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A Comprehensive Guide to .Net Developer Salaries: How Much You Should Pay

A Comprehensive Guide to .Net Developer Salaries: How Much You Should Pay

There’s no question that .Net developers are in high demand. The Microsoft-created framework has become one of the most popular options for creating modern websites and applications, and it’s a great choice for companies looking to integrate new technologies into their existing processes. But if you want to hire .Net developers, you’ll need to know how much you should pay them. We will take a detailed look at the .Net developer salary level in this article. 

A quick look at a .Net developers’ market size

The .Net framework is one of the most popular development tools to date, and it’s not hard to see why. First and foremost, it was created by Microsoft, so you know it’s going to stay supported and up-to-date with the latest technology. It also has a large developer community of 5.5k followers on GitHub only.

And perhaps best of all: you can use the .Net framework to create any application for any platform. That means if you’re interested in creating an app for iOS or Android but have no idea what technology to choose, .Net might be just what you need. According to Stack Overflow research, .NET leads the top of the most loved frameworks. It is used by 34,2% of developers surveyed, plus such big companies as Samsung, JP Morgan Chase, Intel, Cisco, and Dell also use .Net as a part of their tech stack. 

Now, let’s take a look at the supply and demand balance on the .Net developers’ labor market in the USA. There are 24,500+ .Net developer jobs on Indeed, 13,300+ on Glassdoor in the US, and 27,000+ vacancies for .Net programmers on LinkedIn in the USA. 

However, estimating the number of .Net developers in the US labor market is a little more difficult. The only thing that we can safely say is that there are 49,000+ .Net developer profiles on LinkedIn in the USA. If we assume that a certain share of .Net talent doesn’t have LinkedIn profiles or keep them non-searchable, then the supply and demand become finely balanced. 

What factors affect .Net developers’ salary level?

So, you have decided to hire .Net developers. What level of expenses should you expect? The only right answer is: it depends. .Net developers’ wage varies significantly depending on the programmer’s experience, education, background, and seniority level, plus the size and the location of the company they work for. 

Below is the .Net developers’ salary detailed breakdown depending on these factors. 

Seniority level

According to the rule of thumb, the developer’s salary increases along with their experience and years they worked in the industry. For example, Junior .Net developers in the US earn almost two times less than Senior ones – take a look at the table below for accurate figures. 

.Net developers’ salaries in the USA depending on their seniority level

Seniority levelThe average .Net developer salary per month/ USA
Junior .Net developer salary$7700
Middle .Net developer salary$9600
Senior .Net developer salary$12,600

The company a developer works for 

Large corporations and industry leaders always invest more in their talent recruitment compared to small organizations and newly created startups. The reason is simple – industry behemoths usually have the largest possible development budgets and they fully realize the value of premium engineering talent. Let’s take a look at the examples below to feel the difference. 


In Google, .Net software developers make $16,100 per month, and this is one of the highest .Net programmers’ wages globally.


For comparison, Accenture offers its .Net developers $9700 per month. 

Other companies

In smaller and less known tech companies in the US, an average .Net developer salary is $126,170 per year or $10,500 per month. 


As you can probably guess, location is one of the most important factors that affect .Net developer salary levels. The United States and Canada-based companies tend to pay significantly more than those located in Latin America and Europe. Hiring .Net developers in the Far East is the most affordable option – there, software programmers earn up to ten times less compared to the US. 

The average .Net developers’ salary per month in different locations

Location Average .Net developers’ salary per month ($)
The USA$10,000
The UK$6300
Czech Republic$3600

Best locations to hire .Net developers

So, as you can see, a .Net developers’ salary varies significantly across the globe. However, the salary level shouldn’t be the only consideration you should take into account when deciding where to hire software developers. Each of the hiring destinations is unique and specific in its own way, so let’s take a tour across the best countries to hunt for .Net development talent. 


For companies gathering an in-house team and prioritizing face-to-face communication, hiring software developers in the USA can be the best choice. When choosing to look for talent in the hottest locations in America, get ready to pay the highest wages possible to your .Net developers  – otherwise, you won’t be able to compete for technical talent. But let us cheer you up – the best .Net programmers can live outside Silicon Valley. In addition to California, consider other US states located in the same time zone. 

How to Work Out Time Zones: Our Team Shares Challenges and Tips

Mexico and Brazil

Mexico and Brazil are leading software development outsourcing destinations in Latin America. Brazil stands out with the largest tech talent pool in the LATAM region and the most competitive cost to hire software developers. 

Is Brazil a Good Place for Offshore Software Development?

Hiring tech talent in Mexico is also a worth-considering option. The main benefit of this country is a convenient time zone overlap with some of the US states, such as Nebraska and Illinois, plus cultural and language compatibility. Mexican developers also stand out with their responsible attitude to work, and the cost of hiring them is five times lower compared to the US. 

Tech Industry in Mexico – Is This Destination Right For Your Project Outsourcing


Startups on a budget are welcome to choose Portugal as their hiring destination. This country is famous for its startup-friendly legislation, transparent taxation system, and lucrative initiatives for startup founders. The cost to hire software developers in Portugal is at the European-average level, while the programming talent stands out with their solid technical education and very high English proficiency level. 

Why Hire Remote Software Development Teams in Portugal

Czech Republic, Poland, and Ukraine

Western Europe-based projects that want to access one of the most qualified .Net development pools globally and create a project at an ultimately reasonable cost are welcome to consider the Czech Republic, Poland, and Ukraine. 

Despite being in a state of war for almost a year, hiring a software development team in Ukraine is still worth it. As stated by Forbes with the reference to New York Times, Ukraine maintained 95% of software development companies, while the industry itself is “alive and healthy”.

How to Hire a Tech Team in Ukraine and Why You Should Do It Despite the War

The Czech Republic and Poland are two growing tech hubs, too. The cost to hire software developers there is higher compared to Ukraine, however, the programmers in these countries stand out with more specific expertise, including but not limited to .Net programming. For example, Czechian programmers are especially skilled in cybersecurity solutions development. 

Should You Look at Czech Republic for Outsourcing Tech Talent?

How Bridge can help you hire .Net developers across the globe

Regardless of the destination you choose to hire .Net developers, Bridge will get you covered. We would be glad to help you find the best-suited candidates across three continents, guided by your job requirements and budget expectations. 

Our data-driven talent sourcing engine does the routine job of finding, vetting, and suggesting the best-suited candidate for your open .Net developer position. With our sourcing-as-a-service, you will be able to close your vacancies five times faster and 60% cheaper compared to hiring .Net developers on your own. Most of our customers use this opportunity to build a talent pool for the future and always have the finest-tuned candidates at hand. 

Contact us now to hire the best-skilled .Net developers and optimize your hiring costs! 

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