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Should You Outsource Software QA to Argentina?

Should You Outsource Software QA to Argentina?

While 50% of the testing process is usually automated, underestimating the need to hire top-skilled QA engineers is the most painful mistake for a software development project to make. Despite AI-powered tools for test automation being on the rise, they are still managed by humans, so hiring the best QA talent is essential to ensure code clarity and performance. 

Should you hire testing specialists in-house or consider QA outsourcing? If the latter option makes a better match for your project specifics, let’s discover why Argentina can be a perfect fit to headhunt QA professionals. 

Why does Quality Assurance matter?

There are no more or less important processes when it comes to software development. Writing a code and ensuring its quality is equally essential for creating the highest-end solution. Below are more reasons why QA and testing matter for your future project success. 

  • Launching a buggy application skyrockets the chances of losing users. 88% of them will abandon an app because of the bugs and are pretty unlikely to give such a solution a second chance. 
  • Delivering a great user experience is a direct way to build loyalty. 52% of modern customers consider the user experience a mobile app or website delivers one of the most important factors for them to stay loyal to the company. That’s why 55% of companies conduct user experience testing, in addition to QA. 
  • Smart QA saves money in both the short and long run. According to LEAN development methodology, an easier mistake means a cheaper mistake, and this statement is ultimately trustful when it comes to software QA. Finding a mistake in a code when the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is already launched takes several times more time, effort, and costs than finding it on the stage of UX development or backend programming.

So, the QA process requires great attention to detail. That’s why a QA engineer rarely works alone. Instead, each member of the QA team is supported by other QA specialists, ensuring that no single mistake will be missed.

QA team structure

Below you can find the most common Quality Assurance team structure, plus the QA roles and responsibilities of each team member. 

  • QA team lead. This is a QA specialist responsible for managing and running the whole process of testing, developing testing strategies, and evaluating the performance of the QA team. 
  • QA engineer. A QA engineer writes test scripts, conducts functional testing, defines the weak areas, collaborates with the development team, and gathers additional requirements from the Business Analyst and customer. 
  • QA Automation Engineer. This is a specialist responsible for running automated tests, which are used in the case when there is a need to run repetitive test scenarios. 
  • Manual QA engineer. A manual tester, in turn, checks the code quality and performance manually. Usually, manual testing goes before the automated one. 

So, at least four specialists are involved in the testing process. The QA team can also be scaled when there is a lot of work to be done. Given the importance of the QA process and the need to maintain at least a four-member team, the companies spend 25% of their development budget for QA on average. However, there are some ways to optimize these costs while staying calm about the final code quality.

Remote QA testing – why is it worth it?

QA testing outsourcing is a well-established practice, especially for companies with an in-house development team and no extra resources to expand it with in-house and local testers. Below are some other reasons to run the testing process remotely. 

  • Cut costs. There are several ways how software QA outsourcing saves development budget. By hiring a remote QA team you save on office rent, equipment purchases, and other organizational expenses. The choice of the outsourcing destination also matters for optimizing the budget because of the salary gap between local and offshore developers, so hiring a QA team in Argentina, for instance, can be a good option. 
  • Gather a team of testers faster. For the companies creating software products for highly competitive and dynamic markets, development speed and code quality are equally important. Hiring remote QA experts from a talent sourcing vendor is a good tactic to achieve this goal since the necessary QA experts will be sourced to the projects faster compared to spending ages fighting for the local talent.
  • Ensure a non-interrupted testing process. To build a high-end product, testing should be on par with the development process, so leveraging the global hiring opportunities and hiring a remote QA team with the help of a tech talent sourcing vendor is a good tactic to have your testers always ready to assure the quality of each next part of an app. 

Ready to gather a tech-savvy QA team remotely? Contact Bridge to get started today! 

Why you should consider Argentina for QA outsourcing 

So, hiring a QA team remotely is a value-adding tactic for the projects striving to ensure the seamless processes of both development and testing, plus cut costs and access top tech talent along the way. However, choosing the outsourcing destination is paramount here for making winning hiring choices and leveraging all these benefits for your project.

Latin America, for example, can be a great option to pay attention to. Its wide talent pool, investment-friendly business environment, high level of tech skills, and English proficiency of the local developers make this destination a true gem. There are several countries in Latin America worth considering, but when it comes to hiring QA engineers, Argentina is the best one. 

