Find and hire the best software engineers around the world

Source top software engineers for your job listing with our database of over 500,000 Senior to Staff level developers.

Source and hire amazing software engineers

Accelerate sourcing, break through the noise and reduce time to hire with Bridge

Powerful and intuitive search and sourcing interface

Cut through the noise with query capabilities tailored to software engineering search. Go beyond the boolean search and find only software engineering talent, only the top talent and only the candidates who engage

Stop wasting time on the wrong candidates

Our search engine recommends the most relevant software engineers by lining up the requirements of your open positions with the actual skills of candidates.

Reach out to highly motivated candidates

We build a highly engaged community of software engineers. As a result, hiring companies experience more than three times the response rate on their outreach efforts to candidates, as compared to other services like LinkedIn Recruiter.

Access a global pool of talent

Bridge sourcing engine contains data about the best software engineers around the world. We firmly believe that the best talent is globally distributed.

What our clients say

Will Lo

We reached out to Bridge Teams to have a dialogue on recruiting offshore engineering talent. Viktor and his team helped us understand the different geographics markets in the context of our own recruiting and hiring strategy and overall organization needs. As we do not have the internal resources to proactively engage in outreach, sourcing as a service was the perfect solution for us and exceeded our expectations.

Benjamin Singer

Working with the bridge team’s sourcing team for latin american talent was great. Right off the bat I knew I was in good hands when bridge teams knew nuanced differences (technical and salary) for Data Analysts for reporting and Data Scientists for ML & predictive algorithms. The candidates they sourced were technically competent and fit the role I needed to fill well, each week finding upwards of 5-10 viable candidates – more than I had time to interview!

Troy Barron

Bridge has been one of the best recruiting partners with whom I have worked with in my 15+ years in the industry. They understand the types of people we want to attract and do a spectacular job in matching people to our culture and requirements. We get feedback from all of our hiring leads and the process partnering with them has been the best they have experienced. They work to understand our business and strategy.

Jacob Zukerman

Bridge was an incredible way for us at Mento to rapidly scale up our engineering hiring while being cost-effective. More importantly, Bridge enabled us to easily explore a Latin American hiring strategy by seeing multiple qualified engineer candidates within weeks across different countries, from Mexico to Brazil. The bridge team was friendly, the process was fast to set up, and they were always available over slack.

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