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Hire AWS Developers: 4 Ways to Do This on a Budget Without Sacrificing Quality

Hire AWS Developers: 4 Ways to Do This on a Budget Without Sacrificing Quality

While more and more companies are moving their infrastructure to the cloud, the demand for Amazon Web Services (AWS) developers has skyrocketed. However, finding top-tier AWS developers can be a challenge, especially for companies on a budget. 

At Bridge, we understand the importance of having a skilled and experienced AWS development team and specialize in sourcing top-tier AWS developers for our clients. In this article, we’ll share our expertise and provide you with several ways to hire AWS developers at a competitive cost. Let’s dive in now! 

The benefits of hiring AWS developers

Being the most popular cloud technology platform globally, AWS hardly needs an introduction. So let’s pay attention to the benefits of hiring AWS developers and look at the examples of known companies which have already done it. 

  • Cost-effectiveness. AWS developers can contribute to cost optimization by helping you choose the right AWS services and pricing models based on your requirements. They can identify opportunities for cost savings, recommend resource rightsizing, implement cost monitoring and analysis, and so on.

For example, Netflix migrated to AWS with the goal of better controlling its data storage and cloud computing costs. The company leveraged AWS with the goal of optimizing its operations in spite of slow subscriber base growth and increased competition with Walt Disney and Apple. This choice allowed Netflix to switch to microservice architecture to better meet capacity needs, deliver entertaining content faster to users worldwide, and pay for only those shares of computing power the company actually consumes. 

  • Efficient scalability. AWS developers can help businesses scale their applications and infrastructure as needed, allowing for flexibility and growth. 

Being driven by this goal, Airbnb hired AWS developers to help them scale their platform to handle millions of daily users. Before migrating to AWS, Airbnb used several cloud providers and it was challenging for the company to manage all of them effectively. AWS offered a single scalable solution, plus, as Tobi Knaut, Airbnb CEO, notes, AWS is exceptionally customer-centric, and it constantly develops custom functionality to help its customers grow. 

  • Improved security. AWS developers can help businesses ensure the security of their applications and data on the AWS platform. They can implement security measures, such as identity and access management, encryption, network security, and compliance with industry standards and regulations, while ensuring the protection of your data and applications. 

As an example, Capital One opted for AWS to improve their financial fraud protection practices and comply with industry regulations. They used a set of machine learning tools to develop sophisticated data analysis algorithms to help identify fraudulent behavior, reduce false positives and improve both customer experience and financial data security. 

  • Better customer experience. Hiring AWS programmers also opens up an opportunity to significantly improve the experience of the end-users by creating custom-tailored solutions with the help of the platform. 

For example, Intuit built an omnichannel call center using AWS Connect. It combines the features of customer relationship management (CRM) with the advanced call center functionality. With its help, Intuit significantly reduced the on-hold time and created a unified cloud-based system that stores all the information about the customers and their interactions with the call center. 

Now, is AWS the solution for enterprise-level companies only? 

The examples we have cited above indeed include large and globally-known companies which can make small business owners think that they can’t afford to use Amazon Web Services. But let us cheer you up!

First, AWS pricing models are very flexible. There are both fixed-cost engagements and pay-as-you-go pricing models, while qualified AWS developers can suggest the approach best suited to your business needs. 

“But they aren’t going to help me for free, and hiring them will cost a fortune” you may argue and be right to some extent. Indeed, the average AWS developer salary in the US is nearly $120,000 per year (with bonuses) but there are still some ways to hire them at a more competitive cost. Let’s discover them. 

How to hire AWS developers without breaking the bank? 

So, the cost to hire AWS developers can be high. But there are still some ways to hire them on a budget and get qualified development talent. Below we will consider several viable strategies to find AWS developers for hire.

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Hire freelance AWS developers

Hiring freelance AWS developers is a cost-effective and flexible solution. But before opting for hiring an AWS expert on freelance platforms, it is important to carefully vet each potential hire and research the platforms you’re about to use. There are several platforms available for hiring freelance developers, such as Upwork or Fiverr, each having its pros and cons, so consider doing your homework before collaborating with a freelance developer.

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  • The lowest cost possible. A freelance AWS developer’s hourly rate starts at $20 depending on their location and can grow up along with their experience.  
  • Fewer obligations compared to hiring full-time employees. A freelance AWS programmer is an independent contractor so you shouldn’t provide them with health insurance, paid vacation, and other benefits. 


  • Lack of continuity. AWS infrastructure requires constant maintenance while freelance developers can easily be attracted by another project. 
  • Security concerns. These may include intellectual property thefts, lack of accountability, and even malicious intent, which make some companies think twice before hiring AWS developers on freelance terms. 

Outsource AWS development

Outsourcing AWS development is a proven strategy for companies that want to get started in the shortest possible time. The matter is that an AWS outsourcing vendor is likely to have a ready-made team of the necessary specialists who are ready to take on your project instantly, so there won’t be any delays with the team assembly whatsoever. Nevertheless, this approach also comes with its pros and cons.

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  • You can fully rely on the vendor’s expertise. When outsourcing AWS development, your vendor takes the responsibility of hiring the necessary candidates, managing the development process, and ensuring legal compliance. 
  • Cost-effectiveness. Outsourcing AWS development is a good option for companies eager to keep their monthly expenses under control, including the costs of using both AWS and the services of an outsourcing vendor. 