There are more than  130,000+ tech talents in Argentina, and this is also the country with the highest English proficiency in the Latin America region (the English proficiency index is 556). This country is one of the best choices to run Java and Javascript-based projects, plus develop artificial intelligence solutions since these are the technologies software developers are best skilled with. 

Software Developer Salary in Argentina: A Guide for Planning Your Remote Team Budget

In addition to the opportunity to hire software developers in Argentina, you can easily extend the team with local QA engineers and still stay within your development budget. Argentinian tech specialists are affordable to hire. Their average rate per hour is $25-50, and the monthly salary of a QA engineer is $1300

Let’s build a great tech product together. Hire the best-in-class QA team in Argentina now!

Ways to hire a remote QA team in Argentina 

QA hiring decisions are the ones you shouldn’t be careless about since they will directly influence the quality of the final product. So, choose the hiring strategy smartly, and make sure to screen and validate candidates with double attention.

How to Hire Top Remote Talent – The Ultimate Guide

Below are some QA hiring tactics to choose from. 

Hire on Upwork

Hiring freelance testers seems a promising strategy for the projects on a budget and lack of recruitment expertise in-house. In this case, you can choose from the global freelance talent pool and perfectly match the hourly rate of a freelancer with your budget expectations.

However, keep in mind that freelance specialists are rarely committed to only one project. It’s true for both developers and testers, but in the case of hiring QA experts, such a lack of commitment may be riskier. The matter is that when working on multiple projects, a tester may miss out on some significant mistakes, allowing buggy code to be pushed into production. That’s why let’s consider other tactics to prevent such omissions. 

Augment your in-house team

Augmenting an in-house team with remote testers from Argentina can be an option for the projects with an in-office development process but no extra resources to hire QA locally. The process of software testing should never be interrupted, so those companies in need to hire additional QA experts are welcome to consider team augmentation services. In this case, augmenting an in-house team is a quick and cost-effective solution to keep the processes of development and testing running efficiently. 

IT Team Augmentation: How It Compares to Other Models

In case of opting for this approach, you should take special care of augmented QA engineers’ onboarding and their integration into the established workflow. Bridge experts can help you with choosing the perfect-fit candidates with hands-on experience in working as an augmented unit. 

Consider QA team recruitment from Argentina

For those projects getting started with software development outsourcing, gathering a full-fledged team of developers and testers in Argentina can be a good solution as well. Hiring the whole team in a single destination promises better collaboration, no language barrier, time zone difference, and mentality gap.

However, effective hiring in a certain country requires a deep understanding of a local labor market which can be quite specific. For example, Argentina as a destination makes a good match to develop web and mobile projects at an affordable cost, plus manage and control the team with ease because of their high English proficiency and solid experience with foreign customers. 

We, at Bridge, have local, Argentina-based recruiters who can help you with selecting, screening, and vetting potentially suitable candidates, communicate your project requirements to them in their native language, and ensure the best possible fit. You, in turn, are welcome to interview them using our dedicated platform for talent recruitment and invite the best ones to become a part of your project. 

Ready to give your tech project a QA boost? Hire a remote QA team in Argentina with our help! 

Use sourcing-as-a-service

As for the sourcing-as-a-service, it can be a good option for the companies getting ready for hiring from Argentina and eager to save time on gathering suitable candidates. This is an opportunity to quickly get a list of accurately selected QA engineers from Argentina ready to join your team and proceed with vetting them on your own. 

Sourcing-as-a-service can be an alternative to launching a full-fledged hiring campaign, promising an opportunity to significantly boost the initial hiring speed and immediately proceed with pre-selected candidates. Bridge has a vast database of top-skilled QA specialists and testers. We would be happy to help your business with reaching out to them. 

Share your job requirements with us now to unlock the benefits of sourcing-as-a service from Bridge! 


Hiring QA talent from Argentina is a top choice for the businesses in need to leverage up-to-date tech expertise, cut operational costs and run the project development seamlessly because of no language barrier. Bridge has a wide outsourcing destinations coverage, a well-validated database of top-skilled tech talent, plus a dedicated platform to help you with interviewing your candidates. 

Choose a hiring tactic that suits your company most and get in touch with Bridge for instant help.

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