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Golang Developer Salary: Worldwide Overview

Golang Developer Salary: Worldwide Overview

Thinking about hiring Golang developers? When the answer is yes, then your project is about to get a competitive edge, including but not limited to fewer mistakes, faster deployment, and reduced time to market. But how much will it cost you to hire Golang programmers? The right answer is: it depends on the market. 

Being a tech talent sourcing company, it’s our job at Bridge to have a deep understanding of the most promising markets to find and attract tech talent, in particular, Golang developers. We spend a lot of time researching multiple data resources to get a clear understanding of developers’ salary expectations, making sure our clients get quality candidates at a competitive cost.

In this article, we would like to help you navigate Golang developers’ pay scale across the locations, using some of the latest insights. So, let’s discover the Golang developers’ salaries worldwide and find out what are the best destinations to hire them. 

Golang developers market overview

Let’s get started with a quick introduction to Golang. Golang, or simply Go, was created in 2007 by a team of Google engineers driven by the goal of solving the main challenges of using different programming languages in Google’s projects, which resulted in slow software building time and uncontrolled dependencies.

Fast forward to today, Golang is now a statically typed, easy-to-use programming language that allows developers to spot mistakes in early development stages, deploy the apps with ease, and speed up time to market. These are also the reasons why software developers, as well as industry giants, are adopting Go at a rapid pace. Such well-known companies as Google, Uber, Facebook, Netflix, and others use Go as a part of their back-end tech stack.


But how many Golang developers are there? According to the research, there were 1,6 to 2,5 million Golang developers globally in 2021, which represents 10% of a global development talent pool. Given the rising popularity of Go and its adoption by large companies, such a limited number of Go programmers won’t cover the growing needs of businesses that would like to use Go for faster programming and better scalability.

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But there is a piece of good news too. Golang is also often featured among the top programming languages that developers would like to learn, so it would be safe to say that the Golang development talent pool will grow in the upcoming years. 

Golang development talent global distribution

While there are not so many Golang developers worldwide, let’s find out what countries have the largest Go programming talent pools and which of them are especially promising for hiring developers for your project. 


The global search on LinkedIn in the “People” section delivers 1,170,000 results in response to the “Golang developer” search query. Among them, there are 241,000 Go developers in the US, 154,000 in Asian countries, and 257,000 in Eastern and Western Europe.

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Today, Asia is considered the most promising software development outsourcing destination for US-based companies. One of the main reasons why US businesses consider hiring Golang (and other tech professionals) in the Asian region is the most competitive cost to build a distributed development team. For example, an average Golang developer’s hourly rate in India is nearly $9, while this figure may reach up to $130 per hour in the US. 

What’s more, developers from such countries as Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore can boast of a high English-proficiency level. But aligning the time zones remains challenging for the Asian region.


While the Golang development talent pool isn’t so large in Latin America, this destination is also often considered by US-based businesses that look for the opportunity to cut operational costs, hire qualified software developers, and stay in close proximity with their remote development teams at no language barrier.

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Eastern Europe, in turn, is a Golang development outsourcing destination that combines a wide talent pool of highly proficient Go programmers with the reasonable cost to hire them. Europe’s dynamically growing IT industry and favorable business environment attract both American and Western European companies. Both of them appreciate little to no cultural difference, a convenient time zone overlap, foreign business-friendly legislation, and the opportunity to tap into the flourishing tech talent market.

But how much does it cost to hire Golang developers in each of the parts of the globe we’ve covered? Let’s find it out.  

The cost of hiring Golang developers in different countries 

Let’s compare Golang developers’ salaries across the globe, starting with the US. 

Golang developer salary in the US

The average Golang developer’s salary in the US is around $8500 per month, which makes them one of the highest-paid specialists on the US job market, in addition to Web3, Solidity, and Rust developers.

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At the same time, there is a huge salary gap between a senior and entry-level specialist. Take a look at the chart below to get a better idea. 

SeniorityAverage Golang developer salary in the US per month ($)
Junior Golang developer salary ≈ $3100
Middle Golang developer salary≈ $6600
Senior Golang developer salary≈ $8300


Latin America

Latin America is one of the most favorite destinations of US-based businesses for hiring software developers. But when it comes to Golang programmers, their salaries in the LATAM region are pretty high, and sometimes are even equal to the wages American developers expect. Find the detailed numbers in the chart below. 

CountryAverage Golang developer salary per month ($)
Brazil≈ $8300
Mexico≈ $7900
Argentina≈ $4150


Western Europe

When it comes to Western Europe, hiring Golang developers can be costly too, sometimes even exceeding the cost of their American counterparts. If you look at the chart below, the Golang developer salary in the UK and Portugal is sky-high.

Software Developers’ Salary in Portugal – The Cost to Build a Remote Tech Team

Still, this trend has a reasonable explanation. While countries like the UK and Finland have a pretty high cost of living, Portugal is a rapidly growing tech hub that promises especially promising conditions for startups. As many startups consider hiring Go developers for their projects due to the benefits we’ve highlighted, developers in this region have higher salary expectations. 

CountryAverage Golang developer salary per month ($)
Portugal ≈ $17,100
The UK≈ $16,600
Spain≈ $16,250
Finland≈ $14,150


Eastern Europe

Compared to Western Europe, the average wage for a Golang developer in this region is more competitive. For example, you can hire Go developers in Bulgaria or Ukraine for little more than $6000 per month. 

CountryAverage Golang developer salary per month ($)
Bulgaria≈ $6150
Ukraine≈ $6250


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Now, let’s discover how much the developers from the most thriving Golang development talent pool make in different Asian countries. As it becomes clear from the chart, the Go develop salary can vary from $3900 in Indonesia to more than $9000 in Japan per month on average. 

CountryAverage Golang developer salary per month ($)
Japan≈ $9150
Taiwan≈ $6150
India≈ $6150
China≈ $5000
Vietnam≈ $4600
Indonesia≈ $3900


So, the Golang developers’ salary gap is significant in different countries of the Asian region — and the cultural difference is also an important factor to consider. While there is little to know mentality gap between the US and Europe, everything works differently in Asia. The matter is that Asian countries are past-oriented. That’s why the candidates from there will evaluate your company based on its past achievements, meaning that they are unlikely to accept job offers from startups.

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There are also significant differences in the ways Asian people communicate, understand hierarchy and set life priorities. So, despite the huge talent pool and competitive cost to hire Golang developers in Asia, communicating, aligning the vision and staying on the same page with them can be challenging. 

Other destinations 

Now, how much does it cost to hire a Golang developer in other parts of the globe? Let’s have a look at some of the biggest tech hubs to get a better idea. 

CountryAverage Golang developer salary per month ($)
The United Arab Emirates≈ $12,600
Canada≈ $7900
Australia≈ $3300


So, the cost to hire Golang developers can vary from $3000 to $17,000 per month depending on the location. But how can you choose the one that matches your project expectations and the hiring budget? Consider getting in touch with a tech talent sourcing company, like Bridge

Hire Go developers across the globe with Bridge

At Bridge, we help companies find the best software developers worldwide, while meeting their development budget. So, if you need to hire Golang developers with the best-matched qualification at the most competitive price, you are welcome to consider our tech-enabled sourcing-as-a-service

Using our data-driven tech talent sourcing engine, we carefully filter Golang candidates according to their competencies, experience, location, and expected salary to help you meet your project goals as carefully as possible. It enables us to suggest the first best-suited candidate in no more than 5 days, making the hiring process significantly faster and 60% cheaper. 

Contact us now to hire brilliant Golang developers at the best cost possible!



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