Hire Software Developers in Portugal

Build your software engineering team in Portugal — an excellent destination for offshore and nearshore IT outsourcing.

Why build a remote software development team in Portugal?

Qualified software developers, favorable location, solid economy, and cultural compatibility make Portugal a great IT outsourcing destination for both European and American companies.

Skilled software engineers

Portuguese developers rank 18th in the global developer skill rating and 17th among European countries.

High English proficiency

Portugal has a very high level of English proficiency and takes the 7th position among 112 countries.

Convenient time zone

Portugal has a 1-hour difference with most European countries and is only 5 hours ahead of New York City.

Reasonable costs

Average software development rates in Portugal are lower than in other Western European countries.

Why hire remote software developers in Portugal

Popular destination for world-class companies

Portugal is home to R&D offices of many international companies.

Make your hiring more effective with Bridge

We can help you hire a remote software development team, outsource your software development tasks or simply search for qualified candidates in Portugal. With a team of Portuguese recruiters, we can add a local touch to your hiring campaign. 

Portugal has a vast engineering talent pool of over 95,000 software engineers.

IT Recruitment

Working as a part of your recruiting team, our specialists will screen, vet and interview applicants. We have access to the largest tech talent pools, which makes hiring A-class developers an easy task.

The average salary of a software developer in Portugal is $2,728, which is 3 times lower than in the US.

IT Staffing

If you’re looking to outsource your software development, we will find external tech talent with the right expertise that fits your project. Our IT staffing services allow you to extend your in-house team. 

Nearly 32% of the Portuguese are fluent in English. When it comes to the professional environment, the percentage goes up to 75%.


We research multiple websites (LinkedIn, Github, StackOverflow) to find candidates using our unique, 80% automated sourcing engine. Our tech-driven approach allows you to save time searching for talent. 

Hire and manage tech talent within one platform

Start building your team in Portugal with Bridge

  • Expert knowledge of the local market
  • Financial transparency
  • Legal security
  • Online platform to manage hiring campaigns

Learn about other destinations

Our operations cover 12 countries worldwide. We also plan to add more destinations soon.

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