candidates fast and with ease. With us, you can fill even the most impossible positions.

IT Staffing

We take care of adding new members to your software development team. Our recruiters scale up your team fast with pre-vetted software engineers. After that, we set up the team and handle the payroll and operations.

Minimum hourly rate of Mexican developers is $11.52, which is 4 times lower than in the US.
Mexican developers rank second best in the world according to their skills. They have the world's best skills in Python and C/C++.


We use our proprietary sourcing engine for multi-channel sourcing to find and verify the right talent 5X faster compared to manual sourcing. You get a list of qualified tech specialists in minutes instead of waiting for weeks.

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Mexico is a safe place for business and technology

Mexico is notorious for its drug wars and cartel violence – this is what we hear from the US media. But we never hear about millions of talented people graduating from world-class Mexican universities and building innovative products for international companies. Criminality and drug trafficking remain Mexico’s biggest problems. But those problems are mainly concentrated in labor cities (Juarez, Nuevo Laredo, Nogales), far from the technology centers. If you decide to hire software engineers in Mexico, you won’t need to worry about your employee safety.

Start building your team in Mexico with Bridge

  • Expert knowledge of the local market
  • Financial transparency
  • Legal security​
  • Online platform to manage hiring campaigns

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