Hire Magento Developers

If you want to hire Magento store developers, Bridge will find you the best candidates globally. Once we staff your team with dedicated Magento developers, we will open an office for you and manage all the administrative duties.

Grow your operations overseas

We help you hire certified Magento developers for your project and take care of your remote operations, letting you fully focus on your business.

Best Magento 2 development team

You don’t only get the resources to build a project; you get the best team fully committed to your company.

Your own remote office

We help you establish a remote R&D center in one of the three countries we operate in (Argentina, Mexico, Ukraine).

IP rights ownership

You will remain a single owner of your intellectual property rights. We won’t share your data with any third party. 

Detailed spending reports

Each month you will receive reports on your expenses along with receipts for every purchase.

Manage with ease

Using our web-based platform, you can control your remote operations and receive all the updates online.

Up to 40% wallet-friendlier

Hiring talent abroad ensures not only the same level of expertise but saves you up to 40% on your project costs.

Our intuitive platform allows you to hire the best Magento developers and manage your business operations with only a few clicks

Hire offshore Magento developers with the expertise you need

With access to more than 500 thousand talented developers and engineers from foreign job markets, we can help you find vetted Magento developers for projects of any scale.

Magento store development

Recruit Magento experts to build secure and advanced online stores for your retail business. With Bridge, you can easily set up a remote team of experienced Magento developers to develop and support your eCommerce platform.

Magento extension development

If you build extensions for online stores, you need a reliable team for your ongoing projects. Bridge can help you hire full-stack Magento developers to build extensions and support your clients’ projects. We can find developers for any eCommerce platform.

  • HTML5, PHP, JavaScript
  • Laravel 5, ASP.NET, AngularJS, Ember.js, Underscore.js, jQuery
  • Mailchimp API, JavaScript API 3, Facebook API, Stripe
  • MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
  • Git, PhpStorm, Coda 2, Gulp.js, LearnDash, Grunt.js, Recurly, Eclipse IDE, Tortoise Git, Apache

Must-have skills for Magento developers

Magento developers should know all the complexities of eCommerce and web development to build custom themes and robust backends. On the left, there are some Magento developer skills we evaluate. You can also check out our hiring guide below.

What benefits do you get with Bridge?

Bridge can hire expert Magento developers overseas quickly and effectively. But our role doesn’t end there, here are other services we provide at Bridge.

Interview your first candidate in a week

You will meet your first potential employee in only one business week. All your candidates are pre-vetted by our hiring experts.

Choose a place for your office

We operate in three countries (Argentina, Mexico, Ukraine), so you have multiple options to establish your remote office.

Run a fully legit IT business

We provide full support for legal matters and cooperate with the best law firms to make sure everything is legit.

Don't worry about payroll

We cover monthly payroll and accounting for you. You can monitor your finances online using our intuitive web-platform.

Bridge vs outsourcing Magento developers

Another popular practice to hire Magento ecommerce developers is outsourcing. Here are some of the benefits you get with Bridge to help you make an informed decision.




Global reach

Pricing without hidden fees

Tame-saving recruitment

Full IP rights ownership

Your branding

Scale your team on request

Budget savings of up to ⅓ the cost of working in the US or EU

Fully committed developers

How much does it cost to build a Magento team?

Use our budget calculator to learn the salaries of software engineers in our remote locations.

Looking to hire other engineers?

Check out who else we can help you hire.

Hire mobile app developers

Hire web developers

Hire full-stack developers


Hire machine learning experts

Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve gathered some questions that are asked regularly about hiring Magento developers. Didn’t find your question? Send us an email, and we will get back to you within a business day.

We help companies build remote teams, which means that our minimum hiring requirement is at least five developers. What differs Bridge from software development companies is that we source developers from global job markets and don’t provide businesses with our own developers for building projects.

We don’t have strict limits for the number of employees to hire for our clients' projects. If you need to scale, we will help you fill the necessary roles as quickly as possible.

Only if you want to. We provide our clients with regular updates on their office spaces overseas, so you won’t have to travel to launch your offshore R&D center. But it will be a pleasure to meet you in person.

Send us a request by email. We will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements and arrange our next steps.

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