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7 Must-Know IT Staffing Trends for Success in Today’s Market

7 Must-Know IT Staffing Trends for Success in Today’s Market

We live in the age when technology has no boundaries, penetrating into all spheres of social life and business. For this reason, the demand for qualified tech professionals also increases at a fast pace. According to the State of Tech Talent Report 2023 by Linux, 44% of organizations plan to expand their workforce and don’t prepare to downsize or freeze employment.

However, due to economic challenges like recession, rising inflation rates, the global impact of geopolitical conflicts, and more, around 59% of organizations reevaluate and rework their hiring strategies, which leads to new practices and trends in the IT staffing industry appearing.

To remain competitive and attract top tech talent, you should stay informed and incorporate the current hiring trends into your recruitment process. And Bridge can help you. As a global recruitment company with years of experience, we keep up with the latest trends in talent acquisition. In this article, we will have a closer look at some promising trends in the IT staffing market and who knows, maybe you will consider one or two of them for your own project.

7 IT hiring trends to consider

While there are numerous IT recruitment trends that might shape hiring and employee engagement, we will focus on the most crucial ones that many ICT businesses opt for. Let’s dig in. 

#1 AI and machine learning

Due to its awesome capabilities, artificial intelligence seems to be at the peak of its popularity today, while heated debates on whether AI can replace humans still continue. If you are also interested in this topic, read our recent article about the role of artificial intelligence in programming.

Will GPT-4 Replace Programmers? AI vs. Human Coders

The AI craze is going to continue, affecting every sphere including recruitment and hiring. To tell more, it actually helps improve efficiency and streamline the recruitment process. By implementing AI-driven tools into hiring, you can automate tasks and analyze huge amounts of data faster and with better accuracy. For example, a world-known ChatGPT can be used to screen candidates, assess their skills, schedule interviews, shortlist candidates, and more.

Therefore, if you haven’t thought of AI seriously, it’s time to change your mind. By investing in AI-powered recruitment tools, you can speed up the time to hire and cut costs significantly.

#2 Remote work and outsourcing

We no longer talk about remote work as a necessity caused by the pandemic. Today, it’s a way to engage top professionals and offer more flexibility to them. What’s more, remote hiring provides you access to the global talent pool without boundaries and restrictions.

Searching candidates remotely is faster and more efficient when partnering with an experienced IT staffing company like Bridge. We offer two types of services to help you fill the required position ‒ IT staffing (we source and help you hire the most suitable candidates) and sourcing-as-a-service (we provide you with a list of the best-fitting candidates thoroughly vetted by our recruiters).

#3 Growing demand for niche technical skills

Companies in various domains undergo digital transformation, integrating digital technologies and strategies into all their organization sectors, which drives demand for software development skills. We can observe similar processes due to the rise of the start-up culture. However, filling all the required positions with qualified experts is not that easy. Learn more about what obstacles you might face when looking for the right talent in our article below.

Top Hiring Challenges Faced by Tech Startups (and Solutions)

Both mature companies looking to digitalize their operations and newly-established startups search for professionals capable of handling emerging technologies, like IoT, AI, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and more. According to the 2023 State of Tech Talent Report by Linux, companies focus mainly on cloud, cybersecurity, and AI/ML when hiring new employees.

Linux Report 2023


Finding such specialists might be a breeze if you have the required expertise, but if you don’t ‒ it’s better to partner with an IT staffing company like Bridge. It’s faster and cheaper than hiring a full-time recruiter, as we have an automated data engine that streamlines the sourcing process and makes it more efficient. Plus, we work with tech-savvy recruiters who screen candidates’ skills and experience strictly following your requirements.

If you still prefer to work on your own, read our recent article that describes how to evaluate technical skills.

How to Evaluate Technical Skills Before Hiring

#4 Need for soft skills

IT projects often involve cross-functional teams that require effective communication and collaboration among team members with different backgrounds and expertise. So, such skills as critical thinking, emotional intelligence, resilience, and more, are equally vital as technical ones. Besides, these skills are harder (or even impossible) to teach which makes them crucial for successful project execution.

That’s why, when searching for software developers, you shouldn’t underestimate soft skills, which usually show the candidate’s ability to adapt, effectively manage workloads, solve problems, and more. Due to various reasons, like lack of expertise, limited interaction, and more, it might be difficult to correctly assess soft skills if you are not a professional recruiter. In such cases, an experienced recruitment company might greatly help. Our recruitment managers have similar cultural backgrounds and communicate with candidates in their native language, which makes the outreach faster and more efficient.

#5 Upskilling and reskilling

Coming back to the annual talent report by Linux, it highlights that 91% of respondents believe that upskilling is more important than a university education, while 70% of organizations already provide training opportunities for their staff on new technologies. This way, companies invest in training their existing employees instead of hiring external candidates.

It also influences the way you attract new employees to your organization ‒ when including upskilling and reskilling in your employee value proposition, you attract top talent to your team and have a good chance to retain it.

How To Build a High-Performance Software Engineering Team

#6 Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

DEI focuses on creating workplaces, communities, and environments that value and embrace differences in race, gender, age, religion, and more. In the context of IT staffing market trends, DEI has a significant impact on how organizations hire, manage, and promote IT professionals. Therefore, when looking for IT specialists, you must ensure you offer equal opportunities to all candidates. 

By fostering DEI within your organization, you’ll gain a competitive edge over other companies in the market. What’s more, companies actively supporting DEI initiatives, can build diverse teams leading to better problem-solving and innovative ideas. For example, such world-known giants as Accenture, Mastercard, and Salesforce work towards creating a culture of equity and promoting diversity in the workplace.

#7 IT staffing services as a trend

Because of faster time-to-hire, cost-efficiency, access to the global talent pool, and other benefits, many tech companies choose IT staffing services to meet their hiring needs. It is a perfect way to find the required skillset while eliminating administrative paperwork.

Best IT Staffing Agencies to Consider for Your Project

Here’s how it works using Bridge as an example. First, you create a job requisition on our platform and we start searching for candidates. We communicate with candidates and thoroughly vet their skills to provide you with the most fitting applicants. Next, you interview applicants and pick those suitable for your project. Payroll administration, benefits, and tax administration are on us, while you pay a daily or monthly rate for the actual developer’s work.

Hire qualified engineers with Bridge

Now that you are aware of the most popular IT recruitment trends, feel free to use one or some of them to plan your hiring campaign more effectively. In case any difficulties arise, you can always partner with Bridge. We source candidates in 13 countries across the globe and can help you find the required specialist quickly and stress-free.

Contact us to find an IT engineer fitting your project requirements!

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