Hire AngularJS Developers

Companies can spend a lot of time looking for AngularJS developers, especially if we’re speaking about hiring them abroad. With Bridge, you can get a team of professionals from global markets to work solely on your project and establish your own offshore R&D office.

Have Bridge handle your remote software development office

Compared to hiring software developers from a third party, Bridge gives you the opportunity to decide who you want to see on your team and how you want to work with them. We help you run your remote office, letting you manage it easily with our platform.

Hire full-time developers

Get a team of dedicated remote developers while remaining the only decision-maker.

Your own remote office

We will help you set up an R&D center overseas in one of the three countries.

Fully secured IP rights

You won’t be sharing any data with a third party and remain the single IP rights owner.

No hidden fees

All your business operations can be handled via our intuitive web platform.

Manage with ease

All your business operations can be handled via our intuitive web platform.

Cut your spending

Hiring global talent can reduce your project spending by up to 40%.

Our intuitive platform allows you to hire the best AngularJS developers and manage your business operations with only a few clicks

AngularJS developers with the required level of expertise

As a part of your recruitment team, Bridge will find top developers specialized in AngularJS to help you develop a product the way you want to. Just tell us your requirements, and we will start searching right away.

AngularJS web app development

With Bridge, you can get a team of vetted AngularJS developers to create web-based single and multiple page apps with custom interactive features.

AngularJS game development

Recruit AngularJS devs to make cross-browser video games that are based on HTML5 or design cross-platform 2D games using Angular as a base.

AngularJS mobile app development

Employ AngularJS engineers to design bug-free scalable mobile applications for multiple platforms using Ionic framework built on top of AngularJS.

Develop an eCommerce website using AngularJS

Extend your development team and build an ecommerce website using the AngularJS framework for the front-end. Ensure ongoing development for your eCommerce project.

  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, HTML5
  • AngularJS, Ionic, ASP.NET, Angular
  • REST APIs, REST API, jQuery, jQuery UI, Polymer
  • Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Amazon SDB, MongoDB, Redis
  • Jscodeshift, Rollup, Vim Text Editor, VS Code, Photoshop CS3, Adobe Photoshop, Sencha UI

AngularJS skills required to run a successful project

We want to help you to hire top developers specialized in AngularJS. That’s why we’re always looking for some important characteristics when choosing a candidate for an interview. And if you want to find more about hiring AngularJS developers, click the link below.

Benefits of partnering with Bridge

With Bridge you can get access to global talent pools with thousands of experienced professionals. But hiring is not the only area where we can assist you. Here are some other things we do to make your business operations easy.

Find top candidates in 1 week

Bridge can speed up your hiring campaign so that you could meet your first potential hire within one business week.

You choose the location for your office

With operations in 3 countries (Ukraine, Mexico, Argentina), you can choose a city for opening your remote offshore R&D center.

Legally approved IT business

You won’t have any sudden obstacles because of regulations. We will take care of all the legal aspects with our team of lawyers.

Payroll and accounting in order

You won’t have to think about on-time payments, taxes, or accounting. We will do all this for you.

Bridge vs outsourcing Angular developers. What will you gain in the long run?

Instead of opening a remote office, you can get developers from outsourcing vendors. But is it a better option? Here are some benefits to compare Bridge with any outsourcing company.




Global reach

Pricing without hidden fees

Tame-saving recruitment

Full IP rights ownership

Your branding

Scale your team on request

Budget savings of up to ⅓ the cost of working in the US or EU

Fully committed developers

How much does it cost to build an AngularJS team?

Use our budget calculator to learn the salaries of software engineers in our remote locations.

Need other engineers?

Check out who else we can help you hire.

Hire mobile app developers

Hire React developers

Hire backend developers

Hire Python developers

Frequently asked questions

We’ve gathered a list of frequently asked questions regarding hiring AngularJS developers. If you can’t find your questions, please, send us an email and we will be happy to answer it as soon as we can.

We can hire a team for your project starting with five developers. Then we can scale your team whenever you need it as quickly as possible.

Sure thing. Currently, we help companies open offices in three locations: Mexico, Argentina, and Ukraine. More countries are coming soon, so don’t miss the updates.

We’ll do our best to not let this happen, but if you have issues with your developers you can ask us to step in and find a solution. If a consensus can’t be reached, we will replace your developer.

To control your office space and the performance of your remote team members we provide an intuitive web-platform that allows you to see everything regarding your remote R&D office in one place. It's an easy and convenient solution for our partners.

Send us a request by email. We will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements and arrange our next steps.

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