Hire Software Developers in Brazil

Fill the talent gap with software developers in Brazil – one of the largest tech hubs in Latin America.

Why hire software developers in Brazil?

Reasonable developer rates, little time zone difference with the United States, and more than half a million tech talent make Brazil an ideal place for headhunting IT talent.

Competitive costs

Developer salaries in Brazil are five times lower than in the US, which makes Brazil a go-to nearshoring destination.

US time zone coverage

Brazil and the US East Coast have only one-hour time difference. There is a four hours difference with the West Coast.

Vast talent pool

With 500,000+ developers, it is much easier to hire developers in Brazil than in other Latin American countries.

Fast-growing IT market

According to ABES, the software industry in Brazil grew by 11% in 2021, even under the impact of the pandemic.

A Guide on Software Development in Brazil

Top Latin American destination for world-class companies

Brazil is a go-to IT outsourcing destination due to its favorable business climate, and cultural compatibility. That’s why many first-class companies go for software development outsourcing to Brazil.

Streamline IT hiring in Brazil with Bridge

With a team of local recruiters in 12 countries, Bridge makes your hiring campaign faster and more efficient. We can help you scale up your in-house team or hire Brazilian developers

The IT outsourcing sector in Brazil is constantly growing, making up 48.5% of the IT industry.

IT Recruitment

As part of your recruitment team, our local specialists will find tech talent willing to become part of your remote or distributed team. Bridge’s Brazilian recruiters cover  sourcing, screening, and vetting.

An average hourly rate of Brazilian software engineers is $25-50.

IT Staffing

We help you find tech talent with the required expertise for your software development project on a short or long-term basis. Bridge helps you hire candidates and handles all the paperwork, payroll, and operations.

Among half a million software engineers almost 60% have completed higher education.


Using our automated sourcing engine, we will look for needed talent across different platforms (StackOverflow, LinkedIn, GitHub) and collect a list of candidates based on your requirements 5X faster than your recruiter.

How much does it cost to choose Brazil for offshore software development

Start building your software development team in Brazil with Bridge

  • Expert knowledge of the local market
  • Financial transparency
  • Legal security
  • Online platform to manage hiring campaigns

Learn about other destinations

Bridge helps you find and engage tech talent in 12 countries worldwide. And we intend to cover more destinations soon.

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