HR and Employee Retention Services

Attract top talent and keep them around longer.

  • Hire the right people
  • Provide job security
  • Reduce turnover

How to Retain Remote Teams: 4 Challenges and Ways to Help Employees Stay at Work

Keep your remote employees happy

Hiring people remotely makes good business sense, but managing them is a challenge. Remote employees can feel disconnected from the company culture, not valued, and unhappy. To reduce employee turnover and boost productivity we help you build a working environment where your team remains productive, happy, and engaged.

Hire for cultural fit

A company is only as good as its people. At Bridge, employee retention starts with recruiting. We hire people whose core values align with your core values.

  • Attractive job descriptions
  • Cultural-fit interview questions
  • Welcoming onboarding experience

Provide job security for your employees

People you hire with Bridge are your remote employees who get paid in accordance with the labor laws of their countries.

  • Compliant recruitment
  • Payroll management
  • Legal support

Reduce turnover

Once your team is set up, we take on the HR role helping you make sure your employees feel valued and remain productive and loyal to your company.

  • Flexible workspace
  • Learning and mentoring
  • Performance reviews

Your team's growth is at your fingertips

Using our all-in-one platform for managing your remote operations, you can view your team’s salaries, change your organizational structure, and even manage your team’s growth.

Why work with Bridge

Bridge helps you foster a thriving remote culture built around values that unite your team and focused on retaining your best talent.

Local HR expertise

Our HR specialists live in the same country where your team lives and have a similar cultural background.

Labor law compliance

We set up a team in compliance with local labor laws so your employees feel safe and secure working at your company.

The best people

We look beyond what’s written on the resume. All our candidates play team sports and have the right culture fit.

HR needs covered

Reward your team, resolve conflicts, coach new hires, make surveys – we’re always there to cover your HR needs.

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