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6 Reasons You Should Hire Global Technical Recruiters

6 Reasons You Should Hire Global Technical Recruiters

Hiring globally sounds promising. It is a great opportunity to unlock the worldwide talent pool, access specific expertise, optimize software development costs and build  culturally diverse teams. However, keep in mind that there are no benefits without challenges. In 2023, the tech talent gap is projected to grow, the salary expectations of software developers increase as well, and the lion’s share of them consider changing their current workplace to a better one. 

So, how can you find, attract and retain those most important people for your tech project growth? Global tech recruiters can help, and in this article, Bridge experts are going to explain the main reasons to hire them. 

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Reasons to hire global tech recruiters

If you’ve ever had to hire a technical employee, we bet you know how difficult it sometimes becomes. It is not just about finding someone who’s qualified for the job. It is also about finding a person who is a good cultural fit for your team, who has the necessary soft skills, and whose salary expectations meet your project budget. Hiring a global technical recruiter can be an excellent way to find such a perfect match in a planet-wide talent pool. Here is why. 

They understand ICT sector specifics better

When looking for the best technical talent, hiring a dedicated recruiter who knows the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector in-and-out is a wise choice. The matter is that the global engineering market is highly specific and trend-driven. ICT was one of the first industries which adopted remote work long before the pandemic. Companies have long recognized the benefits of IT outsourcing and rethought the ways they build technical teams. Hiring software developers in-house also requires taking on a near-marketing approach, transforming your job opportunity into a value proposition. 

Global technical recruiters can help you align your recruitment strategy with current ICT market trends, navigate the tech talent pool and come up with clear requirements for your open position. 

They connect with candidates more effectively

Reaching out to modern candidates on your own can be challenging. There is tough competition on Linkedin, while the best specialists often decide to make their profiles unsearchable to avoid messages they aren’t interested in. 

What’s more, technical recruiters know what matters most for software developers. Since the demand for top tech candidates is significantly higher than the supply, meeting the expectations of brilliant programming minds is important. At this point, your global recruiter can help you develop a strong message with a value proposition and share it across the job boards. 

They understand the roles, responsibilities, and technologies your project needs

When you are hiring for a technical role, you have a lot of different considerations. What technologies should your candidate know? What kind of experience should they have? How can you vet their skill set? Global technical recruiters can help answer all of these questions. Those with dozens of successfully closed vacancies behind have already developed a deep understanding of what skill sets are necessary for the project, depending on its specifics, size, and industry. 

They have a better understanding of local markets

One of the main things that make global recruitment challenging and effective at once is that every local labor market has its nuances. For example, software developers from the Czech Republic are particularly skilled in cybersecurity development. Mexico is a destination with a cross-functional talent pool, hiring from which is especially winning for US-based companies that aren’t eager to work out time zones


8 Questions to a Mexican Tech Talent Recruiter You’ve Always Wanted to Ask (But Didn’t Dare)

Global tech recruiters know what country to choose for finding specific talent. They are also well-versed in the cost to hire a specific employee in a given country, helping you find the best price-quality ratio for your project. 

They reach out to candidates in their native language

Global technical recruiters can not only connect you with candidates who are located all over the world. They can work as a connection link between your company and your prospective employee. One of the main benefits of partnering with global tech talent recruiters is that they can speak with candidates in their native language, which facilitates communication and keeps everyone on the same page. In this way, you reach out to the candidates in a way that makes sense to them—and they’re more likely to respond well to it.

Most global recruiters use hiring automation tools

Another benefit of partnering with a global tech recruiter is the opportunity to leverage AI-driven tools for talent recruitment. Most global recruiters have hands-on experience with hiring automation tools, which makes hiring across the boards faster and more effective. 

Artificial Intelligence to Help You Source and Hire Tech Talent

Such tools allow you to post job ads automatically and receive applications from candidates in multiple locations at once. There are also interview scheduling tools that help align the time zones and avoid double booking. There are also dedicated solutions for global hiring that come with more advanced features for interviewing, onboarding, training, managing payroll, and compliance. 

Altogether, hiring automation software used by global recruiters makes it easier for companies of all sizes to find qualified candidates who are ready and willing to get started right away.

They can work as an extension of your recruitment team

When you hire a global technical recruiter, they can work as a part of your existing recruitment team. You can have an in-house HR department, while your global recruiter will work closely with your team making sure everyone does their best for finding the right candidates. With a global tech recruiter on your side, you’ll be able to find great talent no matter where they are or how far away they are from your headquarters. 

They save your time and bridge the hiring expertise gap

Finally, global technical recruiters are absolute time-savers. Instead of navigating the murky waters of global hiring,  you can leverage their practical experience – they have connections all around the world and can find the best talent for your company much faster. Global tech recruiters also work with top-tier candidates across multiple industries and can help match them with your company’s needs more accurately compared to doing it on your own or with the help of a recruiter with local hiring expertise only. 

Make global recruitment simpler with data-driven talent sourcing

The best talent is out there—but finding it on a global map on your own  can be a challenge. That’s where the Bridge team comes in. We use a data-driven talent sourcing engine to find the right candidates across the globe, making the best choices in the myriad of options. Our recruitment technology automates 80% of the talent sourcing process, doing the most tedious part of the job – finding potentially suitable candidates from all over the world. 

However, this is not the only thing you are welcome to discover about our sourcing-as-a-service. The smart combo of automated talent sourcing and a human touch is what makes our approach stand out. After a data-fueled engine has suggested the best-suited candidates according to your job requirements, our local recruiters come to the fore, handpick the finest-tuned ones, get in touch with them in their native language and ensure an accurate cultural fit. The power of automation and the deep expertise of our talent sourcers allow us to suggest the first candidates within a few days, saving up to 60% of your recruitment budget! 

Get the right people on your team faster with our sourcing-as-a-service

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