Hire Laravel Developers

Outsourcing work to a web development agency may often turn into a stressful and unpredictable journey. Instead, why not have a team of remote employees and build your project the way you want it? Bridge can help you hire Laravel developers as contractors or on a full-time basis.

Why Bridge?

The number of Laravel developers in total surpasses the population of some large cities. With that many hiring options, how is it possible to find and attract the best web developers available on the job market? Bridge experts are glad to lend you a hand.

Global recruitment

We hire developers in 11 countries across 3 continents. Pick a fitting location and we will start the hiring campaign immediately.

Rigorous screening

Our hiring team understands technology, which ensures a high accuracy of candidate selection.

Intellectual property rights

You don’t have to worry about your intellectual property rights. You remain the one and only IP rights owner.


By recruiting globally, we make the process go fast and cost-effectively. It is cheaper than outsourcing in the long run.

Streamlined hiring

Using our online platform, you can seamlessly track every candidate, from requisition to interview.

Local hiring managers

Our managers operate locally and understand the cultural backgrounds, which makes hiring faster and more efficient.

Save your time and nerves and let Bridge do the hiring leg work

Get a team of Laravel developers with the expertise you need

Whether you want to hire Laravel experts for your eCommerce project or custom web development – Bridge will help you find talent with the expertise you require.

Custom Laravel development​

Bridge can help you hire Laravel developers to create web applications using the open-source PHP framework. Our hiring process is based on your needs. We find developers to create Laravel applications tailored to your business.

Laravel mobile app development​

Do you want to convert your existing Laravel web applications to native mobile apps? Bridge is here to help. Hire a remote team to develop a mobile app that will become a great extension of your web service and will run Laravel on the back-end.

Laravel CMS development​

If you’re running a news site, blog, or an online store and need Laravel developers to build a CMS, you can hire them easily with Bridge. Whether you have a new project or  want to support your existing CMS, we will find candidates with relevant expertise. 

Laravel for ecommerce

Need Laravel experts to build and support your online store or marketplace? Laravel has everything you need to build an eCommerce website. Get a team of Laravel developers to support your project or build an eCommerce platform from scratch.

  • PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript
  • Laravel, Zend, CakePHP, Symphony
  • Node.js, Stripe, jQuery, Authorize.Net, YouTube API, Amazon API, Google Maps, FedEx API, Backbone.js, Facebook API, Facebook Open Graph API, Facebook Ads API, jQuery UI
  • AWS RDS, Microsoft SQL Server, AWS S3, MariaDB, SQLite, Memcached, IBM Informix, PostgreSQL, Amazon Aurora, MySQL
Software development methodologies
  • Agile, Scrum, Waterfall

Laravel developer skills you need to build web apps

On the left there is a list of skills you might be looking for in a Laravel developer to build custom web solutions. Or you can check out our guide on hiring Laravel developers below.

What we offer

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How Bridge is different from Laravel developer outsourcing?

Outsourcing is another way to hire Laravel developers for your project. But is it really the best solution? Here are some characteristics to help you compare Bridge with any outsourcing company.




Global talent pool, you choose where to hire.