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IT outsourcing Romania – Benefits, Tactics, and Costs

IT outsourcing Romania – Benefits, Tactics, and Costs

Getting lost in software development outsourcing destinations can be easy, especially for first-time startup initiators. Let’s narrow down your search to Eastern Europe, and take a deeper look at IT outsourcing to Romania since it is one of the most promising Eastern European countries with a stable IT market growth, top-notch tech talent, and a favorable business landscape. 

Key facts about IT outsourcing to Romania to discover before choosing this country

Below are some facts about IT outsourcing to Romania you have to keep in mind before choosing this country as your tech outsourcing destination and hiring remote software engineers

Which Country Has The Best Developers in 2022

Romania is a country with a service-based economy and great human capital

The Romanian economy is steadily growing. What’s more, Deloitte listed Romania as one of six countries in the world whose Growth of Domestic Product (GDP) had grown during the pandemic. As for the Romanian economy structure, the service industry accounts for a 61% share of GDP, followed by construction, and agriculture.

Romania is also a country with great human capital that accounts for 50,5% of the total wealth of the country. 

Romanian IT industry shows stable growth

The Romanian IT outsourcing market is one of the most promising sectors of the country’s economy. The software and IT services market is worth around $5.5 billion and was estimated to grow by around 15% each year through 2021. This sector also drives almost 6.2% of the country’s GDP, which amounts to nearly €13.6 billion. IT exports account for 85% of ICT market value in Romania and has been growing at about 15% annually

Romania is also a country prioritizing innovation development. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Romania ranks 48th among 132 countries in the Global Innovation Index (GII). In 2020, it was one of the four countries that enrolled in a partnership with 20 other EU Member States to develop a quantum communication infrastructure (QCI) across Europe. 

Romania has highly-qualified, educated, and cost-effective human resources

Romania can be proud of its tech talent. There are 139,000 programmers in Romania that represent the third-largest tech talent pool in Eastern and Central Europe, after Poland and Ukraine. In terms of gender balance, 24% of ICT graduates in Romania are female and the country ranks 3rd in EU statistics on women employees in ICT.

Romanian developers are also well-educated. There are 26 technical universities in this country. In addition, more than 15 programs of cybersecurity were developed nationwide in over 11 universities and high schools in Romania. 

Cybersecurity solutions development is one of the key specializations of Romanian developers, and that’s why cybersecurity is a key component of the ICT sector in Romania. Romanian developers are also skilled with Java, C++, and Python, according to HackerRank. The Global Skills Report 2021 features Romanian developers as the ones proficient in cloud computing, web, and mobile development, security engineering, and databases development. 

As for another competitive advantage of the country’s tech market, outsourcing software development to Romania promises no language barrier. Romanian developers are pretty fluent in English; the English Proficiency Index (EPI) is 598 which stands for high proficiency (out of 663). 

In addition to all the benefits of Romania’s IT outsourcing, the software developer hourly rates are also pretty competitive in this county. It is around $25-50 on average, while the average programmer’s salary is $1700, depending on specialization, seniority, and project specifics. 

The country has a favorable investment climate

Romania welcomes all forms of foreign investment. Given the skills and competencies of Romanian developers, IoT, AI, and cloud computing are the most promising sectors to invest in, and these sectors perfectly coincide with some of the fastest-growing technologies globally. 

What’s more, setting up a business entity is pretty easy in this country. It takes six procedures and 20 days to establish a foreign-owned limited liability company (LLC) in Romania, plus the companies are free to open and maintain bank accounts in any foreign currency.

The Romanian government also offers favorable conditions and subsidies for foreign investors, For example, companies can benefit from an additional deduction of 50% from the eligible expenses for research and development. They can also apply for aid under EU-funded programs that are co-financed by the Romanian government.

Global tech companies have R&D centers in Romania

In 2020, almost 27,000 software companies were active in Romania, which is 9% more than in 2019 and 104% more than in 2010. Additionally, such well-known companies as Oracle, Amazon, and IBM have research and development (R&D) centers in this country. In most cases, they hire software engineers in Eastern Europe locally as a part of their R&D in-house teams or extended units. 

Now, let’s find out how to leverage the top tech talent from this country for your project’s benefit. 

How to outsource software development to Romania – main business strategies

Below are key software development outsourcing strategies you are welcome to consider when hiring Romanian developers. 

Relocate developers from Romania to your country

Relocating developers from Romania to your country is one of the promising tactics to leverage the value-adding potential of these programmers. The main benefit of the strategy is the opportunity to manage and control the development progress, staying assured that your programmers are fully committed and dedicated to it. However, keep in mind that tech talent relocation can be pretty costly since you have to invest in talent hunting, recruiting, relocating, creating a workspace, and ensuring legal compliance. 

Hire freelance developers

Those projects eager to hire the developers from Romania in a more affordable way than relocating them in-house can consider the opportunity to hire them on a freelance market, using global freelance platforms. However, this strategy is suitable only for projects experienced in remote team management and that are well-aware of the possible pitfalls of hiring freelance developers. The latter refers to a possible lack of commitment, communication challenges, and failed deadlines. 

Recruit IT talent remotely with a talent sourcing vendor

Recruiting programmers for Romania outsourcing with the help of a talent sourcing vendor is another smart tactic you can follow. To get started with IT recruitment, you are welcome to get in touch with a company that has practical expertise in finding and selecting the necessary candidates from a specific location, according to your job requisition. Such an approach allows for saving recruitment costs, speeding up the hiring process, and ensuring the best candidate-project fit. 

Bridge recruiters have a deep understanding of the Romanian tech labor market and will help you bridge the talent gap. What’s more, you are welcome to use our dedicated platform for candidate management, interview scheduling, accounting, and payrolling. 

Let’s switch to more effective IT recruitment. Drop us a line now to hire the best-in-class programmers from Romania! 

Augment your in-house team

IT team augmentation is a great way to get the best from both worlds, leveraging the benefits of an in-office and remote development approaches. The tactic implies scaling your in-house team with remote programmers from Romania to better deal with an increased workload, stay away from challenges of local hiring and avoid overhead costs you can face when hiring additional developers in-house.

Bridge experts would be happy to source top technical candidates which have practical experience in working as extended units so that you can onboard them seamlessly and keep your project running, avoiding hiring delays.

Contact Bridge today to quickly extend your in-house team with top Romanian developers! 

Use sourcing as a service

Using sourcing as a service is the quickest option to hire vetted tech candidates according to your job requirements. In this case, you get a list of pre-selected programmers from a specific location and then either proceed with interviewing them or keep them in mind for the future. Sourcing as a service from Bridge promises 5 times faster candidate outreach thanks to our data-driven engine and deep understanding of the local tech market. 

Try sourcing as a service now and enjoy the ease of hiring remote talent! 


Hiring software developers in Romania can be a winning choice for your project development. These programmers are well-educated and skilled with top programming languages, fluent in English, experienced with foreign project development, and offer competitive rates. 

Bridge, in turn, would be happy to become your tech talent sourcing partner and help you with hiring the best-in-class developers from the chosen location, following the engagement model that suits your project best and according to your job requirements. 

Contact us now for reliable and fast tech recruiting services! 

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