Hire SQL Developer

Searching for skilled SQL experts to build a high-performing team? Make your hiring campaign go smoothly with Bridge. With our tech-driven sourcing and battle-tested recruiters, you can fill the talent gap and find top candidates with the required expertise within days, not weeks.

Find and attract SQL programmers with ease

Partnering with Bridge means you can forget about all your hiring concerns. From creating a job description to scheduling interviews and communicating with potential candidates, our clients-only platform allows you to keep up with the hiring campaign no matter where you are.

Reduced time-to-fill

With Bridge, you start getting the first candidates within 5 business days and can immediately proceed with interviewing.

Automated sourcing

We embed technical vetting into the process, making the outreach much faster in comparison to manual sourcing.

Global outreach

Based on your specific project needs, we can help you find professional engineers across twelve countries on three continents.


Hiring with Bridge is cheaper than recruiting on your own or employing a full-time recruitment manager.

Thorough vetting

We work with tech-savvy recruiters who meticulously screen each candidate, evaluating their technical skills.

Local hiring experts

Our sourcers live in the same country as the candidates and speak their language, removing any cultural barriers.

Hire remote SQL developers using our web platform

Hire an SQL programmer with the required expertise

Whether you need to design a custom database solution using PostgreSQL or migrate to Microsoft SQL Server, we can help you find engineers with the needed skill set.

SQL database migration

Looking to hire an SQL database developer to transfer your data with minimum risk? Bridge can help you find experts for the database migration, reducing the downtime and complexity of the transition process.

SQL database performance optimization

Get developers to improve database performance and achieve faster response times. With Bridge, you can hire SQL professionals to ensure your database runs efficiently or identify bottlenecks if any.

MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL

Hire PostgreSQL developers or SQL Server coders to work on your project. We vet each candidate to confirm their proficiency in SQL and database management systems like MySQL, Oracle Database, and others.

SQL Server integration

Integrate your software system with SQL Server to enhance operational efficiency. Bridge can help you hire experts who ensure your data is synchronized and easily accessible within your company.

  • Java, .NET, C++, Python, Ruby on Rails, HTML, PHP
Frameworks and libraries
  • SQLAlchemy, ActiveRecord, Entity Framework, Hibernate
  • Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL
Software development methodologies
  • Agile, Scrum, Waterfall

SQL developer skills required to develop a successful product

Apart from proficiency in Structured Query Language, an SQL professional should be competent in relevant programming languages and major database management systems, like PostgreSQL and MySQL. For more info, take a look at our hiring guide.

What we offer

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Bridge vs outsourcing SQL development services. What is better in the long run?

Prior to launching a new project, you should decide whether you partner with a third-party vendor or hire engineers with a recruitment company like Bridge. Below, you will find a brief checklist to help you make the right decision.




Global talent pool, you choose where to hire.

Custom-recruited developers based on your needs and culture.

You know your developers' actual pay.