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All services to manage your global operations and one platform to rule them all.

Full cycle talent acquisition management

Bridge provides a suite of tools to initiate recruiting process, assign a dedicated recruiter, manage your talent pipeline and analyze effectiveness of your recruiting campaigns. The whole process lives within one awesome module – from requisition to the final offer.

Best in class productivity features


Get ready for an incredible boost in recruiting productivity. Schedule interviews across multiple calendars in minutes, not days. Once your calendar is integrated, Bridge takes care of seamless scheduling.


Our messenger feature allows you to handle all aspect of the process within the app. Get updates and discuss important issues in real time. We eliminated the need to search for that message or document across infinite number of communication tools.

Office management​

Find your dream office and allocate your team members across different locations. Access your office information with one click. You can choose from a list of partner locations at discounted rates or request a custom office search. Sky is the limit.


See all your finances in one of our beautiful reports. No need to worry about payroll, taxes, recruitment or office payments. We got you covered. Bridge financial reports are 100% transparent and show what you pay for and how much.


Need to set up your team with computers and other hardware? We got you covered. Bridge handles equipment purchase orders, payments and inventory management. You will always know how much equipment you have and what every team member has.

R&D team

Manage your team’s salaries, bonuses and organizational structure within our “Team” module. Manage your team’s growth and talent retention with built in analytics.

Start building your dream team today

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