Remote Office Setup and Management

Let us set up a quiet workplace for your team overseas and maintain it for you.

  • A city of your choice
  • Flexible office space
  • Modern equipment

Choose a work environment that best suits your business

Whether you want a ready-to-go office that doesn’t require furnishing or just a few hot desks, Bridge will find a work environment that suits your business.

Services office

  • Ready-to-go workspace
  • Fully furnished and wired
  • Flexible short or long-term contracts
  • Easy to expand or reduce your space on short notice
  • All-inclusive monthly bill

Co-working office

  • Friendly atmosphere, all the perks of a large office at a smaller cost
  • Open plan setting
  • Flexible contracts, expand on short notice
  • Ideal for start-ups
  • All-inclusive monthly bill

Leased office

  • In the heart of the city, full freedom to decorate, furnish and equip
  • A fixed amount of space
  • Better fit long term
  • More suited to larger organizations
  • Outfitting, furniture and
    IT organized and paid for by the tenant

Hot desk

  • Desks used by different people at different times, on an ad hoc basis
  • Workspace in co-working space
  • Private space when needed
  • Occupy as little as one desk
  • All-inclusive monthly bill

We find, equip, and maintain it for you

We’ll find a workplace for your remote team, purchase all the needed equipment, and take care of ongoing office maintenance.


Where do you want your team to work? We can find any type of workspace in any city in Ukraine, Mexico, and Argentina.

  • Different locations
  • Favorable lease terms
  • Negotiations with landlord


We’ll buy all the computers and hardware your team requires and manage the inventory for you. You’ll have all the equipment information at your fingertips.

  • Redecoration
  • Branding
  • Equipment purchasing


When you need to expand or shrink your office space, or when you want to buy more stuff for your team, just let us know about it and we’ll arrange everything for you.

  • Procurement
  • Inventory management
  • Office expansion

Your office is only a click away

You can choose your office online through our platform and discuss any questions you might have with your dedicated manager.

Why work with Bridge

Flexible office, multiple locations, favorable lease agreements, local experience – with Bridge you get everything you need to effortlessly set up your team.

No hassle

Opening a remote office has never been this easy. We’ll find the office, negotiate terms with the landlord, and redecorate the space to reflect your company’s true identity and culture.

Lots of options

Don’t limit yourself to just one city. We can set up the best working environment for your business across several cities and even countries. Finding great talent is all that matters.

Legal support

We deal with all the legal aspects of renting a remote workspace. You’ll get the needed lease agreements and legal consultations whenever you need them.

Market knowledge

We have experts in real-estate on the spot. They understand the nuances of the local markets and can help you find the best offers for your business.

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