Hire Magento Developers

If you want to hire Magento store developers, Bridge will find you the best candidates globally. We help you staff your team with dedicated Magento developers while you can follow every aspect of your hiring campaign on our platform.

Reap the benefits of hiring overseas with Bridge

Find and hire certified Magento developers for your project. Be it recruitment, staff augmentation or candidate sourcing, we can take care of your remote hiring needs.

80% automated sourcing

Our unique sourcing engine lets you get a list of candidates and reach out to them 5X faster compared to manual sourcing.

Global recruitment

We help you find the needed tech specialists on three continents, so you don’t need to worry about time zone differences.

On-demand team scaling

With us, you can run multiple hiring campaigns and close job positions quickly and effortlessly.

Up to 60% wallet-friendlier

Hiring talent abroad ensures not only the same level of expertise but saves you up to 60% on your project costs.

Tech-savvy hiring managers

Our talent acquisition specialists understand technologies, so finding qualified developers won’t be a problem.

Manage recruitment with ease

Using our web-based platform, you can control your hiring campaigns and receive all the updates online.

Turn global tech recruitment into plain sailing with our web platform

Hire offshore Magento developers with the expertise you need

With access to talented developers and engineers from foreign job markets, we can help you find vetted Magento developers for projects of any scale.

Magento store development

Recruit Magento experts to build secure and advanced online stores for your retail business. With Bridge, you can easily set up a remote team of experienced Magento developers to develop and support your eCommerce platform.

Magento extension development

If you build extensions for online stores, you need a reliable team for your ongoing projects. Bridge can help you hire full-stack Magento developers to build extensions and support your clients’ projects. We can find developers for any eCommerce platform.

  • HTML5, PHP, JavaScript
  • Laravel 5, ASP.NET, AngularJS, Ember.js, Underscore.js, jQuery
  • Mailchimp API, JavaScript API 3, Facebook API, Stripe
  • MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
  • Git, PhpStorm, Coda 2, Gulp.js, LearnDash, Grunt.js, Recurly, Eclipse IDE, Tortoise Git, Apache

Must-have skills for Magento developers

Magento developers should know all the complexities of eCommerce and web development to build custom themes and robust backends. On the left, there are some Magento developer skills we evaluate. You can also check out our hiring guide below.

Services we offer

hire dedicated kotlin developers

Bridge vs outsourcing Magento developers

Another popular practice to hire Magento ecommerce developers is outsourcing. Here are some of the benefits you get with Bridge to help you make an informed decision.




Global talent pool, you choose where to hire.

Custom-recruited developers based on your needs and culture.

You know your developers' actual pay.