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Is Brazil a Good Place for Offshore Software Development?

Is Brazil a Good Place for Offshore Software Development?

With 825+ thousand software developers and an IT market that is projected to reach $3.68 billion from 2020 to 2025, Latin America is one of the leading software development outsourcing destinations globally. What’s more, each of the Latin American countries can be a good choice to hire a remote tech team, so in this article, we suggest taking a more detailed look at Brazil’s offshore software development opportunities. 

Brazil Quick Facts

  • Brazil has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and the largest amongst all Latin American countries.
  • The GDP (gross domestic product) in Brazil is predicted to amount to $2.05tn in 2025.
  • In 2025, the total investment in Brazil is forecast to amount to $335.50bn.
  • The main investing countries in Brazil are the United States, Germany, and Spain
  • Brazil will be among the five largest markets in the world for smartphones by 2025
  • The United States East Coast is only one hour behind Brazil

Brazilian IT sector overview

Long story short, Brazil is the leading offshore software development destination in Latin America and in 2026, the software industry in Brazil is expected to generate $16,135 million in revenue, according to Statista. It is also one of the leading countries in offshore business services worldwide. According to The Global Services Location Index (GSLI), Brazil ranked among the top 5 best locations for IT outsourcing in terms of financial attractiveness, investment climate favorability, technical candidates skills and availability, business environment, and digital resonance. 

IT Outsourcing in Latin America – Discovering the Opportunities for 2022

Below are some additional facts to prove the attractiveness of Brazil for offshore development outsourcing. 

Tech market growth

The steadily growing IT market is among the main benefits of IT outsourcing to Brazil. The IT outsourcing segment in Brazil grows year after year, making up 48.5% of the total IT industry. What’s more, the recent pandemic strongly triggered the process of digital transformation in Brazil, especially in the financial and healthcare sectors. This is also one of the reasons why the country has been recognized internationally for the quality of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) in areas such as financial services, energy, agriculture, manufacturing, and e-government. Brazil’s investment in ITC reached $71 billion in 2021, placing Brazil among the countries that have invested the most in information and communication technology.

Focus on innovation

Brazil can also be a winning choice to outsource projects with highly innovative and market-disruptive potential. Artificial intelligence, edge and cloud computing, and security development are the leading subsectors of the Brazilian IT industry. 

BRASSCOM has concluded that the Edge Computing industry in Brazil would increase at a rate of 16% per year between 2019 and 2023. The study also projects that 2021-2024 investment in mobile and connectivity projects will approximately reach $86 billion.

Great tech talent pool 

Another essential fact that makes Brazil stand out in the Latin America tech outsourcing map is that this country has the largest technical talent pool in the Latin American region. There are  500,000+ developers in Latin America, and their level of education, practical experience and language proficiency make them more than competitive. 

What’s more, Brazilian human capital is projected to grow. BRASSCOM has also projected that the Brazilian IT tech talent market will welcome 237,000 technical candidates from 123 scientific and technology institutes and 400 tech incubators operating across the country. There are more than 10,000 IT services companies in Brazil with top tech talent under their roof. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations have also emerged as an important focus for Brazilian firms.

Solid technical education and practical experience

Brazil is ranked 36 among 78 countries by the World Population Review in terms of the quality of higher education. The University of Sao Paulo (USP) has the second-highest score in Latin America and is among the world’s top 90 engineering and technology institutions, according to the QS Rankings.

HackerRank also features Brazilian developers as best-skilled with Java and Python development, and that’s why the country’s engineers have competitive data analysis, data management, and statistical programming skills, according to Global Skills Report 2021.

At the same time, the cost to hire remote developers in Brazil is still competitive. The hourly rate for a software engineer is $25-50 depending on the programmer’s seniority, the core technology and the project’s complexity. The average software developer salary per month is $1600 in Sao Paulo. 

How to hire tech talent from Brazil in the most effective way?

So, the idea to hire offshore developers in Brazil is pretty winning, especially given the growing and diverse tech market, wide talent pool, solid technical education of the programmers, and competitive rates. The only thing remaining is to choose the most effective hiring strategy, avoiding overhead costs and possible risks. Below are three promising opportunities to consider.

How to Hire Top Remote Talent – The Ultimate Guide

Hire freelance developers

As there are more than 500,000 tech specialists, looking for suitable candidates on the freelance market can seem the most intuitive and simple idea. Indeed, this is the most cost-effective approach compared to gathering a development team in-house, setting up a research and development center (R&D), or hiring a dedicated development team.

However, such a highly promising choice may also entail unpredicted results, especially if you have little to no experience with hiring freelance developers. So, discuss less risky, but easier strategies to hire a remote development team in Brazil. 

Augment an in-house team

If you already have an in-house team but face the urgent need to scale it, for example, to bridge the specific talent gap or handle an increased workflow, augmenting your team with remote software developers from Brazil is a promising option to consider. 

IT Team Augmentation: How It Compares to Other Models

In addition, you are welcome to consider team augmentation services from a talent sourcing vendor to speed up the hiring process, cut operational costs, and leverage the vendor’s expertise in data-driven recruitment. Bridge experts would be happy to help you with scaling your in-house team with remote Brazilian developers to keep your software development process running as effectively as possible. 

Drop us a line today to hire premium tech talent from Brazil and strengthen your in-house team! 

Use IT recruitment service

If you have chosen Brazil as your top-choice outsourcing destination and have to gather a tech team from scratch, consider IT recruitment services to cut the hiring costs, among all the additional advantages. Partnering with a tech talent vendor to hire a remote team is indeed a more cost-effective approach compared to hiring an HR manager in-house, plus their practical expertise will help you get the best-matched talent faster. 

Bridge HR specialists would be happy to leverage the power of data to streamline the process of gathering a development team for you and source the perfect-fit candidates in a flash. In addition, you are welcome to use our candidate management platform to easily select the best fits, schedule the interviews and move the candidates through the hiring pipeline.

Get started now by giving us a short call and sharing your job requirements! 

Use sourcing-as-a-service

Tech talent sourcing services is another option you can consider to gather a top-notch team in Brazil. This is a great offer for the companies which aren’t ready to start a hiring campaign right now but still would like to unlock the opportunities of the local labor market.

Sourcing-as-a-service lets you get a list of vetted and handpicked candidates according to your job requirements and enjoy the speed and power of data-driven talent sourcing. After getting an extensive list of the candidates, you can either proceed with interviewing them or get back to them in the future. Learn more about how sourcing-as-a-service works with Bridge by reading Obvious.ly and Jasper.ai case studies.

Switch to more effective recruitment with sourcing-as-a-service. Contact Bridge now to run the process! 


Hiring a remote development team in Brazil can be a great choice, given the business benefits of the destination, wide and diverse talent pool, convenient time zone, favorable investment opportunities and competitive costs to run a software project.

Bridge experts are here to support you with gathering a remote tech team in Brazil, ready to offer our recruiting expertise and a data-driven engine for better hiring speed and accurate candidate match. Choose the hiring strategy that suits you best and drop us a line right now

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