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Software Developer Salaries in Romania: Calculate the Cost of Your Remote Team

Software Developer Salaries in Romania: Calculate the Cost of Your Remote Team

There are many important factors to consider when outsourcing your software development and gathering a remote tech team. The cost to hire candidates with the necessary expertise is one of them, but this is definitely not the only one to be driven by. 

Fortunately, there are software development outsourcing destinations with a great price-quality ratio, and Romania is one of them. In one of our recent articles, we have already discussed the benefits of choosing this country for hiring remote talent, and now let’s discover how much it will cost you. 

But before taking a look at the software developer salary in Romania, let’s briefly recap the reasons for outsourcing software development to this country and hiring remote tech talent in it. 

Main reasons to hire technical candidates in Romania

Sure thing, there are many more reasons why companies opt for hiring tech talent in Romania than we’re about to share here. But to save some time, we will be focusing on three core reasons, and when you’d like to learn more – feel free to read our dedicated article below. 

Outsourcing Software Development to Romania – Benefits, Tactics, and Costs

One of the greatest human capitals in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is rich with promising software development outsourcing destinations. Romania stands out on the European map as one of the greatest human capitals. It accounts for 50,5% of the total wealth of the country, and when it comes to hiring ICT (Information and Communications Technology) professionals, Romania represents the third-largest tech talent pool in Eastern and Central Europe.

There are 139,000 programmers in this country. Most of them have higher engineering education, great English skills and practical experience with the latest software development technologies. What’s more, the average salary for a software developer in Romania is pretty competitive and reaches $2,000 per month depending on the skills, competencies and years of programming experience. 

Favorable investment climate

Romania is also one of the Eastern European countries with the most favorable business and investment climate. For example, setting up a foreign-owned limited liability company (LLC) takes only 6 steps and 20 days in this country. Romania also welcomes all forms of attracting foreign investment, also providing a 50% tax deduction on research and development. 

Convenient conditions for remote collaboration

Last but not least, Romania also has a convenient geographical location and an easy-to-sync-up time zone. Being located in the center of Europe, the country has a GMT+3 time zone which overlaps with one of Central Europe and can conveniently be matched with the time zone of the United States. 

Hiring a development team in Romania – costs and roles

The cost to hire employees in Romania directly depends on the specialists’ role, responsibilities, tasks and competencies, years of experience, education and skills. Below is a list of the candidates companies usually hire when running a development project remotely with explanations of their roles and responsibilities. 

  • Business Analyst (BA). A Business Analyst is a link in the chain between the development team and stakeholders. Their task is to gather and clarify software requirements specifications and help the team with making the right tech stack choice while meeting the expectations and budget of a future product owner. 
  • Project Manager (PM). A Project Manager, in turn, connects the development team with the customer, ensures seamless and effective communication, responds to the development course changes and adjusts the development strategy accordingly. 
  • Front-end developer. A front-end developer is a tech specialist responsible for creating the client side of the future app or website – that is, the “front” part of the solutions the users will interact with. 
  • Back-end developer. A back-end developer, in turn, has to create the “invisible” part of the app, making sure that both the back and front-end are perfectly aligned with each other. Usually, the back-end developer salary and front-end developer salary are nearly the same, however, there can be a salary difference because of the seniority level and the core technology a developer is proficient with. 
  • Android/iOS developer. Those companies wanting to build a mobile app need to hire either both Android and iOS developers to create two native apps, or one of them if an app for a certain operating system has a higher priority. iOS and Android mobile developers usually create mobile apps using dedicated and OS-specific tech stacks. 
  • QA engineers. The main task of the Quality Assurance engineer is to make sure that the created product will enter the market without bugs and errors that directly affect the user experience and the app performance. With this goal in mind, QA specialists run dozens of manual or automated scripts and scenarios across the platforms and devices to make sure the app will work as planned. The salary for a QA tester depends on their seniority and the set of tools used during the testing process. 
  • DevOps engineer. In addition to the tech specialists mentioned above, large and complex projects also need DevOps (Development and Operations) to ensure Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery. Compared to the cost to hire a software developer, the average development operations engineer salary is usually up to two times higher since such a specialist should have very strong and highly niche tech skills. 
  • UI/UX designer. As the role suggests, the task of the UI/UX designer is to come up with a prototype of a future solution that should be created according to the up-to-date design and development practices, and user experience standards in compliance with a brand style. 

