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Software Developer Salary in Brazil – Worldwide Guide and Trends

Software Developer Salary in Brazil  – Worldwide Guide and Trends

Latin America stands out on the software development outsourcing map. The great choice of promising destinations, diverse talent pool and favorable business opportunities aren’t the only reasons to hire remote developers in Latam countries. 

In addition to these advantages, the cost to gather a development team in this region is pretty competitive, so let’s take an analytical look at software developers’ salaries in Brazil, since this country is especially winning when it comes to recruiting technical talent. 

When the cost meets quality – top reasons to hire software developers in Brazil

In one of our recent articles, we have already dwelled on the reasons to hire software developers in Brazil. This country stands out with a growing tech market which is projected to reach $16,135 million in revenue by 2026. Brazil also has the largest tech talent pool in the Latin American region. There are 500,000 software developers in Brazil, most of them have a higher technical education and can boast of high English proficiency. 

Is Brazil a Good Place for Offshore Software Development?

Brazil is also a country that welcomes innovations and investment, creating especially winning business conditions for both foreign and domestic investors. The Brazilian IT market is largely focused on creating artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, plus this is one of the countries largely contributing to global Edge Computing development. 

Given all these benefits, it may seem that the cost to hire top-notch software developers in Brazil should be pretty high; however, the average software developer salary in this country is pretty reasonable, especially when compared with the cost to hire programmers in the USA (which, by the way, is Brazilian’s main trade partner). 

How much does it cost to hire software developer in Brazil – an overview

So, let’s take a deeper look at a Brazil software engineer salary depending on the programmer’s years of experience, tech stack and core specialization.

Senior software engineer salary in Brazil

How much does a software engineer make in Brazil? The level of a programmer’s seniority is one of the main factors that influence their salary level. A Junior software engineer’s salary is $560 per month, while a Middle software engineer can expect $1500 per month on average. Senior software engineer, in turn, reaches $2200 per month, and the final figure will depend on the developer’s specialization and the programming language they use. 

brazil software developer salary by seniority

Brazilian software developers’ salaries by domain

There is a huge difference between the average salary for software developers depending on their tech stack and core specialization. For example, the salary for a QA tester is two times lower than the development operations (DevOps) engineer salary – while the first earns  $1200 per month, the average wage of the latter is $2400 monthly.

However, there is almost no gap between the mobile app developers salaries. Android and iOS engineers in Brazil earn $1300 and $1400 per month respectively. The salary for a game developer ($1400 per month) and a data scientist ($1500 per month) is also almost the same, regardless of the fact that these two specialists have completely different backgrounds and tech skills. 

Apart from this, a full-stack web developer earns the same wage as front and back-end web developers. Frontend web developer salary, backend web developer salary and the one of a full-stack programmer equal $1200 per month.

brazil software developer salary by domain

Brazilian software developers’ salaries by programming language

The cost to hire a software developer in Brazil also largely depends on the core programming language they use to build your software. For example, a JavaScript developer earns $1500 per month, and the salary for a Java developer is the same. Hiring a PHP developer in this county will cost $1300 per month on average. Python and Golang developers are the most expensive specialists to hire – their salaries are  $1700 and $1600 per month respectively. 

brazil software developer salary by programming language

The cost to hire additional tech team members in Brazil

To create a successful tech product, hiring developers only is never enough. In addition to technical talent that will build your software, you will also need help from additional specialists that will manage your project development, analyze the business environment and suggest the best development strategies, visualize your future solution and promote it to the market.

Below are the average monthly salaries of the tech-related specialist who will drive your project growth together with software developers. 

  • A Business Analyst’s salary is $1900 per month in Brazil
  • A Project Manager earns $1800 per month on average
  • The average salary of a UI/UX designer in Brazil is $1200 per month
  • A tech-savvy marketer makes $1700 as a monthly salary

brazil tech specialists salary

How do software developers’ salaries in Brazil compare to the US?

So, the average software engineer salary in Brazil is pretty competitive, especially given the benefits of this outsourcing destination and when compared with the wages of the US programmers. Let’s feel the difference:

  • A JS (frontend) developer makes $9200 per month in the United States
  • The monthly cost to hire a Python (backend) programmer is $8000 
  • The AI and ML software developer’s salary is $9900 per month
  • An Android developer usually earns $9200 per month
  • The monthly cost to hire an iOS programmer is $9200

US developer salary

You are also welcome to use our software developer salary calculator to compare the costs of hiring a remote team in different locations and find the best budget fit for your project. 

How to hire Brazilian developers in the most cost-effective way?

Hiring Brazilian developers is a promising idea, especially when hiring them remotely. Let’s discover the most winning tactics to outsource your solution development to Brazil, depending on your project’s specifics and job requirements. 

How to Hire Top Remote Talent – The Ultimate Guide

Team augmentation

Augmenting an in-house team with Brazilian developers is probably one of the best tactics for projects in need to scale a development team quickly to cope with an additional workload and bridge the talent gap, while avoiding overhead costs. A team augmentation as a strategy means hiring remote developers (for example, from Brazil) and integrating them with an in-house team for better productivity and development speed.

IT Team Augmentation: How It Compares to Other Models

Such an approach becomes even more beneficial in case when you partner with a tech talent sourcing vendor for team augmentation services. In this case, you can leverage the vendor’s expertise in remote hiring and talent matching, speed up the recruitment process by several times and avoid the risks of a lacking understanding of a local labor market.

Bridge experts are here to help you with hiring top tech candidates experienced in working as a part of an augmented team! 

IT recruitment

Hiring a development team with the help of a tech talent provider is also a smart choice when it comes to gathering it from scratch. IT recruitment gives you an opportunity to gather a full-fledged development team in Brazil, making sure that each of the candidates perfectly meets your job requirements. We, at Bridge, use a data-driven engine to suggest the best matches, speeding up the recruitment process and connecting you with the perfect-fit candidates. In addition, you are welcome to use our candidate management platform for interview scheduling and hiring process management. 

Get in touch with us now to hire a full-fledged development team in Brazil and make your project run! 


Last but not least, there is another winning tactic for the companies that aren’t ready to run a full-fledged hiring campaign right now, but are still eager to reach out to in future. With sourcing-as-a-service you can get a validated list of the technical specialists available on the local market. Here at Bridge, our sourcing is 80% automated, which allows our specialists to reach out to candidates up to five times faster, so that you can either interview them instantly or keep them in mind for the right time. For example, when partnering with Obvious.ly, we provided 5-10 viable candidates per week using our proprietary sourcing engine and tech-savvy recruiters.

Drop us a line right now to relieve the recruitment headache and reach out to the best-fit candidates in a flash! 


Brazil is a country with various software development outsourcing opportunities. Hiring Brazilian developers is both cost-effective and value-adding due to the tech talent pool diversity, solid technical education of the candidates, their high English proficiency and practical experience in working with foreign projects. 

Consider partnering with a tech talent provider to get all these benefits for your project development at a competitive cost and risk-free. Bridge experts would be happy to help you engage technical talent from Brazil, while perfectly meeting your job requirements and making sure you will build an S-tier remote software development team.

Meet our recruitment professionals right now to get started with pitfalls-free hiring! 

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