Hire NoSQL Developers

Seeking to hire NoSQL engineers to build a database-driven app? With Bridge, you get top tech talent with no sweat. With our hiring experts, who understand the technology and thoroughly screen each candidate, you can find the right fit for your project.

Extend your team with remote NoSQL programmers

Streamline the hiring campaign and add developers to your team fast and hassle-free. Bridge uses a proprietary data engine to run accurate and reliable searches and find the most suitable candidate. 

Fast team scaling

After receiving your requirements, our sourcing managers provide the list of potential hires within days.

Tech-enabled sourcing

Using an automated data engine, we embed technical vetting into the process making the outreach more efficient.

Global outreach

With Bridge, you can find and attract top NoSQL programmers in twelve countries across the globe.

Transparent fees

Partnering with Bridge, you pay a fixed monthly fee or an actual developer’s rate ‒ no overheads or other hidden fees.

Pre-vetted developers

Our sourcers validate the information in candidates’ profiles and run additional high-level screening if required.

Cost efficiency

In the long run, working with Bridge is much cheaper than hiring independently or employing a full-time recruiter.

Keep track of the hiring campaign using our web platform

Hire remote NoSQL programmers with the expertise you need

Be it MongoDB, Redis, DynamoDB, or any other database you plan to use for data management, Bridge can help you find engineers competent in NoSQL and related technologies.

NoSQL database consulting

Get expert guidance to assist you in choosing an optimal database solution and efficient data modeling. We’ll help you find and attract NoSQL programmers following your requirements and project needs.

NoSQL database migration

Whether you want to migrate your data from legacy tech or simply switch to a flexible NoSQL database solution, Bridge can help you hire experts to ensure the transition process is smooth and risk-free.

MongoDB, Cassandra, and DynamoDB

Hire NoSQL codes experienced in MongoDB, DynamoDB, CouchDB, or other database systems. We use a proprietary data pipeline and analytics engine to thoroughly filter potential candidates.

NoSQL database maintenance

Find skilled NoSQL programmers who can enhance database performance and boost reliability. We will help you attract experts to perform regular updates, backups, security audits, and more.

  • Java, C++, Python, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Go, PHP
Frameworks and libraries
  • Redux, Express.js, Flux, React.js, Vue, React, Angular, Node.js, Mongoose, Apache Spark, Laravel, Django
  • MongoDB, Redis, Apache Cassandra, CouchDB, DynamoDB
Software development methodologies
  • Agile, Scrum, Waterfall

Technical skills you should look for in a NoSQL database developer

Competency in NoSQL is not the only requirement for a good NoSQL developer. As a global recruitment company with years of experience, we’ve listed some other skills you should seek in a NoSQL professional. Also, you can get additional tips on how to attract top experts by reading our hiring guide below.

What we offer

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Bridge vs. outsourcing NoSQL development services. Which option to choose?

In case you still hesitate about which way to follow ‒ partner with an outsourcing company or work with a global recruiter like Bridge ‒ we’ve prepared a brief checklist to help you summarize all the pros and cons.




Global talent pool, you choose where to hire.

Custom-recruited developers based on your needs and culture.