How much does it cost to hire a remote team in Romania? 

Now to the main part. Below is the total cost to hire a remote software development team in Romania with a detailed breakdown by role and 6-month project calculation. In addition, you are welcome to use our software developer salary calculator to quickly get an idea of an average software developer salary in Romania and other countries. 

Monthly salaryTotal cost for 6-month project
Business Analyst$2100$12,600
Project Manager$1900$11,400
Frontend developer$1400$8,400
Backend developer$1400$8,400
UI/UX designer$1500$9,000
QA engineer$1500$9,000
DevOps engineer$2400$14,400
Total $85,200

How to hire software developers in Romania in the most cost-effective way?

So, the software engineer salaries in Romania now seem to be pretty clear. But choosing the right hiring strategy can allow you to optimize the development costs even more. Below are the most viable hiring tactics for you to choose from. 

Hiring International Employees to a Tech Company: 5 Best Options

Augment your in-house team

If you already have a development team in-house but need to either quickly scale it with additional programmers or hire specific talent, team augmentation can be the thing to do. In this case, you are about to combine the benefits of both remote and in-office work within a single project, quickly bridge the talent gap and handle an increased workload faster and more efficiently. 

IT Team Augmentation: How It Compares to Other Models

Romania can be the right destination to augment your team with required engineers, and Bridge experts are here to help you with speeding up this process at no overhead costs. 

Get in touch with us now to take advantage of a quick and effective tech team scaling! 

Hire freelance developers 

Hiring Romanian freelancers can be another winning tactic, too. Since the country stands out with great human capital and boasts of a large tech talent pool, the chances of finding the right specialists are pretty high. However, keep in mind that hiring and onboarding freelance developers require strong recruitment expertise. Managing a freelance tech team can also be a challenge, so this tactic is suitable only for companies that can wisely balance the risks and benefits of freelance hiring. 

Consider IT recruitment

Those companies that find hiring freelancers too risky and challenging can consider IT recruitment. The main advantages of this hiring strategy are the opportunity to hire a tech team from scratch and attract only those candidates you actually need. 

Partnering with an IT recruitment company like Bridge adds even more value to this hiring approach. In such a case, you can leverage the talent sourcing vendor’s experience and expertise, take advantage of automated and data-driven sourcing and accurately match the candidates with your job requirements.

We, at Bridge, have also developed a dedicated platform for candidates’ management and interviewing so that you can seamlessly move them to the bottom of the hiring pipeline and control the recruitment process in a single place.

Switch to more effective hiring with IT requirement services from  Bridge! 

Bonus tactic! Use sourcing-as-a-service

Opting for sourcing-as-a-service is another way to get in touch with the tech talent in Romania. It is a good fit for companies which aren’t ready to launch a full-scale hiring campaign right now and are eager to avoid the extra costs of hiring an HR manager in-house. As a part of this sourcing-as-a-service for remote teams, you get a list of vetted tech candidates carefully selected according to your job requirements by our data-driven engine. The only thing you have to do is to either interview the candidates now or get back to them in the future.

Soucing-as-a-service saves hiring time and costs by up to 5 times. Give it a try today! 


Romania is a great destination to choose for software development outsourcing. The country offers favorable business conditions and there are almost 140,000 highly skilled programmers for hire. The cost to hire them is pretty competitive as well, plus you can optimize the hiring costs by partnering with a talent sourcing vendor like Bridge. Our recruitment professionals would be happy to help with choosing a suitable hiring strategy and soucing the best-fit candidates to carefully meet your hiring goals and project requirements.

Get in touch with us today to hire top tech candidates from Romania and leverage the benefits of vendor-supported hiring! 

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