Hire AngularJS Developers

Companies can spend a lot of time looking to hire AngularJS developers, especially if we’re speaking about hiring them abroad. With Bridge, you can get A-class software engineers from the global tech talent pool on-demand and effortlessly.

Have Bridge handle your remote tech recruitment

Compared to hiring software developers from a third party, Bridge gives you the opportunity to decide who you want to see on your team and how you want to work with them. With usyou can manage your talent pipeline easily and recruit top developers fast.

Hire full-time developers

Get full-time remote developers while remaining the final decision-maker.

Hire in your time zone

We hire developers on 3 continents so you can forget about time zone inconveniences.

Faster outreach

Our 80% automated sourcing process lets us make the outreach 5X faster.

No hidden fees

We want everything to be clear. Our clients pay fixed monthly fees for our services.

Manage with ease

All your hiring campaigns can be handled via our intuitive web platform.

Cut your spending

Hiring global talent can reduce your project spending by up to 40%.

Find AngularJS developers and manage global recruitment campaigns via the Bridge web platform

Hire AngularJS programmers with the required level of expertise

As a part of your recruitment team, Bridge will find top developers specialized in AngularJS to help you develop a product the way you want to. Just tell us your requirements, and we will start searching right away.

AngularJS web app development

With Bridge, you can get a team of vetted AngularJS developers to create web-based single and multiple page apps with custom interactive features.

AngularJS game development

Recruit AngularJS devs to make cross-browser video games that are based on HTML5 or design cross-platform 2D games using Angular as a base.

AngularJS mobile app development

Employ AngularJS engineers to design bug-free scalable mobile applications for multiple platforms using Ionic framework built on top of AngularJS.

Develop an eCommerce website using AngularJS

Extend your development team and build an ecommerce website using the AngularJS framework for the front-end. Ensure ongoing development for your eCommerce project.

  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, HTML5
  • AngularJS, Ionic, ASP.NET, Angular
  • REST APIs, REST API, jQuery, jQuery UI, Polymer
  • Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Amazon SDB, MongoDB, Redis
  • Jscodeshift, Rollup, Vim Text Editor, VS Code, Photoshop CS3, Adobe Photoshop, Sencha UI

AngularJS developers skills required to run a successful project

We want to help you hire AngularJS developers. That’s why we’re always looking for some important characteristics when choosing a candidate for an interview. And if you want to find more about hiring AngularJS developers, click the link below.

What Bridge offers for remote hiring

hire dedicated kotlin developers

Bridge vs outsourcing Angular developers. What will you gain in the long run?

Instead of hiring globally with Bridge you can get developers from outsourcing vendors. But is it a better option? Here are some benefits to compare Bridge with any outsourcing company.




Global talent pool, you choose where to hire.

Custom-recruited developers based on your needs and culture.