  • Finding a reliable AWS development vendor is the biggest challenge. There are many vendors to choose from and not all of them have the necessary skills and experience. At the same time, you may want your vendor to work within the same time zone as you which will narrow down the options.

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Use sourcing-as-a-service to build a talent pool

In addition to hiring freelance AWS developers or outsourcing AWS development completely, you can consider sourcing-as-a-service, which winningly combines the benefits of these approaches. Bridge sourcing team can help you find top AWS programming talent in a global pool and source them to you. You, in turn, can either proceed with interviewing the candidates or keep the CVs of perfectly suitable candidates for the future. 


  • Speed. Our proprietary data engine developed for sourcing technical specialists specifically enable us to find the first fitting candidates in several days so that you can proceed with interviewing them immediately. 
  • Custom approach. We source candidates with the necessary qualification and from the countries of your choice, plus carefully match their salary expectations with your development budget. 
  • Fixed-price service. Our sourcing-as-a-service is subscription-based so the cost to hire AWS developers with Bridge is clearly predictable. 


  • Team management. Compared to AWS development outsourcing, after getting the right candidates, you have to hire remote AWS developers and manage your team on your own. 

Opt for IT staffing to extend your team fast

One more way to add specialized talent to your team is IT staffing, which helps effortlessly find AWS engineers remotely. The recruitment process is transparent for each client and lets you keep track of all the activities in the recruitment department, from job requisition to interview scheduling. The most appealing thing here is that you don’t pay any recruitment or sourcing fees ‒ only a daily or monthly rate for the actual developer’s work. In addition to that, when partnering with us, we cover all paperwork, team setup, payroll operations, and more.


  • Pre-screened candidates. You work with tech-savvy local recruiters who vet potential candidates and communicate with them in their native language, making the outreach faster and more efficient.
  • Reduced costs. You don’t pay the costs of recruitment, training, office space, software licenses, employee benefits, payroll increments, and logistical expenses ‒ it’s all on us.
  • Full control over the process. After you create a job requisition on our platform, you can fully participate in the hiring process, reviewing candidates, communicating with them directly, scheduling interviews, and more.


  • Time-consuming onboarding. When adding extra talent to your team for temporary engagement, mind that the training and onboarding process is the same length as when you hire a full-time employee.

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Some expert tips for hiring AWS developers

Now, after you have discovered how to hire an AWS cloud engineer, consider some tips to make this process as effective as possible. 

Clearly identify your company’s cloud needs first

Before hiring AWS programmers, you have to identify your cloud needs. This will help you get better prepared for cloud migration and also determine the AWS developers’ skills you are looking for as the first priority. To identify your company’s cloud needs, there are several steps you can take:

  • Assess your current infrastructure to determine what resources you currently have and what gaps you need to fill with cloud services.
  • Identify your business goals and how cloud services can help you achieve them, such as improving efficiency, reducing costs, or enhancing scalability.
  • Analyze your data and security needs to determine what types of data you will be storing in the cloud and what security measures you need to put in place to protect it.
  • Determine your workload requirements, such as the amount of storage and computing power you need, to ensure that the cloud services you choose can meet your needs.
  • Consider compliance and regulatory requirements to ensure that the cloud services you choose meet any legal or industry-specific requirements.
  • Seek expert advice from cloud service providers or consultants to help you navigate the complex landscape of cloud services and choose the right solutions for your business needs.

Define the required skillset to simplify the evaluation process

After you have defined your company’s cloud needs, you can proceed with determining the skills an AWS developer should have to help your company meet that needs. Below are the core competencies an AWS candidate should have but make sure to add your project-specific requirements as well:

  • Familiarity with the AWS Security Model and IAM (Identity and Access Management), including an understanding of roles and policies
  • Experience working with core AWS features and services
  • A solid understanding of cloud security tools
  • Expertise in programming languages such as Java, C++, JavaScript, ASP.Net, and Python
  • Understanding of cloud application development and design principles

How to Evaluate Technical Skills Before Hiring

In addition to evaluating the skills above, it would also be right to check an AWS developer certification which improves the candidate’s credibility significantly. 

Choose a hiring approach depending on your project needs

Now, after evaluating your company’s cloud needs and defining the AWS developer’s skills required for your project, it’s time to choose the hiring model that fits your goals best. So, here is how to match an AWS developer hiring strategy with your business objectives:

✅Hire freelance AWS developers if you have to fix a quick issue with AWS and you are sure you can evaluate their both hard and soft skills

✅Outsource your AWS development if you have little to no experience in hiring AWS developers and cloud project management

✅Use sourcing-as-a-a-service if you need to hire AWS developers at the most competitive cost and in the shortest possible time or if you want to build a pool of AWS programmers for later

✅Opt for IT staffing services if you plan to extend your in-house team with skilled AWS engineers fast, eliminating paperwork and recruitment fees 


Hiring AWS developers on a budget shouldn’t mean hiring Junior developers only or saving on your team size. By choosing a hiring strategy that suits your business best, you can find skilled developers who can help you build high-quality AWS solutions. 

However, if you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to hire qualified AWS developers quickly and efficiently, we encourage you to consider our sourcing-as-a-service which aims at connecting businesses with top-notch AWS developers. With Bridge, you can get access to a pool of qualified developers at a competitive cost and in a short period of time, ensuring that your AWS development project is a success. 

Contact us now to get started! 


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