Sourcing Qualified Candidates in the Hottest Software Engineering Market in the USA for

Bridge helped an AI content platform scale its team with skilled engineers from the hottest software engineering areas in the USA by providing 20 qualified candidates in just one month.

About Jasper is one of the most prominent players in AI-powered content writing, with more than 70,000 customers worldwide. It uses GPT-3, the most powerful neural network for computer-generated language, to create professional blog articles, website copy, social media posts, and more.

The startup has recently raised $125 million at a $1.5 billion valuation.

Client request

A hypergrowth company, Jasper had a small engineering team that they were looking to grow by adding 10 new front-end and full-stack engineers with experience in specific JS technologies as soon as possible. As the startup was about to close the Series A round, it also set an additional goal to keep its recruiting pipeline full for future positions.

In a rush to keep up with ongoing growth tasks, Jasper decided to give Bridge a try before hiring expensive recruiters in Austin or Silicon Valley.


According to Jasper’s requirements, all candidates had to satisfy the following criteria:

  • Live in the most popular engineering areas (Bay Area, Austin, Seattle, New York)
  • Have experience working at product-led growth companies
  • Show interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning

Our project started when the engineering market was the “hottest” and engineers were dictating salaries much higher than the national average.

Our solution

Within our sourcing as a service offering, we searched for three different roles under one subscription plan. Our sourcing process included the following stages:

Job requisition

The client sent us job requisitions via Bridge’s client-only platform.

Tech-powered sourcing

We searched for candidates in desired geographical areas using our proprietary sourcing engine.

Candidate outreach

We reached out to the pre-vetted candidates and invited them to an interview with Jasper.

Candidate hand-off

Bridge sourcing would end at the stage of candidate handoff to the first screening call.


Using a tech-powered highly efficient sourcing approach, Bridge facilitated screening calls with 20 qualified candidates in the first month of the project and provided close to 30 experts in the following two months.


During the project, which lasted four months, Jasper was able to swap roles, prioritize certain positions, and add new ones to the search. 


Bridge managed to find the proverbial “needle in a haystack” ‒ engineers with a very specific set of skills and experiences, clearly showing signs of interest in AI/ML and GPT-3 algorithms.


  • Provided 20 qualified candidates in the first month of work
  • Provided 30 qualified candidates in the following 2 months


  • Achieved an average cost per hire of $1500
  • Hired 5 senior-staff level engineers

Bridge has been one of the best recruiting partners with whom I have worked with in my 15+ years in the industry. They understand the types of people we want to attract and do a spectacular job in matching people to our culture and requirements. We get feedback from all of our hiring leads and the process partnering with them has been the best they have experienced. They work to understand our business and strategy.

Troy Barron

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